How and what to wear a corset - photos, tips modern fashionista.

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09 May 2016

Many people mistakenly believe that the corset - underwear.However, all the ladies have already taken would adopt this beautiful thing wardrobe vedgramotno handpicked corset can create an unforgettable image.Also do not forget that taking care of the posture corset girl.So, what you can wear modern corset?

From what to wear a corset

corset blouse
This combination is suitable for romantic persons , since the image is stored for a long time.If you put on a black lace corset classic white blouse, this set can be worn even if you change rabotu.Odnako blouse on air black blouse, something sochetaniebudet appropriate and for a romantic date.It can be worn with a corset blouse and contrasting colors, then the image will be more memorable.
From what to wear a corset
corset with skirt
One of the most interesting options.If you wear a full skirt and lace corset contrasting colors, that this image is suitable for travelers. Do not forget about the working version.If you choose strict corset and pencil skirt, the kit can be easily worn to work

and study.If you are not fond of mini skirts, you can wear a full skirt to the knee and a blouse, which should wear solid color corset.It is stylish and appropriate in every situation.In this case, the leg is better to wear ballet flats or pumps.
From what to wear a corset

corset with jeans
Very stylish option that has been repeatedly used by most designers in their shows. most important thing - to choose jeans. They should be a hipster or waistband must be hidden under the cast.Jeans
choose among a wide variety of colors, styles, and Printed.Do not forget about the shoes.To this combination will suit high-heeled shoes.
From what to wear a corset
corset with trousers.
This versatile outfit is suitable for almost every occasion.If a black classic corset wear classic white blouse, it will be finished working image. If you wear tight pants and corset contrast, this outfit can be worn on a date or for a walk with her friends.You can also add an image of a jacket or a jacket.
From what to wear a corset
corset with leggings.

This image looks boldly and brightly , precisely because many ladies have already started to use this kit as «secret weapon." Try to wear a corset Printed and plain leggings - the effect is stunning.You can change these things in some places - the classic corset would look great with leggings, which is printed abstract drawing or animal print.
From what to wear a corset
corset with shorts.

If you want to add to your daily image bit of luxury, this is the option for you.One has only to put on instead of the usual T-shirt and a corset to him - shorts, and your appearance transformed.Many stars already have in your wardrobe like a set, it's a great option for a hot summer.You can combine with corsets not only denim, but also silk and knit shorts.Most importantly - corsets must exactly fit to your figure.On foot you can wear as a high-heeled shoes and stylish shoes - everything is appropriate.
From what to wear a corset
dress corset.

This is perhaps, the most beautiful and romantic option. Dresses, corsets can be both casual and magnificent evening.Remember that dresses corsets can be worn to work, if they are made in a classic style and perechat dress code in your kampanii.Plate corset can ease your suffering when choosing a corset skirt.If you want to look feminine and vulnerable, then this dress is a great option.
From what to wear a corset?

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