Do I need to buy a car seat for your child?

By Admin | Family
20 April 2016

Internet flickers parents' questions about drivers, be sure you buy the car seat in the car, and how fraught with driving without it.

reasons for which you are obliged to buy a car seat - a few:

law on child seats

law says: «Transportation of children up to 12 years is carried out in vehicles equipped with seat belts, using child restraints,appropriate weight and height of the child, or other means to fasten a child with a seatbelt designed into the vehicle. "

  • At the same traffic rules involve the use of serviceable seat - that is, having no damage to the hull, violation of the integrity of the straps or other damage, due to which the seat becomes unsafe.
  • penalty for transporting a child without a seat is 500 rubles.At the same time you will not be exempt from penalties if the chair is fixed to the machine, and the child is sitting, for example, in the arms of her mother.
  • put baby in the car seat to transport up until it reaches a growth of 150 cm. Car seats are designed for children wei
    ghing up to 36kg.If the child has not reached the growth of 150 cm. But its weight - up to 36 kg, it must wear a regular seat belt of the car with special adapters that do not allow the seat belt to move the belly or the neck of the child.

But! If the desire to pay fines for every recorded case of transportation of the child in the car without a car seat, it's only your plan / income, or any other reason, the right to risk the life of your baby, you and no one gave.Hence the next reason to buy car seats:

safety issue

Yes, indeed, some parents think that the transport of a child without a seat - a safe, we recommend here to see this movie for those who is a proponent of this theory:

Did you know that according to statistics:

  • every seventh child involved in an accident - is killed;
  • every third - received injuries of varying severity;
  • 45% of injuries incompatible with life - get kids who have not attained the age of seven.

There is a common belief that the best protection in an accident than her mother's hand, simply do not exist.This is the result of just such a situation krashtesta:

You can view many videos, with the results of an accident when transporting a child without a seat, think about whether you are ready for such tests?

quiet atmosphere inside the vehicle

calm in the car - it is half the battle when the task "to arrive at your destination safe and sound."And hardly anyone would deny that the child is freely moving around the cabin, while driving in any way adds a calm driver, moreover - could distract him from the road into a dangerous moment.

Therefore, if the child is in the car seat - is not only save his life, but also significantly reduce the risk of an accident is your fault.

Summarizing, we can ask the question - there any reason to testify against buying the car seat?

one answer - no, no and no again!Moreover, the financial side of the issue or refusal of the child from a trip in a vehicle in the car seat, the reasons, of course, does not.See how to choose the best car seat for your child.

What parents say about the need car seats?


Here I read a review once again that the car seat is expensive, uncomfortable, etc.- Hair stand on end!As you can guess that it is more expensive krovinushku your life?To me, let baby screaming in the car seat, than to cry over it, God forbid, of course.


without car seats, baby carry in any case it is impossible!Just think about how many reckless drivers on the road.This does not necessarily get in an accident, the child has suffered enough, and emergency braking.


If I had a car seat was not, I would place did not move, and refused to even the most urgent trips.I do not just say so - our friends are involved in an accident shortly before the birth of our first baby - five passengers, four escaped with minor injuries, but their son (4 years) - was killed.Everyone was shocked was, I stress a little miscarriage did not happen.At the same time, the driver himself (whose child was killed, the culprit was not an accident).We do not have too high an income, the car seat is not such a simple purchase for our budget (this is for those who say something like that, it's easy to talk to those who have the money full).To buy a seat to his two kids we had to significantly limit yourself, for I am at peace for their safety on the road.


In order to ensure that the transport of the child in the car seat is needed, just look at the YouTube video krashtestov, or any accident - I think the issue will disappear by itself.

What do you think about this?Is it possible to drive without car seats, or is it necessary?