Fashionable winter shoes 2012-2013.

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07 May 2016

As you know, to keep feet warm and head out in the cold.Cold comes first, followed by the real winter is sure to come, and now, as well as possible relevant is the question of the purchase of warm winter shoes and a new winter down jackets and coats in the winter of 2013.Today we present a selection of comfortable, fashionable, and most importantly warm shoe models for the winter season.

1. Uggs from ROXY

Description : Fashionable and comfortable Ugg boots for the winter season and snowboarding.The sole is thick, without a heel, toe rounded.Leather uppers and lining of artificial fur, sole - EVA.The model is decorated with brand "marks of distinction."Shaft of about 26 cm. The girth of the shaft about 35 cm.

Cost: about 4000 rubles.

2. High fur boots from Vitacci

Description : The most popular shoes and warm in winter - stylish boots with a rounded toe.Comfortable, they will create a trendy image in spite of the bad weather.Material: suede, fur and fleece lining.

Cost: 6000 - 6500 rubles.

3. Boots by Cooper

Description : Feminine boots made of felt, actual colors.The model with a rounded toe shape, decorated with colorful embroidery.Soled not allow your feet warm and comfortable shoes will give unprecedented comfort when walking.An indispensable thing in your winter wardrobe!Lining made of natural wool.

Cost: 2500 - 3000 rubles.

4. Boots from Baden

Description : Beautiful shoes will be a great addition to your wardrobe.The product is complemented by a functional lacing and zipper.The model is decorated with contrast stitching.Materials: suede and fur lining.Heel height about 3.5 cm.

Cost: 6500 - 7 00 0 rubles.

5. Treads of ELCHE

Description : Charming boots made of genuine leather and suede.Lining Material: evromeh.Laconic design accentuate your sense of style.There is a zipper.Excellent choice for every day.

Cost: about 7500 rubles.

6. Boots of MILANA

Description : Elegant boots for those who want to look extravagant, seductive.Boots made of genuine leather, suede, lined with fur, a rounded toe.Made of beautiful model in classic colors.Shaft is about 37 cm leg opening of about 39 cm, heel height of about 9.5 cm.

Cost: about 7000 rubles.

7. Boots by Tacco

Description : Stylish boots with comfortable velor zipper on the side.Model spectacular practical color harmonizes perfectly with any clothing.Soft and warm fur lining will not give the feet warm.Boots are decorated with exquisite bow and trimmed.

Cost: 5000 rubles.

8. Boots from MakFine

Description : Excellent boots, decorated with exquisite lace and soft edging spectacular.Strong relief sole ensures a comfortable and secure fit.Easy zip on the side.Great shoes for confident women.Material: synthetic leather, textiles, synthetic wool (lining).

Cost: 2500 - 3000 rubles.

9. Boots by Dino Ricci

Description : Stylish boots made of suede.The model has a rounded toe zipper.The product is decorated charming figure.Stable heel emphasize the beauty of your feet.Material: velours, evromeh (lining).Heel height about 8 cm.

Cost: about 7000 rubles.

10. Boots by Calipso

Description : Stylish boots with thicker soles - will be the favorite shoes in the cold season!The model with a rounded toe and contrasting fur trimmed.Lined with fur.Platform approximately 2 cm. Shaft is about 25 cm. Circumference of the shaft about 33 cm.

Cost: 5500 - 6000 rubles.

11. Shoes from Spur

Description : Excellent suede shoes with rounded toe shape.Model with original lace, decorated with a furry.Lining Material: wool.
Cost: about 3500 rubles.

12. High fur boots of Cooper

Description : The most popular shoes and warm in winter - stylish boots with a rounded toe.The product is decorated with straps with buckles.Material: felt, fur, faux fur (lining).Shaft is about 37 cm.

Cost: about 4000 rubles.

13. Ugg boots by Bearpaw

Description : The most popular and warm shoes - suede ugg boots with a rounded toe.Comfortable, stylish and trendy.Lined with fleece.Sole: Plastic.Platform approximately 2 cm. Shaft is about 23 cm. Circumference of the shaft about 43 cm

Cost: about 3500 rubles.

14. Boots of MILANA

Description : Excellent warm boots well warm the frosty winter!The model is decorated with original applications.Material: felt, textiles, fur (lining).Platform height of about 2.3 cm. Shaft is about 24 cm.

Cost: about 4000 rubles.

15. Boots by Laura Valorosa

Description : Spicy "industrial" appearance, high winter boots with a zipper on the inside and outside, and has a strap with rivets and snaps.Model on a thick corrugated sole with a rounded toe and "masculine" heel.Lining Material: fur.The thickness of the sole of about 1 cm. The height of the tops of about 15.5 cm. The girth of the shaft about 30 cm. Heel height about 3 cm.

Cost: about 5500 rubles.

16. Boots of HCS

Description : Delicious, very comfortable boots every day.The product with a rounded toe, soft fur lining.Decorated boots stitching.Made of genuine leather, these boots attract attention and highlight the impeccable taste of its owner.Shaft is about 38 cm, circumference about 40 cm, the fullness of the shaft about 32 cm, heel height of about 9 cm.

Cost: 8300 - 8500 rubles.

17. Uggs from DC Shoes

Description : Spectacular ugg genuine suede, further treated with water-repellent.The sole is made of polyurethane, medium density to the shoes do not lose their elasticity in any frost.A feature of this model is the sole, which in Cape thinner than in the heel that makes ugg comfortable to wear.Ugg boots are insulated with artificial fur.Additionally reinforced heel portion.Ugg boots are ideal for girls who lead an active lifestyle and are often found in nature in winter.

Cost: about 2500 rubles.

18. Shoes from EVITA

Description : Excellent boots for the winter season.Elegant model with hook lacing not only will freeze, but also decorate.The classic design fits perfectly in any wardrobe.Materials: suede and fur (lining).

Cost: about 5500 rubles.

19. Boots of the Renaissance

Description : Gorgeous boots, the top of which is made of natural material practical color.Model on a low steady heel is equipped with a zipper.A great option for the female wardrobe.Heel height of about 7 cm. Shaft is about 37 cm. Circumference of the shaft about 38 cm. Materials: velvet and fur (lining).

Cost: about 6000 rubles.

20. Boots, GERZEDO

Description : Stylish shoes will become an irreplaceable thing in your wardrobe.Model framed rounded shape of the toe and comfortable sole.The product will successfully blend in with any article of clothing.Ideal for creating a spectacular and unique image.Heel height about 3.5 cm. Materials: wool and splits.

Cost: 6500 - 7000 rubles.

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