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06 May 2016

Clothing Pinko - an unusual phenomenon in the fashion world.The collections of the brand embodied the most daring ideas of designers.Dresses from Pinko so extraordinary, that they can not be classified by age.In them, a young girl, and quite mature woman will have a splendid view.That is why this Italian clothing is very popular all over the world.

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Features apparel brand Pinko

Clothing Pinko fashion house known for its functionality .All wardrobe items pretty universal and perfectly I are combined with each other.Clothing of this brand perfectly fits all women .It displays not the external characteristics of the woman and her inner world.

special honors from the things of this brand is refined decoration rhinestones , embroidery , original inserts of fur .All models are made of h

igh quality materials and have a very elegant look .Their style can be described in a few words: lightness, glamor, playfulness, sexuality and femininity.These clothes can be put on a meeting with friends, and at night party.

Clothing of this brand belongs to priced above average .It is very popular among women of all ages, but is especially popular among young people.The reason for this is the fact that advertising campaigns of the brand is often attended by such celebrities as Meraya Carey, Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell .Collections Pinko actively sold not only through a large network of stores, but also through the Internet.

outfits of the brand ideal women , who value comfort .Pinko very contrasting images, resulting in a perfect combination of strict lines and formal silhouettes with frivolous flounces and ruffles.Therefore woman Pinko - is the creation of romantic air, with a strong character self-confident woman.

History of the brand Pinko

Pinko - this is not a new brand of women's fashion.He appeared in the 80s.Its creators are founders CrisConf SPA , designers Cristina Rubini and Pietro Negra .These young and ambitious people struck by surrounding an incredible amount of new ideas.They produced new collections every week, which is very surprising the press and fashion critics.

just a few years of its operation, the company CrisConf SPA gained a leading position in the Italian market and began to enter the international markets.It was at this time born brand Pinko.Under the wise leadership of Christina Rubin new brand quickly gained popularity.

Headquartered in Fidenza (Italy) , the most famous area for the production of textiles and clothing.Its total area is more than 7,000 square meters.m., and built it by the famous Italian architect Guido Canali.The same area is occupied and the new company's warehouse, which is equipped with the newest equipment.

In 2002, the brand became known worldwide .Her fans were able to purchase products in over 60 retail stores throughout Europe, as well as 500 retail outlets.The annual turnover in this period was more than 50 million. Euro.And in 2008 he won the brand Pinko and Russia, opening a brand store in St Petersburg and Moscow.Today brand Pinko - one of the most famous in the world .

on different collections of the fashion house worked different designers, but always high fashion women professionals.To create clothes always used the highest quality materials and advanced.The bulk of the models manufactured in Italy under the strict supervision of the creators of the directory.

clothing line for women brand Pinko

assortment of brand Pinko is very large.The catalogs of this manufacturer you can find sportswear , and evening gowns , and certainly everyday things .All models are very beautiful, they are decorated with fur, sequins, embroidery, decorative trim.

brand Pinko launches women's clothing in four main lines that correspond to the different style solutions:

Pinko Black - the models that have ethnic features.Here you can find Indian and African patterns that adorn modern clothes with a special brim.The collection of this line is dominated by a narrow feminine silhouette and light fabrics;

Pinko Sunday Morning - clothes from this line are decorated with a variety of rhinestones, sequins and sparkles.Even the most ordinary sweatshirt from this line has the look that you can wear it even at a dinner party;

Pinko One - this line of clothing designed for women who love to feel themselves queens of the city and secular parties;

Pinko Pink Panther - the collection of this line focused on the young and trendy.In these clothes you feel comfortable and at a picnic with friends and a fun party.

Women's clothing, is not the only activity of this fashion house.Under this brand are great accessories and shoes, which are also quite popular and interesting.Therefore, visiting the company store, you can create a complete image and supplement it with proprietary enhancements.

Pinko - about Sobienie garment care

Pinko surprises its admirers a great variety of styles, colors, textures and fabrics.Due to the wide range of products to dress or skirt, you can easily pick up the sweater or top and trousers to jeans and - cardigan or jacket.A wide variety of models of this brand will satisfy even the most demanding fashionistas.

about the advantages of this Italian brand can talk endlessly.But in practice, these things are worn, whether they require special care?

You have no problems with the preparation of the image.After all, the original jeans, you can easily be combined with a T-shirt or shirt.A perfect dress for your favorite shoes or boots.

Clothing Pinko does not require special care.Like any delusional thing made of natural fabrics, it can not be washed with hot water and chemicals.The best option is to hand wash.

Reviews women who love Pinko.quality clothing.Tips for choosing.

On the Internet you can easily find a large number of comments from numerous admirers dresses brand Pinko:


I really like this brand.Prices are a little too big, but this is a great quality.Most popular jeans, sitting perfectly, good cut, the original model.I would recommend.


Pinko stores are very popular, especially during the stock.Service is always at the highest level.I took a lot of things.Last bought a winter jacket.Excellent quality and well worn.Be sure to visit again.


Last year, Roman sandals bought the brand.A month later, the beginning of the rope lacing come unstuck.Because the store is not the shoe, there is no guarantee.I have done several workshops, and no one was able to repair so that the lacing again come unstuck.I regret that I posted a lot of money for a poor-quality shoes.


Meryl size 46, and turned 46-48!Too bolshemerki.I think even go to 48-50.Styles plain, with a cloth, the situation is better.In short, the clothing should be ordered 2 sizes smaller and coats and jackets are not for our winters!


buy the dress 2 sizes smaller (on the label) than the rest of the clothes!That surprised her husband, saying that was very thin, but he did not understand whether I was joking, then he became inattentive!:) Girls, excellent brand, price, of course, is not always fair, but I'm willing to pay, if you see the quality and interesting patterns!


My least favorite clothing brand!I can not stand their rags!All sweaters, jackets and dresses are embroidered elephants.With dimensions of a mess!I bought one shoes, specially took a size smaller, so they also turned out to be great!A dress bought in the past year, I wear now, when pregnant, then it is just hanging on me!And the colors are often not happy!


ordered as to himself moccasins, in a response it was written that it is necessary to order two sizes smaller, and did.But, apparently, I was wrong with their calculations and had to return becausethey were too small to me.I ordered the same, only the size of more and guessed that2 need not, and one size smaller order.The same thing happened with trousers, who bought over the internet.In the smaller size ordered, but they were a little high.Well, nothing, over time, can prilovchilis!I advise you, the quality matches the price, but with the size carefully!😉

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