Strict dress code?

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13 May 2016

Strict dress code Any self-respecting company adheres to certain rules of dress - the so-called dress code.Caring for the external image of the company must be the same care as the care of depth working.How did the staff, and especially - employees of the company to retain its individuality in the framework of the standard office business dress code?

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  • strict dress code: elegant bypasses the
  • How to make a personality in his image - the attention to detail

strict dress code: elegant bypasses the

should immediately noticethat although the dress code is fairly strict code of business clothes and appearance, it is - just rules rather than the standard uniform .That is, under certain skills to pick up clothes, flair and style, a woman can find herself some stylish details , which will not interfere with the business style of all employees, but at the same time, emphasize the individuality of the hostess.

  • If your office dress code adopted in strict black and gray and white, the wom
    an can be given maximum attention design styles of blouses, skirts, pants and dresses .Even such a strict concept as a white blouse can be a variety of styles - from thrilling to romantic prim severity.The thing is, what items of clothing to choose - and this may be darts in the right place , emphasizing the figure, invisible but very quality stitching seams , special form of collars and cuffs , barely noticeablea belt at the waist.Strict dress code - how to bring individuality to your image
  • Skirts and pants can be equipped with thin straps varnished, some beautiful buttons.In addition, a special cut of the fabric when sewing can decorate the finished product.Strict dress code - how to bring individuality to your image
  • basis of dress code, strict clothing, you need not consider the framework in which you need to adhere to the rules and canvas, has made harvesting , which should decorate their own way.By "jewelery" strict business clothing should include parts, special cut of clothes, expensive original fabric, accessories and jewelry, hair and even the woman, her make-up .If the rules of the office is not allowed to wear shirts or blouses other than chromatic scale, colors, suits to be worn a blouse or shirt bright colors or muted.In this case, a formal suit will serve as a background against which everyone will notice your playful, cheerful mood and optimism.
  • As with office clothes associated primarily blazer (jacket) strict cut - leave it in the set, but he put on a dress with very romantic details , easy silhouette of flowing fabrics, monochromatic, but ratherbright colors.This kit shoes best not to select the dress and a jacket - not to disrupt the harmony.
  • If you - a lover of pantsuits, then allow yourself to not wear a normal jacket with classic trousers and short model jacket .If the pants and jacket will be different in color - this will make your image share romanticism (a jacket, for example, can be white or light beige, with black pants and shoes).
  • Office strict dress can sew or buy a different type - from a strictly delineated geometric prints.The main thing that this dress was not too bright, otherwise it violates the necessary harmony of color and strict style.Strict dress code - how to bring individuality to your image
  • In 2013, the trend of office fashion business steel shorts .It shorts, combined with the usual classic jacket, with a beautiful blouse, belt emphasizes the waist, can become a distinctive feature of your clothing.Strict dress code - how to bring individuality to your image
  • in fashion in 2013 became fashionable trousers and skirts with high waist .Clothing with a high waistline emphasized with belts of type polukorsetov can be very advantageous for you.

How to make your way into the personality at work - the attention to detail

  • Watches - the main attribute and the most prominent jewelry business woman.The clock should be adjusted to the clothes, they can be quite contrast, the original form , but without the frills.Stylish watch will emphasize your individuality and declare others about your great taste, confidence and professionalism.Strict dress code - how to bring individuality to your image
  • at work in the office need to restrict ornaments of precious metal, with a minimum of stones, without suspension.Even pendant, pendant, earrings or a ring may be unusually shaped , which favorably emphasize your style.
  • Beads of pearls out of place in the office.But you can large pearls sewn onto a white blouse instead of buttons - you will get a magnificent pearl decoration of your image, while at the same time - did not go beyond the accepted dress code.In time pearls on a blouse can choose stud earrings with pearls.
  • Female business wardrobe can have neck scarves and shawls .With this piece, you can experiment - select expensive shawls, silk of high quality, a fairly contrasting colors.A variety of scarves you never get bored, they can serve as a drop of the "freedom", which sometimes do not have enough women to dress code.
  • blouse, blazer or vest woman can wear a brooch relevant .This jewelry should not look cheap and much sparkle - everything else is appropriate.You can select brooch in the form of a spider web of stones, flower, butterfly - it will give some enthusiasm suits.
  • Bag - another accessory in the wardrobe, which can be changed and match to your liking.Modern trends in fashion, even in the office dress code does not mind that the bag, a tablet, a portfolio of women will contrast with respect to all of its suit.Currently, very fashionable large bags that can hold the tablet and A4-size documents .Strict dress code - how to bring individuality to your image
  • Manicure business woman to be executed cleanly, with a neutral color paint.But the women of fashion is quite possible to perform on the nails pastel decoupage, perform "french" more contrast than usual, underlining "the moon" of the nail or "smile" nail .Using a manicure in the image, a woman must give up other decorations - for her and so will pay attention.Strict dress code - how to bring individuality to your image
  • Neat beautiful hair ornament are also women.The office is not allowed romantic curls and ringlets frivolous, but a woman can choose a hairstyle that will emphasize the beauty of her hair.Owners of long fluffy strands can put them in «Greek styling» - which, moreover, enables perfectly curled hair in curls and prepare a woman for a day for a romantic date or a party after work.Do not forget that if a woman dyes her hair, it is necessary often to refresh the color and tint growing roots.
  • Points you can pick up in a modern stylish frame - this trendy accessory favorably accentuate your eyes, the beauty of your face.Credit is better to have a few to choose a frame every time a suit.
  • Shoes - another detail that can tell a woman, if not all, very much.Even the closed office of shoes, you can select options according to the fashion trends, looking original styles, forms the heel and sole .
  • In makeup should not be carried away by the bright shadows and lipsticks.But in the arsenal of makeup is a "secret" trick as a person to make more expressive without resorting to colorful cosmetics.First of all, it should be very accurately pick up the foundation to skin tone.For the sculpting of the face and highlighting the skin is necessary to use popular today powder bronzer and highlighter- - this will be enough to look very bright and fresh throughout the day.Strict dress code - how to bring individuality to your image
  • Variety can use color selection shadow for the day, the color of blush, color eyeliner, mascara, and even (permissible brown, gray version) - the main thing to choose is not bright and muted makeup options.The secret to the right office makeup - no mix-color schemes.If you like to wear the arrow should draw soft, carefully shading brush their borders.
  • Perfume - another detail that can distinguish you from the crowd.Choose such spirits, which no one else in the office - but of course, they should not be sharp, preferably - light floral or fruity.

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