The best models of car seats for a baby under one year

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19 April 2016

also that a child weighing up to 13 kg (0-18 months). Suitable seat Category 0/0 + there is a fair question - seat which brand and model to choose?

present you the five best models of car seats, according to consumers and professionals, combining maximum compliance with safety standards, not neglecting the comfort of the child, as well as passed all the necessary tests.

Car Seat Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix

According to the results of independent tests in 2007 the estimate «excellent».

Model Description:

  • best support is provided by the head of enlarged side;
  • possible to adjust the backrest and the seat depth that allows you to choose the most comfortable position, without compromising safety;
  • You can use a visor to protect the child from the sun;
  • There supportive cushion for extra support head and back;
  • Covers removable - allowing wash at 30C;
  • Have convenient handle allows you to carry the baby in the car seat directly, besides providing additional frontal protection;
  • involves the installation of upstream traffic in the back or front seat;
  • Provides the ability to install a number of ways - a regular seat belt system and ISOFIX.

Price: about 8500 rubles.

Reviews holders Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix:


Great car seat!I enjoy the presence of the insert for the baby, and very easy on the sun visor - if not needed, it can be easily removed.

seat design itself so strong and reliable.And also like the ability to adjust the depth - is a small daughter, we did a little deeper - it is in the cradle.The handle is generally a beauty!I picked up and carried.A child is inside)


Car seats bought long before the birth, the main criterion in the selection we have set security, and this chair we were pleasantly surprised optimal combination of everything - a beautiful and safe and convenient.But the price - and would be cheaper.


Car Seat Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix friend lent us - for discharge from the hospital, and at that time, as long as we do not buy a chair - in the end we took the same chair.) Well, firstly, our little one himselfIt seems very comfortable feeling, because despite the fact that it is very capricious - in the chair immediately falls asleep.And then we looked at the results krashtestov other reviews - all on the level.


We could not use this car seat in spite of his remarkable characteristics (that really the place to be) - the child in him was sweating very much and as a result of the discomfort began to scream.And sorry, very good chair.

seat Casualplay Baby Zero Plus

Model Description:

  • seat frame enhances the lateral protection, and to ensure maximum reliability of fastening;
  • handle is not only a convenient way to carry, but also allows you to use the seat as a rocking chair outside the vehicle;
  • Ease of use is complemented by the presence of foot cushion, sun visor;
  • removable cover is made of breathable material and must be washed at a temperature no higher than 60 ° C;
  • Set using the car seat belt in the front or back seat of upstream traffic;
  • quality shockproof material covered with soft padding.

Price: about 9000 rubles.

Reviews holders of Casualplay Baby Zero Plus :


using this car seat from birth.The good news for the carriage in a horizontal position, our sun does not get tired.And the chair is very robust design.


only drawback, in my opinion - the chair is quite heavy, more than 6 kg.And the rest are completely satisfied - the child comfortable, and that as a rocking chair can be used like, and complies with safety standards - and this is the most important thing.


never regretted spent on this chair money - because at the beginning we used another chair, the child screamed bloody murder - apparently he did not like it.And then bought Casualplay Baby Zero Plus and the child is calm and reliable chair, met all safety standards, but also on the road do not forget about the SDA.

car seat Casualplay Prima Fix

Meets the latest European safety standards.

Model Description:

  • Comfortable soft upholstery covers high shock components of car seats;
  • Mounted on the system ISOFIX, upstream traffic;
  • comfortable headrest;
  • The removable upholstery can be washed at 30 * C;
  • Availability of convenient sun visor.

Price: about 14 000 rubles.

Reviews owners Casualplay Prima Fix :


bought a chair, have not used, the external characteristics of the suit, looks safe, and standards are met.It remains to see how the baby reacts to it.At discharge from the hospital in it go.


weight big, but for us it is not an indication - as the chair all the time in the car is.We go almost a year, we will have to change soon - almost grown out of it.The accident did not fall, thank God, but like a chair - his son is convenient, high-quality material.

Maxi-Cosi Pebble

Model Description:

  • Rubber strap on the top edge of the seat to prevent slipping regular seat belts;
  • Adjustable inner belts are equipped with soft pads;
  • Automatic height adjustment of the straps;
  • Special protection secures baby in a side impact or a sudden reversal;
  • Removable cover of hypoallergenic material is not flammable;
  • comfortable cushion under his head;
  • Practical sun visor;
  • carrying handle-regulated;
  • fastened using regular seat belts in the front or back seat of upstream traffic;
  • ability to use the car seat as a highchair.

Price: about 10 500 rubles.

Reviews owners Maxi-Cosi Pebble :


Seat chose long ago.Maxi-Cosi Pebble liked that passed all the tests, and a very comfortable seat.We use them all the month, the child falls asleep in the car and not very naughty.I plan to use it as a highchair.


chair very difficult, but I think it's a plus.Upholstery is very lightly and pleasant to the touch, it is serene son just.


like the child in the chair it lies and it is very important not strong spine.But!Very short straps.Yes, four months you can hardly lift a chair with the baby being inside.For me so this is a plus - Fasten seat almost immediately and took off - a lot less hassle.

Cybex Aton

According to the results of crash tests an estimate «very good».

Model Description:

  • presence of a special insert for newborns eliminates the need to lay a diaper;
  • Convenient hood;
  • The possibility of tipping over;
  • Removable cover can be washed;
  • Adjustable rubberized grip is fixed in three positions;
  • regular seat belts fastened at the front or rear seat, as well as provides for the fixing by means of ISOFIX.

Price: about 6 600 rubles.

Reviews owners car seats Cybex Aton :


After washing took cover, back barely clothed.Son sweat it much and when sleeping in the road - a head on the chest falls.And okay - insert for newborns was simply irreplaceable until grown.I like that the chair meets the requirements of security.


actively use the chair for over a year, and not just in the car, but also in the country and home - like new.The baby was sweating heavily in it, but I knew it was trouble all or almost all car seats.


excellent quality and high level of safety for relatively little money.The main thing - good results of crash tests.Very handy visor for protection from the sun.I never regretted the purchase.

PS: When my daughter grew up, have ceased to carry the chair back and forth - hard.