State kindergarten - advantages and disadvantages

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16 April 2016

By f course, is now rare to find such kindergartens as those that were in the Soviet Union.But with few exceptions still remain state institutions where your child "served" under the full program.Here you have the opportunity to leave the baby in half a day or even at night and not worry about what will be left without attention, games and food.However, there are the "pitfalls".Read instructions for parents-as 100% to get the desired kindergarten.

content of the article:

  • Pros Cons
  • Selection Criteria

advantages of public kindergartens

  • job training programs for government, without unnecessary overload of information (required preschool knowledge base);
  • Location.Such a garden can easily be selected near the house, so as not to drag the sleeping child early in the morning for ten stops during rush hour;
  • Ability to choose a specialized kindergarten, in accordance with any health problems the baby (logopaedic etc.).Such gardens are always supported by the state;
  • possibility of leaving
    a child on a full day, for a day or a few days (free public gardens).Or the opposite - take the baby in the group for a short stay;
  • Possibility for a fee to drive the child to tutoring (foreign language, dance, speech and so forth.)
  • balanced diet;
  • control of higher authorities over the activities of the garden;
  • presence of privileged categories in the issue price;
  • Of course, today there is no free gardens, but in comparison with private gardens, the fee for the state - just a penny.

Well, we should not forget that all these advantages of the state of the garden really is an advantage only if the following factors:

  • kind, responsible, qualified teachers;
  • Adjacent protected area with gaming complexes;
  • necessary equipment on the premises;
  • music and sports halls;
  • quality control nutrition.

At concurrence of all claims can safely say that this is the perfect kindergarten.


  • Large groups (up to thirty or more people);
  • inability of the teacher to keep track of right for all children;
  • Inability to dismiss the head teacher, who is complaining about parents (at such low wages going to work practically nobody wants);
  • Low quality of care and ongoing training;
  • lack of nutritional specialties and choice.A child who does not like a dish cooked for breakfast, stay hungry until dinner;
  • lack of modern games, equipment and teaching aids.

What to look for when choosing?

  • entry to the garden is preferably carried out in advance, immediately after the birth of the baby (and better to several gardens, next to the house) - municipal gardens today are overcrowded, especially in new areas.
  • Adaptation of children not attending previously garden.As it passes?This information is necessary to obtain in advance.
  • mode garden.This is usually 12 hours, fourteen, twenty-four hours or five days short stay.It should be remembered that the "short days" and the requirements to pick up the baby up to five nights - illegal.
  • number of children and teachers in the group.For the municipal garden, according to the position, characterized by the number of children - not more than twenty, and two nurse educators with.

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