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10 May 2016

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni When in 1992 Signor Marzialetti founded a new brand, nobody would believe that as soon as possible Marina Creazioni will be the leader of fashion-industry, and released accessories - handbags, belts, wallets made of genuine leather - will be a mandatory attribute of every elegantwomen.

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Bags Marina Creazioni - especially brand

What distinguishes handbags Marina Creazioni and immediately sets it apart from the happy owner of the crowd?First of all, this:

  • original design - feminine and elegant, making the products of the brand Marina Creazioni immediately recognizable;
  • use of new technologies ;
  • refined accessories ;
  • Prints with original drawings , applied to products
  • crystals Swarovsky , adorn virtually every
    line of Marina Creazioni
  • feminine style combined with elegance and rigor , which makes the brand Marina Creazioni universal;
  • refined taste and elegance ;
  • Proportionality proportions and quality finish ;
  • taste and originality ;
  • constant search for new forms ;
  • Experiments with new materials and technologies ;
  • Custom solutions each new collection

- these are the basic principles of the world famous brand.

Learning designers Marina Creazioni latest fashion trends allows you to create a bright and stylish designs.A luxury and bohemian, which is inherent attraction to each bag brand, as their characteristics, combined with the use of delicate and unobtrusive style accessories, make them suitable for both everyday use and for outputs.

For someone created a collection of bags Marina Creazioni?Bags

this company will be a wonderful complement costume businesswoman - as well as comfortable and wallets.Due to the classic colors - white and black, woman elegant age gladly opt for convenient and high-quality handbags, purses and belts Marina Creazioni.For stylish girls , loving originality Marina Creazioni brand offers products with prints and Swarovsky crystals and original belts that emphasize the individuality and style of the hostess.Graceful clutches Marina Creazioni complement any evening dress.
But whatever the collection, feminine models, their sensuality and elegance, as well as the meticulous finish of every detail are feature of products Marina Creazioni .However, these traits - the only thing that unites stylistically different models addressed to different audiences.

most fashionable collection, rulers, fashion trends from Marina Creazioni

latest collection Marina Creazioni autumn-winter 2012-2013 as always distinguished elegance, restraint and femininity.And as always, in a new collection of bags and accessories there for even the most demanding taste.

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni TIFFANI Black bag from a genuine leather with nail polish as a textures, patterned and decorated Tiffany rhinestones and gold - model presented in several colors Classic severe form, strict black color is ideal for any businesswomen and delicate embroidery , which is decorated bag give it a happy owner of elegance and femininity.In addition, this model, and capacious enough: inside you will find two compartments and pockets for small items required and complete the picture of a mobile phone.

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni This bag is made of genuine leather with the texture and finish of studs and piombo - no less elegant and stylish.The severity of the classical form is softened embroidered pattern "Italy".Spacious and functional, the bag fastened to the "lightning" and two compartments and pockets for small items and mobile always help to keep your things in order.

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni Black and white bag with the texture of and adorned with rhinestones Swarovsky and piombo - a real winter bag.Figure "frost" - a thin and elegant, like the frost on the glass - provide the owner of the bag from the crowd, and the classic shape and classic colors - black and white - will not only carry the bag in different circumstances, but ideally to combine different styles of clothing.

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni Bag Marina Creazioni that will be enjoyed by any stylish fashionista.Of course, for business meetings, this bag is probably too lightly because of the damage prints - charming women shoes, but the perfect accompaniment to any style of clothing and complement your look - light, graceful, flirty touch.
rhinestone trim by Swarovsky, gold, as well as the always excellent finish quality and capacity of the bag make it your indispensable companion.

Bags clutch and Marina Creazioni new collection presented in a variety of colors and options:

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni Beige Bag from Marina Creazioni Mar diamond abbis a clutch made of genuine leather and lacquer abbisom as invoices, patterned"Diamonds" and restrained finish and gold studs.
colors, as is often found in Brenda Marina Creazioni, range: colors represented very well and will be able to please anyone, even the most exacting taste.

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni bag clutch Adria cappuccino of genuine leather with the texture that is unique: it is decorated with black lace , which immediately catches the eye.Despite the obvious attraction to the pomp, the bag looks very original and fresh. Finish piombo - discreet and elegant, without distracting from the overall picture, creating a complete song.

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni suede clutch bag ONDA (black suede / naplak finished piombo) is unique.Like most of the products of the brand Marina Creazioni, clutch elegant, decorated with rhinestones Swarovsky and medallion brand Marina Creazioni.In addition, the clutch bag can be transformed into an elegant plate.

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni Another model bags, presented in the new season, brand Marina Creazioni - bag bag .Perforated leather Savage, white, trimmed with gray suede, quality and style, as well as the original design, which you can modify to your liking with the help of lace - delaying or dismissing it - the main advantages of this model.Besides bag is very roomy - two compartments and pockets for small items and mobile phone.

belts and wallets as presented in the new collection Marina Creazioni.

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni This flexible genuine leather strap with buckle under the hematite , length 64 cm would be a great addition to any suit, be it business, casual and club wear.

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni Long female belt - 214 centimeters - with original decoration, the chain will be an indispensable addition to your costume, accentuate the stylishness and originality of its owner.

Purses , like handbags Marina Creazioni, distinguished by careful finish, quality materials and original design.Most wallets Marina Creazioni repeat design varying bags and look great in the kit.All the latest collection of purses made in standard sizes: width - 20, height - 10, depth - 2 cm .

Bags and Accessories Marina Creazioni
Purse saffino , trimmed with rhinestones and metal Swarovsky (fuchili), black, made of genuine leather, and the relatively small size.As with all products of the brand Marina Creazioni, it features elegant and stylish.

price of accessories, handbags Marina Creazioni

Bags Marina Creazioni are 3 to 7 thousand ,

wallets - from 3000 to 3700 rubles ,

belts - from 1200 to 3000 rubles .

reviews Accessories, Handbags Marina Creazioni

Alice, 21 years :
Belts Marina Creazioni always interesting design.I have in my collection have three options, but the collection of the brand is so beautiful and interesting that not resist.Here I think to buy a handbag and purse, but did not dwell on the model.But I think that the new collection will be something to my taste.

Irina, 34 years:
Marina Creazioni bought a bag as a gift my mother, who is overjoyed now the present.Bag is not only stylish, but also very high quality, although the company's products are not cheap.Mom wears her for three years, and all as a new bag, anywhere no scuffs or scratches - skin is well handled.I took my mom leather bag to make it easier to care for, and also the right decision - no special problems arise only when necessary to clean with a damp cloth.
Generally bags at Marina Creazioni just wonderful, and sure to get currently.
Anna, 40 years old:
Each collection Marina Creazioni pleased with something new and unusual.Not once acquired handbags of this brand, and is very happy: we can always pick up something for a particular mood and occasion.It draws that you can select a bag and a purse (although not always).About quality and not saying just fine.I Recommend.
Alina, 23 years old:
Acquired bag from Marina Creazioni the first time and is very happy.I do not say that the boutique had a good selection of handbags variety of models and colors, and for all tastes, but it is also great.The main thing - shopping!Bag just amazing: a very handy, compact and stylish - it just pay attention.It is worth the money.If you stop your choice on this brand - you will not regret!
Inna, 32 years old:
Acquired clutch this company, suede, as sorry - suede requires particular painstaking care: not only that we need a special brush, so still and need different tools for maintenance.Besides suede on toes is wont to shine, and the bag immediately loses its form, and we must remember that in rainy weather is better not to wear suede - can stain clothing.However, the clutch itself was very convenient and beautiful, so I do not regret buying, but next time I will take a leather handbag.