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12 May 2016

After complete approved visual style of the brand, which was designed for the Italian company Leo Ventoni largest brand consultancy company beginning in 2009 to deploy a network of its own brand shops , which are retail, both in capitals andregional areas.Bags, clutches and purses Leo Ventoni made only from high quality genuine leather Italian manufacturer , allowing them to not only look luxurious, but also to be surprisingly durable.

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For whom is brand products Leo Ventoni

A variety of models are very practical and elegant handbags and purses companies Leo Ventoni just wins .Almost every bag, clutch purses and have their own personality and can easily fit into any wardrobe.It's handbags and purses for stylish, sophisticated, business women .Versatility bags, clutches and purses Leo Ventoni gives a superior quality of the material from which they

are made.

fashion collection from the brand Leo Ventoni

Bags decorated with natural fur and suede

to brand their products Leo Ventoni use only high quality genuine leather, durable and reliable accessories, as well as brightand unique design solutions for every taste preference.Bags with fur Leo Ventoni - not just a fashionable and beautiful, it is reliably and efficiently.Handbags Leo Ventoni an indispensable accessory for the most demanding women and a huge number of decisions.

Bags - «portfolios»

Classic models with their strict and straight lines, forgotten for the sake of striking innovations.This has already replaced the usual traveling bags, briefcases come in the style of the 70s.However, this is not a boring and strict repository of business papers, and the unique and colorful piece wardrobe every business person.The classical form clothed in bright natural leather.Stripes, flowers, ornaments gave bags extremely frivolous appearance.

Fashion clutches

At the peak of popularity were all of us loved clutches, however, and they are much changed.Popular are the classic elongated or oval shape, but the main thing is the range of colors.It must be very bright and even variegated.Leo Ventoni preferred models in multicolored stripes with large locks and buckles.


Leo Ventoni - Russian brand, which creates a collection of purses class "luxury" in the Italian classic style.Leo Ventoni - Italian fashion trends with a Russian accent.Due to the unique technology of tanning, purses over time do not lose color and original form.

Price range:

  • bags Leo Ventoni cost from 5300 to 6900 rubles;
  • wallets Leo Ventoni cost from 2800 to 4000 rubles;
  • clutches Leo Ventoni cost from 3300 to 6100 rubles.

Reviews shoppers who have a products from the brand Leo Ventoni


After another inexpensive torn bags, I wanted to buy, something better and socks.I chose a square shape to it a lot of things could vmeschatsya, but at the same time wanted to does not look bag.As a result, I bought a bag of the Italian brand ventoni Leo, previously not heard about it.Very convenient and high quality.At first I did not like the pen.They constantly flew from his shoulders because rounded.But after a time, I got used to it.


Compact fashionable bag from Leo Ventoni made of genuine leather in dark gray.Model closed on the front side to the valve with buckles and two black stripes.Inside there is room for pens and several pockets.I really like the products of the brand.


girlfriend like that everyday bag Leo Ventoni of genuine leather helps to create a stylish look.The front wall is decorated with decorative perforations that looks quite original.

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