Bags and accessories Nobel: features, collections, prices, reviews

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10 May 2016

Bags and accessories Nobel German company producing accessories made of genuine leather Nobel began its existence in 1893.Handbags, purses, as well as any other products of this brand - it is a real German high quality work.

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content of the article:

  • Bags Nobel.Features distinguishing features
  • For someone created handbags and accessories Nobel
  • most fashionable collection of Nobel
  • price handbags and purses Nobel
  • Reviews fashionistas on bag or purse Nobel

Bags Nobel.History and features brand

models brand distinguishes Nobel :

  • use only high-quality calfskin ;
  • thorough dressing ;
  • upscale and very quality fittings ;
  • stylish and modern design models;
  • relevant European standards quality;
  • strength, reliability and durability s;
  • Special coloring skin, not hiding natural pattern ;
  • use when painting natural ingredients .

result - a unique image of any woman with accessory by Nobel .

For someone created a collect
ion of bags and purses Nobel?

If you more than anything in the accessories most

  • quality,
  • Practicality,
  • Aesthetics,
  • Elegance,

the handbagsNobel - the choice is yours.However, the most frequent
handbags women customers Nobel - hip and trendy business woman , for which the bag is not only an elegant and fashionable way of complement, but practical use accessory .

most fashionable collection, rulers, fashion trends from the Nobel

Bags and accessories Nobel stylish suede handbag from the latest collection Fall 2012-Winter 2013 convenient and practical.It closes on the button on the buckle-magnet , length of handles allows to carry the bag on his shoulder.
inner space as well organized: two sections, with a pocket-separator with zipper, pockets for small items and mobile phone on the front wall of the bag.At the bottom there
metal legs .

Bags and accessories Nobel This bright handbag is made of high quality thick leather with original pattern.Charming holidays and this model is reminiscent of the coming spring, lifting the mood.
Besides bag roomy enough: its main department has several additional pockets : for documents on the rear wall (it fastens with a zipper) and two pockets for small items on the front wall.
bag with metal feet on the bottom holds its shape well and is worn in hand.

Bags and accessories Nobel This bag very spacious and perfect for daily use .Its material - high quality thick leather, which allows perfect accessory to keep the shape.Wear a bag as you can in your hand and on the shoulder, in addition there additional strap with carabiners .
bag closes with a zipper and an additional - magnetic button , at the bottom, like most of the accessories are firm Nobel metal legs .
sound domestic arrangement of departments makes the bag very roomy. Three independent department help keep all your things in perfect order.Division Two zipper and central office has also pockets for documents and various small items.By
considerable advantages of this bag is the fact that the compact appearance, it A4-size documents .
There are several options for colors, as well as options for embossing (eg, under the skin of a python ).

Bags and accessories Nobel Classic model , roomy and comfortable - these are the distinctive features of this bag.This casual handbag, stylish and high quality, can be worn on the hand or on the shoulder by a additional belt with carabiners .It closes with a zipper bag, at the bottom there metal legs .Thanks to high-quality leather tanning, holds its shape well.
inside space is organized very convenient: two main compartments are separated by a pocket with a zipper, have pockets for mobile and documents, as well as a zippered pocket on the rear wall of the outer bag.The model is presented in several colors: both classic and vibrant .

Bags and accessories Nobel classically elegant bag very capacious: it can easily be placed documents A4 .Bag closes with a zipper and magnetic button.Wearing the bag can be hand or on the shoulder - this model is further applied belt with carabiners .In addition, the bag holds its shape perfectly.
inside the bag consists of two autonomous branches with zipper, as well as from a large main compartment that closes magnetic button .The main compartment also contains several additional pockets for cell phone and documents.

Bags and accessories Nobel This model is presented in several colors , made of soft leather excellent workmanship with embossed crocodile skin.Compact and convenient bag looks stylish and it can be both in the hand and in the crook of his arm.Closes bag a double zipper , at the bottom - metal legs .

7 Nobel This fashionable stylish bag decorated golden accessories .In addition, it is very roomy, closes with a zipper and can be worn on the hand or on the shoulder - for that she has a special strap carbines.
Three independent department , each of which closes with a zipper, will carry in her purse a lot of different and necessary things, and pockets for small items , mobile phone and documents will not allow anything to be lost.

Purses firm Nobel diverse not only in design and size, but also in terms of functionality.The latest collection - the best evidence.

Bags and accessories Nobel Leather purse , closing zipper , this model is very functional.Outside purse features two pockets purse and two zippered pockets on the front and rear of the accessory.
Inside the purse has two compartments for banknotes, six compartments for cards and hidden pockets.

Bags and accessories Nobel Another option purse from Nobel , closing zipper and valve magnetic button .External offices in this model, but the interior space is organized very comfortable and functional.It includes four branches for notes, compartments for eighteen cards, compartment for travel, secret pocket .

Bags and accessories Nobel This purse zipper , also has only the inner compartment.They are few, but all you need is present in the model: two bill compartments , twelve compartments for cards, there is also a compartment for coins with zip.

Bags and accessories Nobel This model purse closed button on the magnet and also has no branches outside.The inner space of the purse consists of three branches for banknotes, six pockets for cards, there are also: a transparent compartment for travel, three hidden pockets , zipped compartment for coins and shut.

Bags and accessories Nobel Purse, closing on button .This model is convenient because it has external pocket for coins (also on the button).
Inside you will find two compartments for notes, three compartments for cards, pocket for documents (mesh) and two hidden pocket .

briefly about the price of accessories and bags Nobel

Purses are from 2250 to 3030 rubles .
cost bags varies from 2950 to 11120 rubles .

Reviews owners purses and bags Nobel

Inga, 27 years
Fell in love with these bags at a glance, and since then I use only accessories of this brand!Complaints about the quality no.Dissatisfied with only one thing: bags shockingly worn long and even with daily use after a few years look like new.Just impossible to think of a reason to buy another handbag from Nobel.Is it just to buy a different color.

Galina, 32 years
friend persuaded to go to the store and choose a new handbag.First bag Nobel seemed to me not the best choice, but was only appropriate color in accessories of the brand.Just took a purse and a bag.I do not regret never!The quality is simply stunning.Nowhere do not hang up, no matter how much in the bag did not put things, and most importantly - put a folder with documents and bag at the same time does not look like a bloated suitcase.Wear this bag a pleasure.She's my one and a half years, and I feel sweeps a long time.If you want to get for reasonable money epi and stylish accessory for every day - it's definitely Nobel.I recommend to all.

Olga, 24 years
bought from Nobel suede purse ... disgusting!I ruined my clothes - so beautiful!However, the form of holding that is doubly insulting.Especially since the model handbag quite personal.

Larisa, 37 years
wear suede bag and must be able to remember that when moisture suede is really beautiful.
For example, I prefer suede, though it gives a lot of trouble to care, but I have never faced so as to spoil the clothes.But from the Nobel buy leather handbags - suede they have not so well represented that, in general, is correct - a bag for every day.