Winter jackets for pregnant women - the best models 2012-2013

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05 May 2016

closer and closer to approaching the snowy cold to go.We all want a home of warmth and comfort, get-togethers with a cup of hot cocoa.But this need is particularly acute feel women in an interesting position.I want to get in an armchair with a mug of hot tea and enjoy watching the snow fall outside.But the work, shopping has not been canceled, and only a walk in the fresh air and all the mandatory program.Therefore, it is necessary to have in her wardrobe a comfortable robe.

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  • How to choose a jacket for a pregnant woman?
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Choice of down jackets during pregnancy

And here begins the most difficult - make the right choice .The best option is the winter jacket, everything is simple, because this kind of outerwear combines comfort and functionality - namely, water resistance, heat saving and protection from podduvany.Still, the question remains to what exactly to choose a down jacket.There are so many different companies - manufacturers.And here

we will try to help.

important role in the selection model has a price that is directly dependent on the type of filler.The filler is natural or synthetic.If you see a note on the label down, then you know what's inside it down, instead of padding polyester, for example.The said, by the way, is signified by polyester, it is increasingly well styled - polyester.It happens that the fuzz is supplemented with a pen (feather).That larger percentage dominance of the pen, the lower the cost down jackets.Considered the highest quality down jackets, in which 80% down and 20% feather.In addition, the price depends on the length of a particular model, and on whether the fur on the hood, collar or other parts.

10 best models for pregnant feather

Now look at what we offer manufacturers:

1. Stylish model from the company «ILoveMum» Beatrice 3 1 Dark chocolate

Filling in this jacket 100% polyester.It comes with a belt that is useful to you after the birth, when there will be no tummy and you can emphasize the waist.Finishing on the hood - fur, which can be removed, if necessary.The bottom of the jacket has a perfect solution - utjazhki.Tighten and forget podduvaniya.There is a universal slingovstavka, which is suitable for a tummy in the later stages, and to carry the baby.The model is designed for a temperature range of -10 to -20 degrees.Well, at lower temperatures have to dress for the jacket more tightly.

claimed price this feminine model - 8900 rubles.

2. Beatrice 3 to 1 on the «ILoveMum» only white, patterned "Paris»

has the same qualitative and quantitative characteristics as the previous model, the difference only in the exterior design.In it you will also warmed and beautiful!

Price model - 8900 rubles.

3. A practical model from the company «ILoveMum» Gretta 3 in 1 Grey Scandinavia

Across the square jacket stitched rubber bands that make it very elegant figure and fits easily stretched tummy.This model, as well as the previous one, due to the well bottom is closed with an elastic band.Refilling-100% polyester.The density of the filler 350 gr / m².Thanks slingovstavke this model can be used to carry baby under a jacket in the backpack or sling.Suitable for a temperature range from -5 to -30 degrees.

Price this wonderful sports model - 6500 rubles.

4. A similar model - Greta 3 in 1 Black

The only difference between this model and the previous one, in the colors and price.

Its cost - 7500 rubles.

5. Slingokurtka Kelly from «FrogQueen»

This jacket, as well as the previous ones, 3 to 1, that is, it may be used both during pregnancy and after due to special slingovstavki.Downgrade takes double utjazhki.At the waist so you can tighten.Bolero vest will protect the neck and chest from the cold wind.This jacket uses the latest insulation and ISOSOFT THERMIUM.Temperature conditions characterized by a wide range - from -5 to -35 degrees.

Price - 7300 rubles.

6. Universal jacket Y @ mmyMammy 3 1

Filler - ISOSOFT, density - 200 g / m².The versatility of the model is achieved by a specially designed insert that while waiting for the baby warm mom's tummy, and after birth, protects both mother and baby.The model is designed for a temperature of -5 to -25 degrees.

cost model - 6000 rubles.

7. Winter slingokurtka Reina 3 1

Filler jacket biokomponentny - microfiber and merino wool, its density of 250 g / m².Comes insert tummy or child.Without insert this model is a common women's jackets.Stated temperature range model from 0 to -35 degrees.

There is this beauty - 7999 rubles.

8. Slingokurtka "Malmo" 3in1 brown-black pattern of "Echidna»

Insulation here TERMOFINN, density of 200 g / m².The main qualities - comfort and functionality.In the model, a lot of useful solutions - dual waist - adapt to any increase of its owner, the slot with a zipper on the chest - you can reach the baby is not completely undoing.Comfortable temperature to -30 degrees.

cost model - 6490 rubles.

This manufacturer has a few wonderful decoration of the same model:

9. Slingokurtka winter "Malmo" 3 in 1 violet-white pattern of "Echidna»

10. Slingokurtka winter"Malmo" 3 in 1 turquoise white / snowflakes by "Echidna»

very important quality of these and other models - frugality.Buy a jacket and wear will instead of three!

As you can see, the choice today is enormous.Because of this diversity, even in a pregnant woman can not limit yourself to buying beautiful things, and look very attractive, attracting the views of others.In this stylish and comfortable at the same time down jacket and tummy will warm and future mom feel a true fashionista.

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