What will be fashionable in the summer of 2013?

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11 May 2016

Fashion summer 2013 Fashion summer 2013 gradually formed from fashion trends, which are marked in the spring.But the summer - hot time, so in the summer of 2013 will be relevant things light and very comfortable set of clothes in the locker room that can be transformed into other perfectly, complemented by other parts, accessories.Fashion summer 2013 offers a huge variety of patterns and colors, so every woman can pick up clothes for their preferences, tastes, shapes and features.
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  • Fashion summer of 2013 - the main tendencies
  • What will be fashionable in the summer of 2013 - business clothes
  • Fashion in June, July, August, 2013 - clothes for walking, travel and leisure
  • Fashionthe trend of the summer of 2013 - Clothes for a romantic date
  • What's in vogue in the summer of 2013 - Fashion Handbags
  • June July August 2013 - shoes and sandals
  • Fashion trends of the summer season of 2013 - belts and belt

Fashion summer of 2013 - the main tendencies

Fashion summer 2013 As spring summer 2013 fashion will be

very relevant emphases on female waist , made using cutting clothes, and beautiful accessories to it - belts, straps, belts.Skirts and dresses should be wide, flowing .Latest high wedges, including - quite complex cut, asymmetrical, with flounces and ruffles .Fashion pants to be classic style, not too tight, but not broad, with a high waistline.In vogue once again returned pants - flared , they can be made of silk, flying fabrics.

Fashion summer 2013 silhouettes clothes may be simple, without elaborate lines and extravagance, but in the summer of 2013, they should emphasize all the advantages of the female figure, allocate her sexuality and talking about romance.Attention is focused on the detail - are trendy rather large pockets on clothes , as well as a lush, pretty voluminous sleeves.The dress is very fashionable is asymmetry - it can be sundresses with one shoulder .In the tissues, as well as the colors are preferred natural, natural.In fashion leopard prints, tropical motifs, all kinds of flower and leaf prints , and colors «under the batik» .

What will be fashionable in the summer of 2013 - business clothes

Fashion summer 2013 fashionable and stylish woman wants to be not only at rest and walks, but also at work.Summer dress code in 2013, dictates fashion trends that can be used in everyday outfits to get in rhythm with time.Colors of items of business set in the women's locker room is dominated by white and gray .Such strict achromatism in the locker room, but can be supplemented bright accessories and parts, modest lace .Still relevant is strict dress pants in white or steel gray , made of natural lung tissue.Accessories such suit may be of different colors, including neon.Not necessarily as a combination of the color and accessories - they can be different colors, but in a business suit - no prints.

the silhouette and features a summer dress tailoring business in 2013 should be fairly strict, simple form.Very fashionable strict jackets , which can be worn with trousers without a jacket.

Fashion in June, July, August, 2013 - clothes for walking, travel and leisure

Fashion summer 2013 The collections of women's clothing in the summer of 2013 strikes lightness and freshness flowing dresses of various styles, as well as a wide variety of colors, prints, combinations of colors.In fashion, designers offer to relax things multi , of light transparent fabric of different colors.As the hot season is very important to keep things in the comfort women's locker room, it is proposed to sew them from natural fabrics, opt for clothing that does not restrict movement.The multi-layered fashion - dress can be worn with trousers , under the blouse can be worn a variety of tops.Skirt - pants again returned to fashion, and began his triumphal march already called «skirt-shorts» .Summer fashion shorts will also , decorated with lace, a variety of tops with tropical prints, capris of natural cotton or linen fabrics.

Trends Summer 2013 - Dress for a romantic date

romantica for romantic walks in the summer of 2013 may be a fashionista to wear very light sundresses of flying fabrics, multi , translucent materials.For girls who want to be emphasized elegant and stylish, designers offer kits of pencil skirts and translucent, light tunics, lace blouses made of natural fabrics or chiffon.

What's in vogue in the summer of 2013 - handbags

Fashion summer 2013 Bags are always relevant accessory is ideally complementary harmony of sets of clothes - or mercilessly destroys it if chosen incorrectly.In the summer of 2013 will be very fashionable bags of bright colors and "neon" colors, but - strict geometric shape with a rigid foundation, symmetrical, not very big.From the materials are fashionable leather, fabric .Handles have bags mainly short, but it is possible to model a wide handles that can be worn on the shoulder.Details on the bags should be a minimum - they should not be discordant with those accessories that a woman puts on.Latest bags tablets in military style, as well as very small handbag with a rigid form as an evening option.

Fashion June July August 2013 - shoes and sandals

Folk remedies for wrinkles Nobody doubted that the classical «boat» will again be the most urgent focus of fashionable summer season of 2013.But this year, designers and fashion houses offer to make shoes "highlight" of the whole wardrobe, shifting the emphasis to it.Classic "boat" made of velvet, embossed or lacquered leather, with gold heels, sequins, beads, stones, decorative backdrop .Business ladies designers offer shoes gated , having rounded toe , on stable sole , but - bright trendy colors.Footwear for recreation, walking - it sandals, shoes and boots of the type "Roman sandals» different heights.

leather shoes or sandals can be made of patent leather, or printed « snake skin» .There is still a very relevant ballerinas and moccasins, which will be convenient for walks and traveling.

Fashion trends of the summer season of 2013 - belts and belt

Folk remedies for wrinkles This piece of clothing, fashion accessories, will be the most relevant in the summer of 2013.As in fashion - accentuated femininity, belts, can be combined as a business suit and clothes for walking and recreation.Belts can be made of various draped or pleated fabrics, knitted fabrics, satin, natural leather .Belts - leather, with the addition of golden chains of different shapes along the length of the belt.In fashion and bows at the waist , tied to romantic dresses of thin shawls or scarves lungs.Still relevant girdle , keep your figure, but on condition that they look more like a belt, than the actual corset.The tone of the belt, the belt must be matched exactly to match the clothes, or to be contrasted.In fashion metallic straps and belts "golden" spraying , which are suitable to the romantic dress, and evening dresses.