The fashion for fur vests 2012

By Admin | Fashion
06 May 2016

Fur vests are mandatory subject every fashionista's wardrobe.And some, especially discerning ladies, they can be even more.

Where to wear?

Perhaps the versatility of fur vests, envy any thing - because it will decorate its possessor in the office, will be the perfect complement to an evening dress or warm you on a holiday in the woods.

From what to wear?

Today, features a cut and a variety of models to satisfy any requirements and preferences, and combined with all articles of clothing, be it dresses, skirts, jeans or pants, and perhaps a strict business suit.

And, despite the fact that the fashion fur vests came long ago, in 2012, too, can not do without them.

Which to choose?

In 2012, a winner will be virtually any style - on the condition that it will not ultrashort vest covering only the chest, and it is not necessary to supplement the fur vest bag.

first place in this year take models from fox or mink.However, waistcoat of fox, fox, Mouton or artificial fur is

also not a loser.

Good news for lovers of "colorful life" - in 2012, you can wear a fur vest and bright colors.

wardrobe this fashionista in 2012 should extend at least three fur vests - to the waist to mid-thigh and knee.Colors can have (or should?) Be different.

looks spectacular model of fur combined with leather.

In fashion a harmonious contrast - such as light gray jacket with a black collar.

purchasing fur vest, in addition to and buy a pair of long gloves.

Where to buy?

addition to loved ones "real" shopping, clothes (and everything else) can be purchased at the online store.Should we do it?You decide, however, to consider some of the details still stands:

  • quality fur .What would you buy a fur good quality need to be able to smell it,
    touch, pull.And to determine the quality of photos - is a series of science fiction, also guarantee that the photo shown is of the instance that you selected.
  • Style .Surely, each representative of the beautiful half of humanity faced with a situation where the thing, which was in love, after the fitting has become almost disgusting - because well, not walked.
  • Price .Prices for fur vests Internet-shop is much lower than in the exhibition shop.especially profitable to buy a vest from producer.The only negative -You will not be able to carry out the fitting, but the thing is if you do not walked, you can return it to the store by law.

Finally, we recall that the fur vest is always in style, and in combination with fashionable accessories - and even more !!!