Clothing oversize - and you know what to wear a coat or sweater oversayz?

By Admin | Fashion
07 May 2016

Oversayz - a great option for the modern fashionistas tired to keep yourself within.This trend in fashion is the baggy clothes, as if shot from someone else's shoulder.For the first time this style appeared on the catwalk fashion house Kenzo, when fashion very well connected European style and kimonos.


  1. popular styles oversayz
  2. Sweaters, coats, dresses in the style of oversayz
  3. Fashionable style oversize in sets of clothes

oversayz popular styles among modern women of fashion - fashion trends in clothing style oversize.

Clothing oversayz - the perfect choice for confident women, for whom comfort and practicality in the first place.

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So why this style is so popular and that to date this is the most popular style ?

  • Many believe that this style is based on the fact that you can wear clothes several sizes larger - and it will look gorgeous.this is not true.Style oversayz implies a certain style of cloth
    ing that is different from the others.
  • body contours blurred visual , so a little bit fat girls are not satisfied, such as the hip, can safely put on a dress and oversayz hide this shortcoming.However, ladies wear these styles pyshechki not work - the figure will seem even more cumbersome.
  • The correct sweater or coat can safely wear to work.When you add the beautiful image of accessories can instantly change and then it is perfect for a romantic date.Oversize - universal style, suitable for any occasion.
  • Most often you will notice that the models wear this style looks perfect by layering .And really - oversayz sweater can be worn on top of the classic shirt, and complement the image can coat soft fur.


Sweaters, coats, dresses in the style of oversayz from the collections of leading fashion houses.

Today, a huge number of well-known fashion houses in the style of the collection released oversayz.

  • Céline. brand Céline one of the first took over the production of coat-style oversayz.These include COAT coat material gruff-looking models just fine.Colour Data coat is very pleasing to the eye - almost all of the images are made in soft shades of pink.50312celine-rtw-fw2012-runway-01_165634486618
  • SoniaRykiel. This brand also has not stood aside, why modern women are already aware of the existence of wonderful sweaters and dresses razmeraoversayz.Brand exposes on the podium only the best options for this style of clothing.Bright, but at the same time versatile and comfortable clothes - that's what oversayz by SoniaRykiel.0-big
  • VeraWang. Vera Wang has long been striking modern fashionistas for its beautiful dresses.She was not spared and such direction as oversayz.Her collections can be found both coat style oversayz and dresses or dimensionless shirt.These outfits will be pleased with its brightness.Become marked with Vera Wang!


Fashionable style oversize in sets of clothes - offers fashion bloggers.

Things style oversayz need to know how to combine - enough to wear a sweater 4 size more to just get a stylish way.

Which combinations offer trendy fashion bloggers?

  • oversayz sweater + jeans tight. This set looks stylish and can be supplemented with high heels or boots rough.Jeans can be replaced by a conventional elk hipsters Blogger-Dylana-Suarez-682x1024
  • oversayz sweater + skirt. This combination is suitable for almost all girls, because you can endlessly change the sweaters and skirts, using different styles.There are kits, with both classical skirts usual length, and with skirts-oversayz.203780_980
  • Oversayz + Sport shoes. sneakers and running shoes - a versatile and comfortable shoes, which can be also beautiful!The most important thing - to know how to combine clothes oversayz with this footwear.T-shirts, sweaters and coats oversayz - that's what is perfect with this kit.e3c41965fa149071aea8b4e51f4925c7
  • Coat oversayz + heels. Yes, despite the fact that oversayz - is a kind of roughness, the image can be easily diluted with shoes with high heels.This will give you some lightness and elegance, and all the cumbersome coat will disappear and become virtually invisible.palto-oversized-2-2

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