Stylish autumn knitwear - 5 fashion trends knitted dresses for autumn-winter 2014-2015

By Admin | Fashion
08 May 2016

this autumn-winter season, held under the motto "Elegant comfort", it is not surprising that many of the world's catwalks you can see a lot of knitted dresses.But very popular knitted dresses, because they are very soft, warm, and thus perfectly fitting shape, emphasizing all of your dignity.

5 fashion trends knitted dresses for autumn-winter 2014-2015

  • colors and prints. In the autumn-winter season 2014-2015 are trendy-colored knit dress like a bright and pastel shades.Especially popular are the rich shades of precious and semiprecious stones.In the collections of many famous designers can see a bright red dress, deep blue, emerald, purple, burgundy.For everyday life is better to choose dresses in various shades of gray, beige, white and dark blue colors.


As for prints, but now in the trend are flowers and plants, geometric and abstract patterns.Always remain relevant cell and strip, do not lose popularity and animal colors.


  • Style. increasingly popular this season are Smart-dre
    ss (Figure visual forms and emphasizes the waistline).Stylists recommend these dresses worn with minimal jewelry and strict neat haircuts.


asymmetrical knit dress also can be seen on many famous catwalks of the world.Asymmetrical hem and bodice one shoulder a pep to your image.This dress feels a mystery, harmony and feminine coquetry.Masterpieces of asymmetry can be seen in the collections of SoniaRykiel, Versace, Chalayan, PeterPilotto, MichaelKors, AnnDemeulemeester, RolandMouret.


also popular and dresses, robes, which are very convenient for women with active lifestyles.This outfit is perfect for sightseeing, shopping, country trips.Dress-robe can be seen in the autumn-winter collection 2014-2015 Sacai, No.21, Valentino, NarcisoRodriguez.


  • Current length. ideal length knit dress autumn-winter 2014-2015 knee.This outfit does not restrict movement, allowing you to get pleasure from life.Of course, in the collections of some of the fashion designers can be found shorter or elongated model.


  • trend this season is also turtleneck knit dress with high neck.After all, they are moderately severe, incredibly practical and very elegant.This outfit perfectly fitting shape and well underlines the silhouette.


  • cutouts and paste on knitted dresses are the highlight of the autumn-winter season 2014-2015.At the fashion shows you can see the amazing dresses with original cutouts on the shoulders, waist and upper chest.


  • this season collar again popular.On the fashion runways can be seen as a one-color dress with contrast collar cute retro and chic evening dress with fur collars.