Prams Transformers - the best model for your child

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21 April 2016

Stroller-transformers are something intermediate between strollers and carriages-cradles.The main feature of transformer is that of a recreational option stroller fairly easily converted into the cradle, and vice versa.For example, the bar becomes a cradle board, and converted into the bandwagon of the bottom.

recommend before purchasing and selecting wheelchair-transformer available with other kinds of wheelchairs.

content of the article:

  • Device features
  • advantages and disadvantages
  • 5 best models
  • Tips and tricks when buying

design and purpose of the carriage-transformer

Stroller-transformers have considerable dimensions, andby weight are not inferior to the cradle.The bottom of this stroller is lower than the bottom of the cradle, but because of the composite construction transformers less warm.

selected stroller suitable for walking with a child aged 0 to 4 years.It folds compactly.Compared with strollers, cradles Transformers take up much less space, but compared to the stroll

er - more.

Pros and cons

main "pluses" stroller-transformer:

  1. Comfort baby .The backrest can be mounted in several positions, preventing the impact of abnormal loads on the spine of a young, which is still being formed.If the baby falls asleep in the street, it can easily be "put", turning the wheelchair in the cradle.
  2. Compact .Folded stroller takes up very little space.
  3. Lets save money .Since stroller combines both pleasure and option, and stroller-bassinet.

main "cons" stroller-transformer:

  1. Wheelchair this model is sufficiently severe .
  2. Transformers do not protect the child from the rain , wind, dust and dirt due to its collapsible design.

Top 5 most popular models

1. Wheelchair transformer RIKO Master PC

model is made in sporty style.Options strollers designed for all occasions.Envelope-carrying has a silk lining, which, if necessary, easy to clean.The angle of the backrest can be adjusted easily, there is a removable hood with viewing window for ventilation, as well as the cape on legs, a mosquito net and a raincoat.Five-point safety belts are equipped with rigid locks, allowing mothers do not worry about the baby.Reversible handle is height adjustable.Inflatable wheels, rotated by 180 degrees.Wheelchair easy to maneuver and equipped with two-way damping system.

average price model RIKO Master PC - 8400 rubles.(2012)

Reviews parents

Galina: model is convenient for transportation in the narrow elevators.We have this.Completely satisfied.There are all the necessary accessories - mosquito nets, a big basket at the bottom, a raincoat.Made from vodonepromokaemoy tissue.

Irina: flimsy wheels.Rotary we immediately began to act up.And the wheel clamps are made of plastic, break down quickly.It weighs a lot - 18 kg.In our model, the height of the handle is not regulated.I'm not very tall, so I'm uncomfortable with it operated.

Dasha: very good model.The lift pass is free.We live on the sixth floor, so it is very important to us.Yes, and it is not expensive.In winter, the snow is very good rides, operated with one hand.

2. The carriage-transformer Teddy Iness PC

Wheelchair characterized by having a light frame, sleek design and convenience.Spacious cradle can be used as a crib in case the parents are on the road.Handles Carry Cot removed in the pocket, which is very convenient.Pleasure stroller option can be set to face the mum or facing forwards.The back is adjustable and is set in four positions.Tripping is also adjusted depending on the growth of the child.There is a removable bumper serving handrail.Big chrome wheels with damping system provides quiet operation and good cross on any roads.

average price patterns Teddy Iness PC - 7500 rubles.(2012)

Reviews parents

Pauline: stroller has a good cross, going gently, baby it does not shake, becausehas large inflatable wheels and cushioning.Good driving on poor road surfaces, snow and slush.Easy to manage.A portable crib with a hard bottom applied five months, very comfortable.Good rain gear, high-quality mosquito nets, which is also well protected from the sun.

Margo: fabric making up the pram, heavy, high-quality, bright.The model is very beautiful.There is a large basket.Wheelchair is not very heavy, weighing about 16 kg, but the weight is not felt as stroller easily goes up and down the stairs.

Alex: weak reversible handle, had only to reboot the basket as when picked up by the handle, it flew out of the grooves.Tugovato brake.Included was a backpack.In my opinion, it would be more convenient to use a bag.

3. Model Baby Care Manhattan Air

stroller equipped with a large rocker handle.A child can sit like a person, and back to my mother.There is a window in the roof of a zipper, which is much easier to plastic windows.The hood can be closed up to the bumper, which is very handy if caught walking weather.Shopping is big and roomy, it always has access, regardless of the position of the backrest.On the hood there is a large pocket and several small.Decorated with nice embroidery on the fabric.

average price Model Baby Care Manhattan Air - 10,000 rubles.(2012)

Reviews parents

Katerina: quality material inside the only cotton, no synthetics.Cradle pretty handy, reversible handle.Complete with swivel wheels that are suitable for walking in the winter or in the slush.

Alexander: creaking plastic on the handle, it does not smazhesh.Depreciation is stiff.Although, maybe she is all wheelchair-transformers, I do not know.And the mechanism for lowering the backrest does not always work.

Peter: wife stroller like.I - not really.In the trunk barely intermeddle.When folded cumbersome.And so, it is a good model.Included is a lot of useful things.And the child in her comfortable, not what in ordinary walks.

4. Wheelchair convertible Silver Cross Sleepover Sport

Sleepover - it is a great stroller-transformer with a warm cradle and excellent bundle.Included is a raincoat, a cape on legs, a bag with changing mat.Easy chassis of high quality material ensures complete comfort the baby and his mother.

average price models Silver Cross Sleepover Sport - 12,500 rubles.(2012)

Reviews parents

Katya: We Sleepover on a frame classic.We use almost a year.Nowhere and no squeaks, does not break the color during the operation does not change, stroller looks like new.In addition, high permeability, good shock absorption, height adjustable handle.Yes, and very comfortable for the child.

Basil: Wheelchair hard.But the "step" on the stairs, which is much easier task.Shopping Cart is very strong, but not very comfortable.A envelope dozhdevichok performed on 5+.

Anatoly: as the cradle we enjoyed all summer.Nothing broke.The wheel chair lift is included, but you have to hold the door.In general, satisfied with the stroller.The only negative - its great weight.

5. Wheelchair model Graco Quattro Tour Sport

stroller with modern design, has a soft, comfortable suspension spring shock absorbers.It is convenient to add, you can install the car seat.A good option for those who like comfort, functionality and compactness.

average price model Graco Quattro Tour Sport - 8500 rubles.(2012)

Reviews parents

Michael: Stylish design, have included everything you need - cape on legs, a raincoat.On the hood large pocket.Wide seat backrest is lowered to 180 degrees. On the one hand bumper easily detachable.The disadvantages are lack of a mosquito net, no fixed changeover hood.

Alina: Included is a carry cot for babies.This is particularly pleased, since the first days of life of its active use.Compared with other carriages, this model - a feather.Many complain that the wheels and frame break.Nothing like this.For proper operation of all works without problems.

Dasha: I love this stroller.The only drawback - a strange raincoat, which I did not understand.I had to buy generic.In general, I'm satisfied.

What to look for when choosing?

  1. belts .Five-point belts are much safer than the three-point.Therefore it is necessary to give preference to a wheelchair with a five-point seat belts.
  2. Availability window in the hood .Through it is very convenient to observe the behavior of the child if there is a need to close the visor.The windows are plastic or mesh.
  3. desirable that a wheelchair was reflectors .At night, they are necessary.
  4. Cusp .This is a very important criterion when carriage-transformer will often collect.Back in the shop should try to assemble their own wheelchair under the supervision of the seller.The only way you can understand what model is most convenient.
  5. Back frame .It should be fabricated on a rigid base.Child's health depends on the correctness of the spine.
  6. internal padding .Preferred natural material.Synthetics often causes allergies in children.
  7. height steps .It should be regulated.When the child grows up, it will be very important.

And you kind of stroller-transformer want to buy or have already bought?Send us your opinions and tips!