What to give to her husband or boyfriend who has everything?

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23 April 2016

What gift to choose the beloved?This question certainly given every woman on the eve of the holiday.And if you loved everything?And, absolutely everything, and no unfulfilled desires he not?The question is not simple, but still make an original gift that will be remembered for a long time, it is possible.To start, decide which of unusual gifts will suit your man - extreme, exotic, romantic?See, also, that you can not give to anybody.

content of the article:

  • Extreme gifts
  • original excursions (travel)
  • Exotic gifts

Extreme offers

What man does not want adrenaline, jumping with a parachute or driving a tank?And these gifts are not limited to the extreme.So, you can give:

  • diving lessons. half hours spent under water, surely leave a lasting impression!Alluring secret depths, stunningly beautiful pictures of the underwater world ... Few remain indifferent to this kind of recreation.

value of the gift: from 2500 rubles (depending on the venue).

  • Ballooning. The opportunity to return to the past, to feel like a hero, balloonist early 20th century.Free flight will give you a lot of impressions and certainly remember.Soft change of height - and then you go down to the crown of the tree, it soars to the light clouds.But the main thing - the feeling of flying, memorable and exciting.Dedication to the balloonists Champagne is also unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

value of the gift: from 25,000 (for two people).

  • control aircraft, helicopter. Here is a chance to feel like a real pilot, to subdue heavenly ocean, Examples of the shape, to feel a surge of emotion ... Enumerate the dignity of the gift can be infinite.But the fact that your favorite will be satisfied with such a gift - by far!

value of the gift: from 9000 to 16,000 depending on the airline and equipment (for 1-3 people).

  • Horse tank - not less extreme gift.Forty-minute ride on a tank over rough terrain in the crew - what else can bring so much excitement?Such a gift in military style to remember.Personal certificate issued after a briefing and travel in the tank, recalling the time spent and unforgettable experience.

value of the gift: from 10,000 rubles.

original tour

Certainly reading the title, many will think: "Excursions?never!What can be original in the traditional bus journey to another city of Russia? "- And be wrong.Regular tour also can give your loved - if such a pastime to his liking.But the original tour ... Oh, this is something completely different!So, you've read "The Master and Margarita"?Strange question, of course, read.And if you did not want to go to the places described in the novel?A ride on the tram 302-BIS?

  • tram tour of the center of Moscow , interesting story about 20-30 years of the 20th century, about famous people associated with the fate of Mikhail Bulgakov.Or bus and walking tour of the city center "Night at the Patriarch," where Tripper not just dive into the mystical atmosphere of Bulgakov's Moscow, but also become a party to a detective investigation.A new look at the familiar, opening new stories, new experiences from Moscow at night for sure will please your man.

value of the gift: 815 rubles (for 1 person).

  • «Moscow underground» - one of the most extraordinary excursions that you will be able to offer.Who among us has ever heard of the mysteries of the underground city?And who would not want to touch a little while for them to see with their own eyes the underground bunkers that were created during the Cold War?Or take a look at sensitive sites, created to defend the threat of nuclear war?All this and more awaits you in an unusual underground journey.

Guided tour: 1500 rubles (for 1 person).

  • Unsolved and unknown always attracted to him.Probably every city can boast such places, and tours «Moscow bring" and "otherworldly Moscow» - is no exception.Bus travel through Moscow at night, accompanied by a guide who not only tells about the mysteries associated with famous people, but also to hold on mystical associated with unusual and mysterious events of the city, will be an unforgettable and very unusual gift.

Guided tour: 1000 rubles (for 1 person).

  • And this tour will certainly please your beloved.And who would refuse visit the museum of vodka, beer or wine - then that someone like that.And if the same program visit includes a tasting?There are few men who do not appreciate such a gift.

Guided tour: 1000 rubles (for 1 person).

Exotic gifts

  • Thai massage. Of course, this is not a rare procedure today, and many beauty salons offer it to their customers.However massage carried out by this master of the monastery of Wat Po - a truly wonderful gift that will not only remain in the memory of pleasant experiences, but also give a sense of the influx of vitality, full of relaxation and inner peace.Such is the effect of this exotic gift, which combines deep massage with manual therapy, passive yoga and energy impact.

value of the gift: from 2500 rubles (for 1 person).

  • tea ceremony. It would seem - what's the big deal?Brew tea - not great trick ... But no wonder different nations devoted so much time such a simple thing as a tea.Tea in the tradition of Japanese, Indian, Georgia ceremony - a choice - certainly will please lovers of wonderful drink.

value of the gift: from 600 rubles.

  • Romantic gift. Even the most traditional romantic gift - a date in a restaurant, you can make an unforgettable experience, if you approach it creatively and organizations to bring your loved one's wishes.Candles, soft music, a separate office - though traditionally, but also can be a wonderful gift, if you order your favorite dishes and drinks, the music, which is like a lovely woman, and a number - you.

value of the gift: from 2000 rubles (depending on the restaurant and service included).

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