What to Give Dad the New Year holidays?

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23 April 2016

approaching very happy and welcome the New Year holidays, which almost everyone associated with warm, fairy tale, wonderful expectation, concern for loved ones.These days it would be desirable to bring joy to the people who gave you all my life love, warmth and affection - your parents. «Gifts for Dad in the coming New Year holidays?» - the issue of concern to many of us and, therefore, on the eve of the celebration, we decided to focus on the most necessary and useful things that can bring joy to a dear person, to be practical, and at the same timeThis - the original.

1. Tickets for the concert of classical music, favorite band, artist can deliver untold pleasure to your parents, because they certainly have not been chosen for two in theater, cinema, concert hall.This gift that you make the pope will long be remembered for both of them - parents can remember their youth, to be alone, enjoy the festive atmosphere.The question is, what is the concert performer suited as pleasant New Year surpr

ise, you decide - depending on the preferences of your dad's music.

2. By gifts can also attach basket of fruit, tea, bag with delicacies , delivered to the family home.On the day of the concert can also significantly increase the public feeling, covered the table for the parents, giving them as dinner in the restaurant.

3. If your dad has a favorite hobbies, interests, such as fishing, hunting, collecting, history, etc., you can look for him as a gift beautiful colorful guide or interestingBook .It presents in the form of books, many are biased, considering them dull and trite - but it is not so.Walk on the bookstores, you will see a lot of glossy, very substantial qualitative and encyclopedias, books, richly decorated and very presentable.Your dad will be happy to receive a gift of a book or a guide to his hobby, which at one time he could not buy because of shortages.

4. Do not give a gift on the go, no congratulations, get ready for this moment, lay up beautiful card with words from the heart, come up with a decent package for your gift.

5. If your dear dad loves watching movies, or he has a preference in music, you can give him a gift collection DVD-ROM drive - movies or concerts.Currently, you can find a very beautifully designed real DVD-library in which your dad will not only drives with high-quality recordings, but also brochures, summaries, a booklet describing the movies or musical biography of the artist.This gift will never gather dust on the shelf, the main thing - just to guess the preferences of a person dear to you.

6. Purse , leather belt considered common gifts.But you can stop your choice on them if conservative Pope may be - is working in the office.Alternatively, for a gift, you can choose and notebook in quality leather-bound, bag-purse for documents in the car, branded pens .If you are giving a purse, you can do an additional surprise for dad, putting him tickets to the theater, an interesting concert, a movie, or a gift certificate to a bookstore.

7. If the beloved spends much time on the road, driving your car, or he often goes fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation, then as a gift to himself, he would be very happy to see a comfortable and roomy metal thermos flask , or thermos mug .Such gifts can make a good pack of tea, a box of chocolate, ground tableware.

8. In recent years, widespread computerization become common gifts - accessories for computer or laptop.You can choose a gift for a loved Pope webcam - unless, of course, he is not.The present Pope will also be happy to receive device that will surprise both him and benefit - such capacious flash card in the original design, fan USB-powered , USB-heater for cup of tea, board USB-lamp , stand fan Laptop, USB-heater slippers .If we talk about accessories such as a gift for dear dad can offer beautiful leather case for his cell phone, card for a mobile phone, maybe even a new cell phone .

9. older men who play sports and enjoy outdoor activities, you can give subscription to the pool or the gym .The son can go for a swim or exercise together with the Pope, and then gift will become even more sense as an excuse to socialize, to lead men talk, stay together. Subscriptions to the pool can give both parents and then Mom and Dad will be happy in the coldest season to get water treatment, remove the load on the spine, to maintain a healthy body and activity - that you will agree, during the winter months is very problematic.

10. your dad often goes fishing, outdoor recreation?Give him a barbecue or grill , quality BBQ .Currently you can choose grills for all tastes - coal, gas, electric, of any capacity and modification.By that gifts can connect a set of utensils for a picnic, grilling accessories - various trays, holders, pot holders, lighters, skewers, thermometer, apron, blades, etc. received this gift, your dad will be happy to try it out soon in the case, and your family will enjoy a very pleasant holiday together as well as dinner with barbecue, good food from your favorite chef.

11. your dad loves feast for family and friends, and he knows a lot about beer?Give him « Mini brewery », with which he can cook the beer to taste.This is - a real delight for connoisseurs and lovers "living" unfiltered beer, which shall prepare not only a very high quality and delicious, but also very "healthy", healthy beverage.Your dad will be able to amaze your friends and variety of beers to be cooking at home.By this gift of a book and can be applied - reference book about brewing, or a beautiful set of glasses of beer with a nominal logo of your favorite master brewer.

12. For the elderly one of the most interesting and frequently discussed issues is the weather.Your dad can give a real email « Weather Stations », that he learned in advance of impending rain and wind.This will cost you a gift is not expensive, but bring great joy to parents who can accurately check the weather in advance, becoming real "meteorologist" for many friends and neighbors.Your dad will keep you up to date, and with respect to changes in the weather, so we can say that you get not only a gift for your dad, but, as it turns out, for himself, the whole family.

not forget that older men are very important, not the value of your gift, and your attention to the words you will pronounce or write it on a postcard.Do not forget that a gift to Pope better serve full-time, they came to him at a gala dinner.By the way, if you do not want your parents worried and fussing, preparing a feast for the holiday table, you can pre-buy and deliver them to sets of frozen convenience foods, and frozen ready meals, desserts, fruit.Do not forget to visit the parents, tell them good words, take care of them, not only during the holidays, but also during the week ordinary days, because the elderly are so expensive and your child filial attention.

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