The best ideas organizing birthday child 5-8 years

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17 April 2016

Each child's birthday - a great joy and a great responsibility for the whole family.A child under the age of 8 years is quite mobile, curious, but he already has his own preferences and interests, which he will defend.For a boy or a girl age 5 - 8 years, there is little suitable for ordinary family holidays for children - the child wants to invite friends to play.How to celebrate the birth of a child, to remember him and to himself, and his guests?

content of the article:

  • do at home
  • Café or children's theater
  • The water park and fitness center
  • The club laser wars
  • karting
  • in kindergarten or school
  • The museum
  • The park
  • Nature
  • On the tour
  • at McDonald

birthday child at home

In a number of reasons - lack of the necessary amount of money, reluctance to go to public places, lack of time, the desire to arrange a holidayon their own, etc.- Parents prefer to spend the day giving birth to 8 years old house.This holiday certainly has some advantages :

  • home furnishings known t
    o the child, and he feels comfortable, quiet;
  • parents do not have to pay for waiters, cooks, cleaners, animators, governess;
  • home you can invite as many guests as you wish, without restrictions;
  • to the holiday home will be easier to prepare by collecting attributes for games, decorations, souvenirs, etc., it is possible - for a long time.

But holiday child who is satisfied at home, not have to be boring .If parents want to diversify it, they have to think in advance conditions of the tender, festive table, a concert program. important to remember that even a very calm and quiet children under the age of 8 years who get together often begin very noisy, difficult to manage.Yet it must be remembered that the children do not like the holidays linger at the table - and that means that the very "feast" will be very short-lived.To the rest of the children's holiday home on the day of birth of the child does not become a chaotic running around and jumping, you need to plan in advance special program of games and competitions for children with prizes and treats.Calm and outdoor games and competitions must be alternated.

organize in a cafe or a children's theater

In every large or small town there are special places that take on the cares and responsibilities of a professional organization and interesting children's festivals in honor of all celebrations, festive events,same number - on the day of birth.It can be varied cafes, shopping malls, movie theaters or children's theaters, bowling alleys, an outdoor cafe in the park, recreation, river buses etc.Parents have to pay for the organization of children's holiday rather large sum of money, but they freed themselves from worries about cooking tasty dishes children's menu and the organization of the day of birth.

There are a few rules that will perform well in order to not spoil the holiday misunderstandings:

  • Agree to hold the child's birth in a cafe theater, a different setting must be no later than forone or two weeks before the gala event, some places require an appointment and make the advance payment for the month prior to the celebration.
  • Some cafes is requirement presence at the festival at least 15 people , and the presence of adults may also be paid.
  • Before ordering room for a children's holiday, it is necessary to examine, ask - whether there will be a number of spending still any banquet .
  • advance necessary find , whether there is a photographer in the cafe, as well as animators. If not - you must take care of it ourselves, inviting experts.
  • program of competitions and games should be discussed in advance , that there were no unpleasant surprises in the day of the feast.Ordering animator best estimate of his work on the videos - professional specialist will have them in abundance.

note at a water park or fitness club

If the child is very mobile, playing sports, and your family is not averse to maintain it in outdoor games, the birthday of offspring can be arranged in water park or fitness club .Most parents these ideas arouse surprise, but today you can find clubs or swimming pools, which are also involved in the organization of children's parties, offer the program.

  • Usually, organization festive table remains with the parents.It is best to organize a buffet table with an abundance of fruit and sandwiches, pizzas, canapés.

  • If the birthday child's parents want to spend in the water park or sports club, they should be kept in mind - majority of schools do not accept children under 5 years .
  • What simulators and attractions will engage children necessary to discuss in advance .
  • Parents need to provide that the children engaged in the gym, playing outdoor games, will drink a lot .Stock up on necessary and drinking water, and juice and tea.It should bring the feast also many napkins .

  • to make beautiful photos and organize a solemn birthday greetings, you must notify the parents of other children in advance about two sets of clothes .It will be good if rebyatnya come in elegant dresses and suits, but then change clothes in shape.
  • If the holiday is planned for the water park, parents should worry about necessary "attributes» for each child - a cap, towels, washcloths, soap, slippers, swimsuits or swimming trunks.

Birthday child in the club laser wars

Game "Laser War" can be a great distraction birthday son, he and all his little guests will simply overjoyed byopportunities to play "war."Such clubs exist in many cities - they offer the organization of children's leisure activities, special decoration for the game "Laser War", special protection vests, helmets, guns laser.

noted at the karting track

All children are happy to ride in cars and bikes, so the child - and the boy and girl - you can arrange a holiday on karting track .Of course, it is to organize a festive event, you need to know in advance - where there are karts for children, what the requirements are.Many indoor stadiums or sports facilities there are go-cart track, which can be practiced even in the cold season.

  • to birthday and all its little guests were on the road alone, you need agree in advance with this club, to pay the full rent .
  • event to look just a holiday, it is necessary to decorate the car ribbons and flowers, and the car has to be the birthday of the smart.

Birthday child in a group of his kindergarten, in school classroom

If parents do not have the possibility to organize the birthday of their child in a specialized institution, it can be great to celebrate his in kindergarten or in the classroomSchool .This festival has a definite plus - the event will be open to all children, it is very befriended them, and allow the child to see the birthday of friends, rather than a few select people.Educator or teacher will gladly help in organizing this festival with it is necessary to agree in advance on the celebrations, to discuss the program, allocate roles.

With children, you can cook a theatrical performance or a concert.Feast should not be the "center" of this holiday - it is better to organize a table buffet with lots of fruits, juices, cakes, candy, gingerbread.For contests and games must be prepared souvenirs, prizes, commemorative badges or cards.If the festival is held in the form of carnival, it is necessary to advance worry about carnival costumes for all children.

manage the museum

Some major museums in recent years began to organize themed children's parties.Do not think that a holiday in the museum - it is a very boring and uninteresting to the child and guests, because the proper organization of such an event makes it possible to introduce children to the exposure, as well as inspire them interesting pastime .

As a rule, in the first part of this celebration, the museum conducted small tour through the halls .Then, in a special room organized buffet , whose parents beforehand bring food, drinks.After greetings and birthday tea museum staff conducted various competitions, which in their area are close to the exposure - children travel through the halls, looking for treasures, participate in competitions and quizzes.Parents should think in advance about the prizes and souvenirs for each child.

note in the park

Feast for the child in the park can be carried out only in the warm season .You must select a park, which will be rides, relevant age group birthday and all its little guests, playground, picnic or outdoor cafe, entertainment, such as pony rides, an ice rink, velodrome, etc.About

celebrations for children with park staff must be arranged in advance. discuss best time for the celebration, buy tickets or passes for attractions all children.If the park cafe there, the parents need to think about food, they bring with them.

Birthday child in nature

in the warm season the birthday child can be arranged with outings .This can be a picnic plan not for one day, but for two or three days , for example, to enable children to live in tents, take part in fishing, gather mushrooms and berries.

place for such a vacation is recommended to choose very carefully, the main thing that it was both safe and interesting for children up to 8 years.Tents and sleeping bags hiking can take with friends.The children need to go to several adults to ensure complete safety.

cope on trips

Birthday child can be noted in the special tours devoted old Russia - such tours are offered in the settlements Drevlyane.These vouchers are sold in tourist firms with employees that can agree on the route, and of entertaining moments for children.

On the tour children will participate in ancient rituals at the fair, games, baking bread .It is necessary to take care of sweets and treats for the children - all of the products you need to bring with them, because these settlements are no shops.

Birthday child in McDonald

Today, many parents try to birthdays of their children celebrate in restaurant "McDonald» .These holidays are always fun because at this restaurant have the animators involved in the organization of the program. menu for children in the evening is to discuss in advance to make reservations.

Before ordering holiday, parents should get to know hall , which will host the celebration, as well as to ask the birthday of the future, whether it wished to invite their guests is in this restaurant.

Wherever held birthday child under the age of 8 years, the most important to the birthday and all guests received a small portion of the huge attention from adults. Do not leave children unattended , because they can get up to mischief, fall and hurt yourself.The most good way - invite children with parents , trying to make this holiday was interesting for everyone.These family meetings will generate more than one friendship in the future, because mom and dad at the party guests want their kids birthdays noted as interesting and exciting.

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