The best children's sports complexes for home use

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18 April 2016

Children are in constant motion.They just love to jump, run, climb.But what to do when it's bad weather and go for a walk to the playground is not possible?What would your child can play active games at any time of the year, set in his room a small sports complex.

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  • main types of
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Types of sports facilities for children

There are many varieties of domestic children's sports complexes.They all differ among themselves on several criteria:

1. Material of

  • Wooden - look great in the nursery, but they are less safe.This complex is perfect for a child but for a large family is not the best option, because the weight of the maximum available at the sports complex of the 60-75 kg.But this sports complex has its advantages: low injury rate, warm material.Most often, the wooden sports complexes attached to the wall and not between the ceiling and the floor.
  • Metal - there is also a great variety.It is best to opt for complexes with
    ladders with non-slip coating.If space allows better to buy a set for the whole family that will support the weight of 150 kg.Such complexes have the following advantages: a wide variety of models with adjustable height, thin beams, which are much more comfortable for the baby, long retains its appearance.

2. Method of attachment:

  • trim - systems that attach directly to the wall;
  • vraspor - complex fixed between the ceiling and the floor.

3. Options:

  • Classical - is T- or T-shaped children's sports complexes, which consist of wall bars and a few shells;
  • multi-element - it's more individual complexes which are not for everyone.Sometimes it is complex, combined with furniture, for example, with a bunk bed.

Any complex standard depending on the child's age can be retrofitted necessary elements.To correctly identify a complete set of children's home of the sports complex, guided by the child's age:

  • for kids year-old age would be sufficient to buy wall bars and gymnastic mat.But be sure to note that children of this age diameter of the stages should not be greater than 3 cm, and the spacing between them should not exceed 20 cm;
  • for kids older than two years apart can still buy wall bars gymnastic rings, wooden swing, rope ladder;
  • For children older than three years in the sports complex can also include other accessories: basketball hoop, a pear, a trapezoid, etc.

Top 10 best manufacturers

Children's sports complexes Leco

Leco - one of the most well-known manufacturers of sporting goods in Russia.The products of this brand can be found in many stores.The range of products you will find sports mats, metal wall bars and other projectiles.The main advantages of this product brand: high quality, reasonable price, easy assembly.Children's sports complexes of this manufacturer are also a few drawbacks: all the shells are very simple and are not very attractive coloring.

Price on children's sports complexes Leco range from 1500 to 7000 rubles.

Reviews sports complex owners Leco:


Probably every parent would like to buy your child a sports wall.Of course, if the apartment allows, it is better to buy a three-legged wall and not to put it against the wall, but closer to the center of the room.Rope ladder is not often used for its intended purpose, but kids always find a use as a swing and several children can ride, sitting on different rungs of the ladder.Horizontal bar, of course, for older children, for us it has not yet been interesting.Rings also like children, but they use them again, thanks to the children's imagination in different ways.Small cling to ring their hands, feet and running out and ride.Someone older, slips his feet right in the ring and ride.Children's imagination is boundless.Vraspor wall itself placed between the floor and the ceiling holds up to 150 kg.So that we can deal with not only children but also adults.


son is 4 years old bought a children's sports complex LECO.Very pleased with not only the son, but a daughter, which 1year 9mes.


  • one of the cheapest systems that are found on the Internet.
  • weight 12kg (compared with other complexes, which weighs 24kg).
  • installed in the spacer between ceiling and floor, ie. E. To drill nothing.
  • bright, cheerful colors
  • withstand 100kg.

for all ages - and a son and daughter love to climb the ladder, hanging on the rings.The kit includes a rope ladder, rings, horizontal bar, swing.

themselves on a swing swing is not very comfortable, but the children have adapted to swing on a rope ladder.Only after all these projectiles games need to hang from the ceiling (we stacked and hooked on), since small children and unattended could become entangled in all these ropes.

children's sports complex "Cheerful fidget»

This manufacturer has been producing metal mats and sports equipment.The main advantages of children's sports complexes "Cheerful fidget": a large range of sports equipment and accessories to them, beautiful colors, high quality material.The disadvantage of such systems - is their weight, they are quite heavy and you need to install them together.

Price on children's sports complexes "Cheerful fidget" range from 1500 to 25,000 rubles.

Reviews sports complex owners' Cheerful fidget »:


When it was decided to buy a DSC in the nursery, picked long, deliberated and settled on a firm could only go to buy and then my eye catches inInternet "Cheerful fidget" and their point of sales located in places where the day before were going to go for DSC.Came, saw, all doubts have disappeared.Really liked the 11 model, not just for our little corner and also included a lot of attachments, rope, gymnastic rings, rope net, rope ladder, wall bars, horizontal bar with a wide grip.You can not all just hang and rearrange as you wish.And the complex can be collected and right and left.Cable Net bribe me completely.


Like the sports complex "Happy Fidget" model number 10 with the grid.This complex mesh and reliable, even for small children (2 years).If you take steps with rubber coating behaves perfectly in operation (not otkovyrnut his children and it is not wiped).
How much and what size matting needed for this complex we suggested in the shop, and assembly services proved to be free.

children's sports complex "Karusel»

This manufacturer in its range has a large number of sports equipment of different configuration and material of manufacture.All products have beautiful bright colors.However, these models are pretty overall and heavy, and have a high price.

Price on children's sports complexes "Carousel" range from 2 to 00 0 11,000 rubles.

Reviews from owners of the sports complex « Carousel «:


Our children's sports complex is made by the type of comet Carousel.As it can withstand up to 100 kg.Age limit - 14 years.Mounted to the ceiling.The first stability had doubts still does not inspire confidence, but when completed the assembly, there was nothing to fear.Design very strong.Uncomfortable swing.Probably better to call them "Bungee".Seat and rope.What to do about it, not yet invented, and all fall.For our children safe, and senior ropes not stand, stretch.Ladder wonderful, but through it and climb.Over 4 years old, likes to sit on the bar, and some manipulation of stairs to invent.The presence of an adult is supposed to be.


Acquired such a complex year ago.Does not Narada.The eldest is now six years old.For the year gained is very physical.This complex became his favorite pastime.Most of the time it is played.Now the younger half of the year, is already trying to climb the ladder, even had a couple of rungs perekladinok, unscrew to not climb high.Although the mat is, but is afraid.I would recommend, especially for someone "clockwork" children like mine.=)

children's sports complex "Leader»

children's sports complex "Leader" - a real gym on one square meter.These metal complexes are made of high quality material and have a nice bright colors.They are easily installed and removed.The range of products you can find models with rubberized slats.

Price on children's sports complexes "Leader" range from 4000 to 8000 rubles.

Reviews owners of the sports complex "Leader»


This model only 4-point mount to the wall and not 6 as in the photo.And the maximum load is somewhere around 80 kg, if greater than 80, then bends the horizontal bar.And in general, very good for the baby, we like it.


We bought this set for a child, when he was 5 years old.Standard equipment: horizontal bar, rings, rope ladder verevechnaya, trapezoid.Trapeze - a great swing, where you can also fabricate various stunts, insuring themselves on the rings.You can climb, tumble, play with toys there in the end.At first it was a little scary: the child - to climb, we - for the child, but it quickly passed.

Now interest is the horizontal bar and rope, it is difficult, then you need to apply a force, but still like the same!

secured complex overhaul, vraspor between the ceiling and the floor, can withstand loads up to 100 kg, that is, the ordinary adult can train there too.That is why my husband loved to catch up there recently.

If necessary attachments you can buy, boards, for example, and if the benefits of this remarkable increase even purchase.

children's sports complex "Vertical»

Children's sports complexes of this brand are designed even for very young children, because the distance between the rungs just 20cm.For the manufacture of sports equipment manufacturer uses this profile pipes through which the maximum stability and rigidity.The sports complex is fairly easy to assemble and disassemble.All fasteners are closed with special protective caps.

Price for children's sports complex "Vertical" range from 1000 to 9000 rubles.

Reviews owners of the sports complex "Vertical»:


purchased for her grandson (4 years) six months ago this complex.A lot of positive impressions at all.What he's doing it just do not!But at first I feared to rise above the fourth rung on the wall bars.Yes, on a swing ride.For rings, horizontal bar, trapeze, tightrope - afraid to come.But now tightened, and somersaults on the rings and on the rope, rope ladder like a real sailor.I take in my arms and I feel that boys do not let the skin bones and muscles!Much stronger boy.I recommend to all.On your question specifically measured from the wall to the edge of the ring - 152 cm.


Home sports center for children Vertical-1.1 we bought for a five-year niece.But it literally primagnichivaet my daughter eighteen months, when we come to visit.My child does not depart from the sports complex.

Certainly, such a sports area for children from two and a half years of age or older.As its indisputable advantage - possibility of physical development of the child.On the Swedish side is possible to perform a series of exercises - from pull-ups to workout press (mothers is very suitable).There are rings, rope ladder and hanging.

child can climb a few hours.However, all of the exercises at the sports complex requires her mother's presence.Personally I do not like the fact that it is located near a wall, which increases the traumatic lessons with rings.

children's sports complex "BIOM»

Sports Complexes "BIOM" are made of special metal frames that can be modeled depending on the age of the child.Among the assortment of the company can be found with a variety of complex retention mechanism.Metal frame covered with modern environment-friendly non-toxic paint.

Price on children's sports complexes "BIOM" range from 3000 to 16,000 rubles.

Reviews owners of the sports complex "BIOM»:


Our sports complex is produced by biome.This is the second set, which we have ordered.My daughter, when at home, he did not peel off.You can order any color and modification.Most importantly - they make the height-adjustable rukohodom that can be raised as the child grows.

Valery :

BIOM strongly advise.Do not stand promises to supply ordered 2 weeks before the birth of the child, to make him a gift, promised within 2-3 days, in the end they said that it is convenient only to the output (when we rest in the country), and at other times -they are not going to send us a person to deliver and collect it.This is very rude, saying that you do not want to adjust to us - then we will not be selling anything.
As a result, the past 2 weeks, did not bring the child left without a gift, received a portion of rudeness on the phone from the management of the biome.Russian service, he is Russian, that no words.
By the way, for the first time faced with the seller, who does not want to sell their goods.

children's sports complex "Early Start»

children's sports complex "Early Start" - a set for early physical development of your child.In the production of these complexes are used environmentally friendly materials.All sports equipment comply with European quality standards.The frame complex "Early start" made of stainless steel.Children's sports complexes that manufacturers are very functional and can be used for children of different ages.

Price on children's sports complexes "Early Start" range from 2000 to 15,000 rubles.

Reviews owners of the sports complex « Early start «:


Girls, I bought it to her baby three years ago.Workmanship really then it was not much, as I had it from the very first batch.
bad reviews I read, too, but they're all old now production is established.Many of my friends are taking.Easy going, quality of painting and seams very good, and mat included.
You can buy a bunch of accessories!And always something new appears.
In general, I am very happy.


parcel in three parts got more on Saturday, brought, put the elevator.Only my waiting for me, so I came all the printed and personally collected!)))

Here today, until the baby was asleep, gathering complex.Assembled one, absolutely no means of going easy, all screws easily hardboiled screwdriver as there were.

Swing is not hanged, without it lacks excitement.Here Lisa hung on it all afternoon, and somehow she without instruction in all holes climbed everywhere povisela.On this site would not work, there is a high horizontal bars and the beam thick all.Generally.Generally.I would recommend !!!