What socks should be in every woman's wardrobe?

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14 May 2016

What socks should be in every woman difficult to find a man in the locker room that would not socks.Even in that situation, if we are talking about women who spent all his time at work in stockings or tights.It is likely that they choose to walk more comfortable clothes.Such clothes and socks are considered.

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How to wear socks?Models and types of women's socks

Sledkov (below the ankle socks).

They put to together to create a shoe with sensation of bare feet .Good think these socks to walk.Sledkov skin color is better to put on when it is necessary to create the illusion of bare feet: under open shoes , and dark socks worn with moccasins, sneakers, sneakers .Proper care of them is a regular wash.Wash Sledkov desirable hand.Such pairs of socks the woman should be about 4 .
What socks should be in every woman

What socks should be in every woman

Sports socks, middle length.

Perfect aerobics and fitness .Well combined with sports women's suits.To this same category can be attributed leggings .These socks must be washed after each wearing.For sport girls usually prefer white socks.They have more athletic "specialization", they will look great with shorts, short skirts and breeches.Sox this type of woman should be 3 pairs .

What socks should be in every woman What socks should be in every woman

Socks, gloves with fingers separated.

These socks for each finger vyvyazan separate compartment .Typically, these colorful socks.Socks with a picture of your favorite cartoon character or bright colors - it's fun, but can be worn only at home , in front of their loved ones.These socks are comfortable to wear with flip-flops.They allow not rub the fingers in uncomfortable shoes.Such socks for women and enough one pair , because they do not have to wear often.
What socks should be in every woman

Truly female models - fishnet leggings and colorful socks.

This is usually - products handmade , which are knitted from wool or cotton yarn using knitted lace.These socks are designed to emphasize the feminine beauty.Typically, fishnet leggings worn under suits .Wash them often is not recommended.The number of socks in the women's locker room is about 2 pairs .

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woolen socks.

In cold weather, when they have come to the rescue.They are intended for walking around the house , also wear them especially useful in rubber boots or boots .To prolong the life of wool socks?enough to sew to the sole of the sock podsledniki or part of the nylon stocking.Wash them is not often desirable.Women are recommended to have about 2 pairs of socks .What socks should be in every woman

their cotton socks.

It - one of the most valuable acquisitions for those who enjoy freedom of movement and comfort.These socks are usually worn in warm weather , when it is very hot and feet "can not breathe."Wash socks of this type is necessary at a temperature of 95 degrees, they can bleach using boric acid.The woman should be about 4 pairs of socks .
What socks should be in every woman