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12 May 2016

Brand Gianni Chiarini was born in Florence, most recently in 2000.Designers are working on creating collections of women's handbags, clutches and gloves market long before their appearance.Collections provide 2 times a year, and they consist of more than hundreds of models.Gianni Chiarini gives people the opportunity to buy goods highest quality , with elements of creative designer jewelry.

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Audience Gianni Chiarini

All models of bags and clutches of the brand will hit practicality and special appeal .The bags from Gianni Chiarini is nothing superfluous - they reliable and convenient assistant.Needless to remind you the highest quality product, because the Italian bag of this brand, whose reputation has long been known .Such bags, clutch bags and gloves are choosing girls who love creativity and origina

lity in a single product.This decisive choice, original personalities.Also, more women prefer Gianni Chiarini bag because of their convenience and versatility.

Collections, which are produced under the brand Gianni Chiarini

Bags in soft colors

This collection is designed in soft colors - milk, colored sugar, honey, noble light gray.Leather bags which are made from soft, smooth and embossed crocodile skin, in short, not a single hint of varnish material.

Bags and clutches simple concise form

main color of the bags can be called a classic black, brown and white, as well as fashion in the winter season, green, orange and burgundy shades.The collection, which is designed for a huge range of customers, will be able to find a suitable solution not only for the beautiful girls, but also for young men who follow the fashion novelties.


not looking at a huge palette of shades, gloves and other accessories are never gaudy bright colors.For registration not taken part or massive catchy accessories.Gianni Chiarini philosophy is that the simplicity of creating masterpieces.

Price range: bags Gianni Chiarini cost from 6900 to 10,800 rubles; clutches Gianni Chiarini cost from 4000 to 5800 rubles; gloves Gianni Chiarini cost from 2000 to 3500 rubles.

fashionistas opinion about accessories firm Gianni Chiarini


Very comfortable, with several pockets, always topical.I wear this every day as a clutch bag over his shoulder and in his hand at the party.I like to use it and come up with something new, experimenting with his feminine manner.


What good quality handbag brand Gianni Chiarini!It is simply beyond words.And they are very beautiful and comfortable.Searched bag, large and comfortable.Found online shop flipped through the entire section with bags of this type, I saw a bag of this brand.And at the range of the brand is very huge variety of designs of bags, each request for even the most demanding fashionistas.The color scheme is also different, there are bright and juicy handbags, and have pastel shades.


Accessories by Gianni Chiarini made of high quality suede and leather.Brenda available wide palette of noble colors.Another feature of these bags are considered cuts, which are designed so that the bag was comfortable and convenient to carry.The main idea of ​​the brand is women instilling a taste for elegant things.Gloves for the brand I was given on the anniversary.Until now, skin like new.

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