The best models of car seats for children from 5 to 12 years

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18 April 2016

For children aged from five to twelve years fit the car seat in Group 2 or 3 - depending on the weight.Or seat universal - group two and three are united in one model.

Here are five models in the opinion of consumers and professionals, combining maximum compliance with safety standards, not neglecting the comfort of the child, as well as passed all required tests:

Brevi Fuego Sprint

Model Description:

  • ArmchairAnatomically shaped;
  • side protection ensures maximum protection and comfort during the trip;
  • Three backrest angle;
  • removable backrest;
  • Reliable protection from all kinds of bumps provided steel frame;
  • child in the chair a regular seat belt fastened;
  • height of the head restraint is adjustable, and its shape provides extra protection;
  • Details upholstery can be washed at 30 ° C;
  • Mounted regular seat belts, the direction of travel.

Price : about 5 000 rubles.

Reviews holders seat Brevi Fuego Sprint :


recently replaced the old chair on this model - attracted be

longing to several groups - the child have a large, growing rapidly, and this chair is intended fora lot of weight - I think in this chair grow to 150 cm.))).When will closely - take off the back, and so long as we go - with the comfort and in complete safety.


Ammunition in this chair a six-year daughter - a very comfortable and convenient - always leans back one position back, so my daughter like best.Security level.But!I believe that the same can not be safe / comfortable to arrange children in a chair completely different age / growth.The youngest daughter - 1.5 years, the group bought the chair 1.

Car Seat Graco Junior Maxi

Model Description:

  • Height adjustable headrest;
  • ability to change the angle of the seat;
  • removable backrest;There
  • coasters;
  • Comfortable and soft furnishings;
  • car seat is easy to carry;
  • chair with a backrest is suitable for children aged three to five years;without back - from five to twelve years;
  • regular seat belt is fastened, the direction of travel;
  • presence of red marks provides the most correct installation in the car seat and the baby in the car seat.

Price : about 3 000.

Reviews holders of Graco Junior Maxi :


chair order online-shop.In view of the lovely, it looks like a safe.But undaunted by the complete absence of metal parts - probably due to this, it is incredibly easy.Let's see whether it will live up to the moment when it will be necessary to shoot back.


chair is made of plastic, though, but strong enough, and it is very nice price.We go with pleasure.


We gave this chair.So gathering dust in the corner - why give such a serious thing, unless you are prepared to spend money on a quality product?Folding his shaky, all of plastic.It is certainly functional, and look beautiful, but it is not the basic requirements for the seat.For me, security comes first though.

Graco Junior Maxi Plus Disney

Model Description:

  • support for the head height is easily adjustable;
  • seat tilt changes;
  • armrests are regulated;
  • removable backrest;
  • removable lining to be machine washable;
  • secured by regular seat belts;
  • Eliminates incorrect fixing due to red marks;
  • colorful colors like any child.

Price : about 3 500 rubles.

Reviews holders seat Graco Junior Maxi Plus Disney :


chair convenient and comfortable, it is quite acceptable quality at an attractive price, very comfortable coasters, chair daughter she chose, like the color pink, andPictures.The accident did not fall, thank God.


seat harshly, and the child happy and goes with pleasure.On long distances, we, however, do not go - the place basically.

Royal Baby Shield

Model Description:

  • impact-resistant plastic housing, provides a high level of protection on the road;
  • Internal straps comfortable height-adjustable;
  • removable coating is subject to washing at 30C
  • Soft lining on straps provide comfort and safety at the time of a possible strike;
  • regular seat belt fastened;
  • removable backrest;
  • Full compliance with European safety standards.

Price : about 3 500 rubles.

Reviews holders seat Royal Baby Shield :


incarnation of simplicity ... not the best but not the worst seat.For one thing: it categorically refuse to sit !!!But it's probably not his fault, and especially the nature of his son.Already very restless and can not chair ...


and our daughter also did not sit in a chair to her 4 years.Prior to that, I did not go in the car seat - was used, it is possible to climb throughout the car - but the roads abominable situation.Now we think how to persuade her ....

Car Seat Evenflo Big Kid LX

Model Description:

  • Anatomical back seat creates maximum comfort;
  • removable backrest;
  • Height adjustable armrests;
  • five positions height of the head restraint;
  • correctness fixing belt is provided thanks to the guide;
  • Upholstery made technology Comfort Touch - which provides wear resistance, ventilation of the product, as well as pleasant young passengers;
  • durable plastic is the material for the frame;
  • provide good absorption of impact force;
  • is easily removable upholstery can be washed;
  • Mounted regular seat belts, the direction of travel;
  • Meets Safety Act number 213 of the United States.

Price : about 3 500 rubles.

Reviews holders of Evenflo Big Kid LX :

Veronica :

chair really like - the plastic is very durable - in the accident have not checked, but I had very hard to drop - not a scratch.For the rest, too, like - easy to clean and washable, is governed by all that is possible - the son of convenient, easy to tolerate more than 4 hours of travel.


We take pleasure - happy with the functionality and durability.