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12 May 2016

famous brand Gilda Tonelli from Italy, today one of the most popular among fans and admirers of fine Italian bags and clutches barsetok.To date, handbags, purses and clutches with Gilda Tonelli successfully marketed in Europe, New Zealand, the United States, Russia, the UAE, CIS countries, Japan, Korea.All items Gilda Tonelli produced only from natural materials of the highest quality.

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Which target audience products designed by Gilda Tonelli?

Gilda Tonelli - it classic brand «timeless period."Details of this style suited to men who want to be glamorous .They help create images of a unique, vibrant, high-end and stylish men.Necessary and refined, unique and attractive small works of art - all of them under the brand Gilda Tonelli.This brand is only for men who prefer "strong" part! Women who choose such bags, like diversity

and alternative.

existing collection from the brand Gilda Tonelli

Bags Moms

GILDA TONELLI Corporation recently started to develop and produce a new line of handbags, which is distinguishable by its focus.So, bags for moms combine both refined style, functionality and comfort.In it there are departments for change of clothes, bottles, diapers, as well as various small gizmos young mothers.

Handy men

Various models of small men's bags in which you can save documents, money and other favors can come every great business person.Every man will be glad of such purses.

Bags for women "every day»

color palette of diverse bags: playful handbags in shades of red, strict - democratic, white, black.Affected products are the wealth of the lineup, luxury textures and the excellent quality of the material used.

Clutches exit "out»

Interesting details, intricate decoration, decorative stitching - these few nuances in many ways defined the deserved popularity clutches .Models Gilda Tonelli will appreciate the fans conservative style: soft, but with restraint, a complete lack of colorful and lurid detail, classic color palette - beige, black, gray, and finally the highest quality soft matte leather.

models of bags and clutches with custom trim

bags from the autumn-winter collection are decorated with a variety of patterns - from multi-colored floral ornament and recognizable leopard spots to exquisite patterns that resemble ancient engravings and in conjunction with the artificially aged lacqueredand skin that make an unforgettable impression.

Price range:

  • bags Gilda Tonelli from stand 4500 rubles to 10,150 rubles ;
  • purses Gilda Tonelli from stand 4100 rubles to 6500 rubles ;
  • clutches Gilda Tonelli from stand 3000 to 7000 rubles.

Reviews fashionistas product from the company Gilda Tonelli


Following the acquisition of the summer purses «Gillian» it is time to update and winter accessories.I tried to find "something", but not the black shade.As a result, I became the happy owner of a handbag Gilda Tonelli.Color as wanted, not gloomy, and more specifically, in brown and beige shades.The material is non-uniform texture, which helps to combine with different shoes.


When it comes to accessories, in addition to capacity bags, comfort and beauty come to mind thinking about my image, and when selecting a portfolio for her husband's eyes noticed instances of huge prices.But in less than half a day, I was visited by luck as borsetki TONELLI.Put it can be almost everything that is required for operation: paper, business cards and documents, wallet and mobile phone, pens, pencils, and so on. D.


Bags a brand just wonderful, and really durable, they can bewear at least a dozen years (I have three bags, one for more than 5 years), but they still have not lost the look and shape.

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