Inexpensive gifts for the New Year family and colleagues!

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22 April 2016

We do not always have enough money, and to please the New Year just want all!Paradoxically, the only New Year's money to purchase gifts sorely lacks.Right now, more than ever, become actual inexpensive gifts.Without a doubt, even a little gift will not pleasant moments to your family and friends.Learn what you can not ever give?

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  • gifts friends and colleagues?
  • How to make a Christmas gift with their own hands?

Gifts for friends, not close friends and colleagues cheap

This holiday - the only day of the year when people want not just gifts, but the real story.Because gift options for New Year necessarily have to be a little "magic", spectacular and colorful .Fireworks and tinsel and confetti Christmas balls, a variety of boxes, shiny bags for packaging - all will please the eye and will delight children and adults , will be a wonderful gift for the New Year celebration.On the eve of the holiday, most people hope to leave behind something that does not come true

, and could not be disappointed.Friends and colleagues are also waiting for the happy moments and miracles.

Let's start with the fact that each person has a so-called friends, friends and comrades, iethe people with whom you like to spend time, you do not often meet, rarely call back, but you bind the joint past.And it becomes uncomfortable, do not congratulate those people at least verbally.Here we can recommend several options:

  • Attention has not been canceled! pleasant nor noncommittal call on the eve of the New Year.Warm congratulations.From you do not lose anything!Just call an old friend and sincerely wish them happiness, health and prosperity.This "standard set" wishes if you do not touch the soul, you will be treated for a good tone.In general, on the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays everyone wants the family warmth, comfort, universal kindness.Holiday feeling, a premonition of Christmas magic - this is what brings us back to the childhood of the year, when we were little, our parents and of all the forces trying to create a fairy tale for us.Share this heat and it will come back to you a hundredfold!
  • Perhaps the old-fashioned, but a sure way to pay attention, to congratulate and show care - send postcard .Even if it is an electronic card!Just, please, write your greeting text from the heart!
  • option for those same friends and colleagues - gift as a symbol of the New Year .In the coming year (February 10) will begin a year of dark water snakes.Latest are any souvenirs made in the form of a snake (Christmas decorations, figurines, cards, flash drives, stickers, cups with a picture of a snake, etc.).

Again, we recall that, in most cases, people expect you to focus , and gifts thus be symbolic .Be honest and do not take a little time, you take a selection of greetings and gifts for friends and colleagues. trifle, but nice!

As for gifts for friends and family, here you have the great option.And here's another idea for gifts that do not require much cash expenses:

gastronomic gifts:

  • tea cup with herbal tea packaging;
  • Glass teapot and a pack of loose tea;
  • Thermos small volume or mugs;
  • gourmet coffee and a beautiful cup of coffee;
  • Unusual mug of coffee and scented candle inside;
  • Pepper mill and fresh pepper;
  • baking trays or shaped cookie cutters;
  • basket filled with different kinds of cheese and fruit;
  • basket filled with jars of jams and a variety of sauces;
  • Decorative napkins;
  • chocolate bars tied with silk ribbons;
  • wine bottle and mix for mulled wine;
  • Cookbook.

Stationery Gift:

  • Diary or a beautiful notebook;
  • Photo frames (buy them on sale!);
  • Glossy magazines tied together with satin ribbon;
  • Books (in stores easy to find many books for less 500 rubles);
  • Stationery set of gel pens and stand for them.

Useful Gifts:

  • disposable camera with a reel of film;
  • gardening gloves and a set of flower seeds;
  • Games (Monopoly, bingo, cards).There are mini-versions of board games, which will cost 500 rubles cheaper, and there is no one unknown games that are fun to learn together;
  • Puzzle Set for embroidery, knitting, sewing.

Gifts, useful in everyday life:

  • set of kitchen towels and napkins;
  • marching Set male or female cosmetics.They are in any cosmetic stores;
  • Manicure Set;
  • set of brushes for make-up;
  • Nail classic red shade or rotten cherries or pastel and beige tones;
  • Fancy soap and bath foam;
  • Beautiful nightgown or pajamas;
  • beautiful scarf or a scarf around his neck;
  • Couple expensive socks (they still cost less than 500 rubles);
  • Pet: special biscuits for dogs and cats;
  • calling cards for long distance or international calls (for example, if your friend often goes on business trips or lives in another city and you'll miss him);
  • small electronic desk clock or radio;
  • pretty box or a box for souvenirs;
  • flashlight with batteries;
  • Christmas decorations.

Gifts with their own hands:

  • children (or your work) picture inserted into the frame;
  • favorite saying or quote embroidered on the elegant handkerchief;
  • your favorite recipes, hand-painted on a beautiful paper;
  • collage of photos for a loved one;
  • album decorated with hand or better yet, make your own hands;
  • clay for sculpting and painting kit: these curves and uneven - because the very first - but very funny bowls and saucers will long to please you and your household;
  • Homemade Christmas decorations or drawings on the glass;
  • And do not forget the most warm gift - a basket with homemade cookies or a cake!

Gifts with your hands when there is no money

Many of us work not directly related to the work of , more creativity in our work we call the skill with which the wielding numbers, letters, or computer equipment.We rarely "create" only when our need to collect fumes ikebana, draw an elephant or compose verse, we remember that as children, we wanted to become poets, artists and musicians.So a limited budget, and New Year's Eve - a great impetus to the work of (and, respectively, and to the development of talent)!Now the Internet can find all sorts of workshops on the creation of Christmas toys, Christmas trees, cards.Do not forget that if you know how to knit, then you certainly have the remnants of yarn which can be contacted snowman, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, scarves or socks.What you do not useful, and most importantly, no costly gift ?!

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