How and where preobresti the best seat?

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20 April 2016

modern market swarmed with hundreds of car seats.And we are talking about the comfort and safety of your baby - you can not go without a car seat.How to choose a car seat that will meet all the necessary requirements?The answer is simple - you need about those claims to know!

content of the article:

  • main group
  • criteria when selecting
  • Additional criteria
  • Where is the best buy?
  • Reviews parents

Existing Group car seats

choose a car seat should be based on several criteria and to begin to understand the Group car seats (age-weight accessory):

1. Group 0 (Intended for childrenweighing up to 10 kg (0-6 months.))

Generally it is the cradle as in wheelchairs.They are recommended for use only in case of medical indications, because they have a low level of protection.

2. Group 0+ (designed for children weighing from 0 to 13 kg (0-12 months.))

pens that come with most car seats to this category, allows you to transfer the baby right there.

internal straps of the seat for the

child's safety.

3. Group 1 (designed for children weighing from 9 to 18 kg (4 years 9mes.-))

Security kid ensured internal security belts or table.

4. Group 2 (designed for children weighing between 15 kg do25 (3-7 years old))

beloved child safety car seats in this category, in addition to the internal belt of the seat for more and car seat belts.

5. Group 3 (designed for children weighing between 22 kg do36 (6-12 years))

Autos this category virtually cavity removed from production, because do not meet safety standards due to lack of side protection - itunderstandable, because it's just a backless seat.

What should I look for when choosing?

When you have decided with a group of car seat that is right for your child, go to the next step - search of the ideal in the group.

  1. Dimensions seat .Although seats belonging to the same group, they are all different sizes.There are spacious model, and there is not much.Some car seats kids can ride up to a year (if you have selected a large model);
  2. Isofix seat belts Interior should be comfortable, strong and reliable.They have to rule out the possibility of opening their own child.And as should be no risk of injury to those fixtures, with the possible impact;
  3. Installing car seats.Produced in several ways:
  • with seatbelt of the car

significant advantage of this method of mounting is that the car seat can be used in different cars one by one.However, despite the reliability, because most intricate ways to install car seats is finally fixed correctly;

  • Fixing ISOFIX

Since 1990, an alternative fastening seat belt.Using this method, the car seat is firmly fixed to the car body.This virtually eliminated the probability of incorrect installation of the chair.ISOFIX system reliability is confirmed by numerous crash tests.By using the ISOFIX system attached the chair itself, and the child in it - the seat belt and car seat belts inside.

Lack of ISOFIX- limited weight of the child (up to 18 kg).It is achieved by the connection of the lower car bracket mountings car seat.

Additional criteria in selecting

There are also some items that should be considered when choosing a car seat:

  • possibility of adjusting the backrest .When choosing a car seat for the baby, be guided by the expected travel time.If you can not avoid long trips, you should choose a chair that allows you to carry a child in the supine position;
  • Children older than one year, for the first time faced with the need to sit in a car seat, may react very negatively.Try to solve this problem by selecting a chair, decorated in your favorite topics child , or compose for him a story in which it was not the car seat, such as a coach, seat sports car, or a throne;
  • Seat have to be comfortable just for your child, so for such an important purchase is better to go with the baby.Did not hesitate to put him in the vending model;
  • Brand seat .Ironically, in the production of car seats, the phrase "popular brand" means not only a higher price, but also a proven reliability, confirmed by numerous and long-term research, crash tests;as well as full compliance with European safety requirements.

Where is cheaper to buy a car seat?

It's pretty urgent issue because in our time, there are several options to choose from:

1. Buy in the shop
has some significant advantages - the ability to see the product first hand, put the baby in it.You can also verify the authenticity of the seat, looking a quality certificate.Disadvantage - the high price.

2. Purchase online store

price is usually lower than in stores, and to the quality of the goods is unlikely to go wrong if you choose a proven brand and buy the car seat manufacturer's website.But we should not forget that there is no perfect car seat, and a model in which one child comfortably - can not appeal to another.The exchange will take some time, and the cost of forwarding to you and do not reimburse anyone.A little trick: if you have the opportunity to choose a full car seat you are comfortable in a regular store, note the make and model.Now find the chosen site of the manufacturer and make it the model that you need!

3. Buying a car seat "with handsĀ»

I must say that this is a very risky venture, since it is possible that the chair has already been sold participant accident or carelessly operated, resulting in could be damaged.Do not forget that at stake is the comfort and safety of the child.So the purchase of the car seat with the hands, it is better to carry out with friends, in the integrity that you are completely confident.And not ashamed to carefully inspect the chair for damage, including hidden.The obvious advantage of buying a hand - low price.

Reviews parents:


son from birth rides in the car only in the car seat - we have this strictly.Probably due to the fact that since birth - had no problems ever - he was used to, and it is convenient to him.The chair we have changed, grown, of course.Besides convenience, I do not understand those children without a car seat carries - on the road so much insane people.


We lived in a small town where everything is nearby and the car just did not need to - all by foot, well, most taxi if need very urgently.And when Arishki turned 2 years - moved to the big city.Had to buy a car seat - daughter screamed obscenities good, I never thought to sit in the car seat, such a problem.Well, it gradually ceased to shout, but love for him has not increased - still going, whimpering all the way.A good chair expensive, and the size of such suits.What to do?


After hearing stories about the difficulties of movement in the seat - my husband and I thought a lot about how our boy would react to the car seat (three years, Van was).Before that, we very rarely in a car with a child go, and I always kept on hand.Well, I heard how people invent all sorts of stories.We bought very little car racing and her husband began to admire it so that the child was transferred this delight.And then he began to talk about the easy riders and their car seats - so neatly turned out her husband by the end of the conversation they have firmly decided that being a great racer.And then we "accidentally" looked into the department of car seats, where the husband said Van, racing seats that look exactly alike.The reward for the efforts we have been efforts, please buy it is.Here it is fitting started - do not remember exactly what we then choose, after five years have passed since then and the chair we have another, but even before Vanya has not grown out of it, he went into it with gusto.Maybe someone will be useful to our experience.


Car Seat - a great find!I do not know what I'd do without it, because I have to be wound in a car with her daughter several times back and forth.Traffic in the city tense and I can not constantly distracted from the road.And I know that my daughter is secured, and it is not in danger.Even if you cry, then this is the maximum because of the falling toys.Armchair bought in the store, and I still do not know what kind of team we have - my daughter and I just came into the store, the seller asked if the problems with the spine, and said her weight.We picked up a chair, he even showed how to install it.Problems of the way "development" has not caused the chair - not the daughter of hysterics (although it was already 1.5 years) may be because before that she did not go in the car and did not know what to go without atokresla possible.Just sat in the chair, I clipped it and off we went.

If you are in search for the perfect car seat for your baby, or the owner of the car seat, share with us your thoughts!