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11 May 2016

Massimo Trulli_sumki5 That woman who has a bag of brand Massimo Trulli, certainly is educated, self-confident woman.Regardless of age, she feels young, attractive and original.Exquisite taste and the desire to stand out from the crowd - are included.Not coincidentally, a number of regular customers Massimo Trulli - is well-known politicians, actors, singers ...

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brand Massimo Trulli - history and especially

Massimo Trulli_sumki4 this Italian brand for more than 30 years.Its founder - artist and designer Massimo Trulli create their collections, using hand painting in the style of pop art .

Features of lines handbags Massimo Trulli:

  • All bags are made by hand - it's one of the reasons for the limited edition;
  • sure each bag is given certificate and personal number ;
  • Each bag is obligatory personal signature of the artist ;
  • for bags used only quality , specially selected materials - and always genuine leather;
  • Massimo Trulli_sumki3 functionality - a lot of pockets, compartments that will keep the order in all the little things;
  • bottom of any handbag from Massimo Trulli necessarily 4 metal legs ;
  • Drawings and prints bags made retro ;
  • Each purse attached leather keyrings ;

Wear handbag from Massimo Trulli - it is to be unique, original, different from the others.And hardly anyone will doubt that fashion 50s of the last century is still very feminine, bold and relevant.

most fashionable collection, line fashion trends from Massimo Trulli

Massimo Trulli_sumki Before the summer is still far away, but Massimo Trulli already offers its admirers a breath of fresh bright sun .Those who are tired of the dullness of everyday life - a new collection of Bags Art by Massimo Trulli will like.20 unique models of bags, which are made by hand , and each bag is not only unique in its individuality, but also perfectly holds the form, functionality, and most importantly - it can wear not only on the hand, but on the shoulder : long seat in the color of the bag attached with carabiners without breaking the unity of the bag, simply and reliably.

  • Massimo Trulli This bag is unique primarily to the fact that it, for all its apparent small size put forth Document A4 .As always, an exclusive bag, decorated with print, inside there is a pocket for documents and mobile phone compartment on the bottom are metal legs.
  • Massimo Trulli2 bag closes with a zipper and can be worn on crook of his arm .This stylish and trendy bag will please any woman that wants to stand out from the crowd. release of this model is limited .
  • Two departments that are separated by a pocket with zipper, pocket for documents on the rear wall, and mobile - on the front, metal feet on the bottom - as usual will help you not only to be original, but also a place to find all the necessary details.
  • Massimo Trulli3 Bag is worn on the arm. soft leather, the opportunity to wear in the crook of an arm or on the shoulder, a rotary lock for closing bags, functional and roomy inside, and besides, original print .Add to the advantages of this opportunity to wear bags on A4 paper - and get an accurate portrait of the next masterpiece from Massimo Trulli.
  • Massimo Trulli4 This bag will please any fashionista.Bright and stylish, it closes with a zipper and has a original pen-chain , making it comfortable to wear on the shoulder. Roomy (A4-size documents) and functional (several convenient pockets on a lightning and without) make this model is not only very attractive, but comfortable.
  • Massimo Trulli5 Another original model of limited edition by Massimo Trulli.It is not locked, can be worn on the shoulder by a additional belt , mountable carbines.Inside are two compartments, separated by zip pocket, as well as several pockets for small items.
  • Massimo Trulli6 Handbag, closing button with an original print.Inside the bags, as well as in other models Massimo Trulli, there are many offices for details.Due to the existing belt, can be worn on the arm and shoulder.

bags Price range: handbags from the latest collection of Massimo Trulli cost from 11,150 to 22,400 rubles.

Reviews shoppers who have a products from the brand Massimo Trulli


bought a bag Massimo Trulli, and have not regretted.It keeps excellent shape, in care is not burdensome.It is sure to get even a handbag - because you always want to look original and stylish.


fact, had not paid particular attention to the brand Massimo Trulli - it's not my style.But her husband gave for my birthday.And I had to reconsider its attitude to the Italian designers.Very pleased with the accessory, I wear it with pleasure and very grateful for such a gift to the husband.


stylish and trendy - certainly it's just a brand synonymous Massimo Trulli.I bought a purse, a little disappointed: the quality was not so excellent, as was stated - in three months the handle began to peel, and holds a bag shape is not so great, as promised.On several exits is fine, and then - bored, maybe because of the fact that too highlighted.Although generally satisfied with the purchase.


Wonderful handbag, stylish, comfortable, very practical - does not look quite roomy, but to put everything that you need.Choose a model that involves wearing on his hand, without a belt - usually from other designers such models in the afternoon with fire will not find, but not at the Massimo Trulli.Of course, for an evening out bag will not do, and every day will not always be relevant, but in general - looks very dignified, expensive and stylish.Care to say that no problems arise.So I recommend.


This brand is a godsend for those who want to look stylish and bright, regardless of the weather and time of day.Handbag worn well, no problems found, although it is not easy to leave.Care is also no complaints - everything is simple and easy.I recommend to all!

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