The best children's mattresses based on seaweed

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23 April 2016

When choosing a mattress for a child can never go wrong if you choose the mattress is filled with seaweed ... Innovative non-woven material - sea grass, it has a good shape, it has a tensile strength, not electrified and does not rot.

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  • design and purpose
  • 5 models for your child

Mattresses seaweed

Seagrass - a filler in mattresses.The use of binding with a mesh base of dried seaweed.With the gaps that are formed by natural, mattresses and ventilation occurs that is not unimportant - no condensation.

positive quality - the highest percentage quantity of iodine (1kg algae intervene in itself part of the iodine as 100,000 liters of salt water).With these mattresses made aromatherapy.The vapor of iodine, contains minerals, amino acids, bioactive agents which affect the increase of immunity calm nerves.Mattress filled with "sea grass" have an average degree of rigidity.

Part mattresses for children, have the effect of "winter - summer", it is practical.Nothing ca

n stop your baby comfortable bed and hot summers and cold.It has linen and cotton fibers that remove moisture when it's hot.

ventilated and dry the mattress of the child, not to the baby did not get allergies.Pediatricians provide advice on the purchase of models with orthopedic mattress base to stimulate the development of baby's motor functions: the correct rolling over, crawling, attempt to commit first steps.

best models for children, prices and reviews

1. Mattress "Suite D - 10 (springless)»


softness categories: both sidesmedium soft ;

Height: 10 cm ;

Braves weight: 120 kg ;

Operation: 10 years.

This is considered an anatomical mattress, and is suitable for children of any age.It combines natural and modern high-tech fillers (struttofayber algae) that will provide comfort to the baby during sleep.As well as these mattresses form natural correct posture from childhood.The structure of the fibers in struttofaybere vertical.

Price: 3300 rubles.



My son, a mattress, is almost 6 years.The main thing you need to choose a model, so it is easy to clean, because the child is often written in a crib.We even oilcloth did not help.

2. Mattress "Suite D - 6 (springless)»


softness Category: both sides medium soft ;

Height: 7 cm ;

Load: to 120 kg ;

Warranty: 10 years .


  • lateksirovanny coco 30 mm;
  • struttofayber algae 30 mm;
  • polycotton, (100 g / m).

Price: 3200 rubles.



chose orthopedic mattress, while others have not even looked as pediatricians advised to take such.For me, one of the reasons was the presence of the cover, because it is possible to rub.We chose not to for so long, but our attention was drawn to an option with seaweed since our child was allergic to dust.And the mattress came up perfectly, as he hypoallergenic.

3. Mattress "Edelweiss»

This mattress series "Premium" is made on the basis of units with independent springs.


softness Category: soft-sided mattress;

Upholstery: cotton ;


  • sea grass;
  • felt density of 500 g / m²;
  • horsehair;

Pillow: 7 layers .

Warranty: 1 year.

Price: 4500 rubles.

4. Children's mattress "Comfort Bio»


softness Category: both sides, has two degrees of hardness;

Load: for children from birth to 4 years;

Operation: 1,5 years

resilient and reliable mattress for little children, which uses ekonapolniteli.


  • first side - coconut coir;
  • second (soft) - a layer of seaweed lie.

Price: 7000 to 13,000 rubles.



Bought a crib for little daughter.We have a son, now he sleeps on it for over 5 years mattress not changed.Fabric all the same fabric bright colors.Hardness is the same.Then we have advised him as hypoallergenic.It is possible that today there are new fillers.I'm not sure ... :)


As with the baby lying in the hospital, and our dad bought himself a mattress.Purchase satisfied.Small 8 months sleeping on the mattress.The mattress is wonderful, though not cheap.We hope for long service.:)

5. Mattress "Ideal»

mattress with an average level of rigidity to the presence of sea grass.Algae, which are entered into the mattress, add stiffness, as they are hypoallergenic.Cotton Case promotes proper heat transfer.Special spring helps the spine in a natural position.Recommended for children.

softness Category: both sides of the Middle

Height: 19 cm.

Load: 110 kg.

Warranty: 11 years.

Price: 32,000 rubles.

necessary to properly equip the child a place in the bedroom, it will guarantee a good sleep, mood and health of your baby Kripen'ka!

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