The best models of car seats for children aged 1 to 5 years

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19 April 2016

five best models of car seats, according to experts and users, for children from one to five years (Group 1):

Peg-Perego Porshe Limited Edition

Model Description:

  • Full compliance with European safety standards ;;
  • leather removable covers;
  • maximum protection against side impacts;
  • against the floor;
  • exclusive design makes the operation more pleasant seat;
  • regular seat belt is fastened, the direction of travel in the front or the back seat;
  • spacious seat.

Price : about 22 000 rubles.

Reviews holders seat Peg-Perego Porshe Limited Edition :


Armchair bought but not yet used - even from the last group is not quite grown up.When selecting liked very pleasant to the touch leather upholstery, reliability - it has passed the most severe crash tests, thus meets the highest European safety requirements, and it will not huhry-muhry.Immediately decided that if we remove the seat from the back seat, only when absolutely necessary - it is very difficult.We hope that the son wil

l go there with pleasure.


seen this chair in the shop when choosing a chair next to his daughter.Firstly, the price - a gesture !!!And yet - the one I think that leather chair child will be very hot?And so - it certainly is a very solid and reliable look.If I had the opportunity to safely part with such a sum, I probably would not exclude it from the list.

HTS BeSafe iZi Comfort X 3

Model Description:

  • iZi-Comfort System provides ease of mounting in the car seat and baby chair;
  • basis of design became reinforced plastic;
  • provides four adjustable backrest angle;
  • provides maximum comfort soft tabs;
  • The removable upholstery can be washed at 30 ° C;
  • Car Seat is made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic material;
  • Mounted regular car seat belts, the direction of travel;
  • Full compliance with European safety standards.

Price: about 9000 rubles.

Reviews holders seat HTS BeSafe iZi Comfort X 3 :


chair is very comfortable, the baby comfortable in it even sleep in a sitting position - butin the prone position translated easily.I like that rugged design of the chair, hence the only one in my opinion, the lack of - a lot of weight, but safety is paramount.And yet - this is our first chair, thinking that the child would give us heat, but no - sat quietly and for the first time in his life behaved in the way quietly.


chair is very comfortable and pleasant material.Very easy to use.Through instruction I easily understand the installation yourself.My daughter is not capricious, but because I was worried about it the most.


Before this chair is not used at all, I am a child in the back seat always sit down, but it is not enough to save the situation - did what he wanted.The chair put - hysteria for the first time all the way back and when assembled to the car approached refused, barely pushed, but did not yell, just sulked.Then there were no problems.The chair is a sturdy and comfortable, and the bed was the son of the road.

Seat Neonato Easy Going

Model Description:

  • adjustable backrest is fixed at five positions;
  • restraint system prevents the seatbelt from slipping off the shoulders;
  • particularly dangerous places possible attacks reinforced reinforced upholstery;
  • belts are fixed to adjust the length, providing comfort to the child;
  • belt height is adjusted using the side handles;
  • regular seat belt fastened;
  • Convenient stop for the head provides extra comfort.

Price : about 5 100 rubles.

Reviews holders of Neonato Easy Going :


I think that this seat is quite compete with its more expensive rivals.Though more expensive seats we did not use, but it is to this chair I have no complaints.The child is calm, safe seat.


chair is familiar to us have given their time while not buy - they are leaving for a year there.Perfect condition - even a little bit surprised, use the third month, the chair is very comfortable, thank God, we do not krashtestami checked, and God forbid, do not have to.So the question of the choice of seats dropped by itself - this weekend is going to buy it - its own !!!

Royal Baby Smart Sport Side Armor Iso-Fix

Model Description:

  • Enhanced protection from possible side impact;
  • Antivozgaraemy porous material lining provides additional comfort;
  • Upholstery removable - it can be washed;
  • six position tilt seats;
  • four positions for the adjustment of the head restraint;
  • fastened by means of Iso-Fix, suporom the floor, facing the direction of travel.

Price : about 7500 rubles.

Reviews holders seat Royal Baby Smart Sport Side Armor Iso-Fix :


like Seat.And safe and convenient, the child can easily tolerate long trips.Armchair easily converted in to sleep mode.We were completely satisfied.


armchairs year already use, wash the upholstery at least once a month, and she's as good as new.The child is in a very comfortable chair - the seat is quite spacious.Problems with the transplanting of the chair last group did not exist.


chair became a salvation for us and our daughter - we very often go for long distances, and the chair is very comfortable backrest, and a headrest cushion excellent substitute.So it almost all the way docha asleep, and by the end of the road does not feel tired, but instead rested.

Seat Neonato Easy Going Fix

Model Description:

  • five points back;
  • special system prevents the seatbelt from slipping off the shoulders;
  • possible impact sites are protected by reinforced upholstery;
  • adjust the length of seat belts securely;
  • indicator is properly installed car seats;
  • fastened by a system IsoFix.

Price: about 7500 rubles.

Reviews holders of Neonato Easy Going Fix :


this chair is very comfortable to use during the warmer months, but for winter too small, despite the fact that the chair itself is quite cumbersome.


do not know if those with larger children, this chair and bring trouble, but our skinny fit it with ease, while she did not press and do not rub.High chair - easy to look out the window.And I like the attachment system IsoFix - I realized that this system is the most reliable.

PS: Armchair permanently secured in the back seat - a very cumbersome.