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24 April 2016

world says about sling (from the English «to sling» - «outweigh the shoulder"), as innovation in recent years, newfangled trend - but that's not quite true.The habit of wearing a baby with a special sling was born to women who lived back in the ancient world, and gradually came into our modern life.The baby sling can be worn from the very first hours of birth - during that time, when it is necessary for the mother and child.

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fashion or really useful tool?

It's no secret that for the proper development of the baby from the first minutes of life very important role played by physical contact with his mother .At the same time, most women have an active lifestyle and at the same time wish to always stay close to your baby.Huge selection of strollers and car seats to carry not solve the problem, since the majority of these devices are quit

e bulky and heavy.In addition, a child who is in a wheelchair, feels uncomfortable due to loss of contact with my mother.

solves this problem with "well-forgotten old" device, which women enjoyed in ancient times. Sling - a special sling, which is attached to the mother's body, and allows you to carry your baby everywhere and always.Most models allow you to position the slings and baby sitting, and lying down, easily moving it from one position to another. Speculation about the dangers of unfounded slings , modern scientists have shown that it is useful and convenient device allows you to carry a child in its anatomically correct position, so slings can be considered more harmful than wearing a baby in his mother's arms.Read detailed information about how harmful slings and why.

What is good?

  1. Sling (patchwork sling) can be used from birth child.
  2. Wearing baby in a sling allows mother see it in front of him, breastfeed on the move or in the process of household chores.
  3. kid from birth in close contact with his mother, he growing more calm and confident SEB e.
  4. child's contact with the mother's body allows him listen to her heartbeat .
  5. warmth of my mother's body eliminates crumbs from intestinal colic, soothes, promotes proper development child.
  6. As the baby is always at the breast mother, a woman increased production of breast milk , which allows the child to provide the most useful food for him.
  7. baby in a sling can be laid to sleep , not looking up from the usual household chores, or while walking in a public place.As a rule, near the mother child's dream is always strong and calm .
  8. with kids who are in a sling, a woman can visit those places which are inaccessible or inconvenient for visitors with wheelchairs - theaters, museums, public institutions, libraries, and even dance studios .
  9. sling provides comfort mother and child the road, for example, in the cabin, in a train compartment, on public transport, while riding a bike.
  10. from constant wear baby the woman does not back hurts .
  11. Sling takes up little space , he easy , it washable .
  12. Recently produced many beautiful variety of slings that are not only a useful tool for carrying the baby, but stylish, fashionable, beautiful accessory for mom .

What types of slings or baby perenosok for newborns?

First, it should be noted that is also widely known and convenient means for carrying children - ryukzak- "kangaroo» not a sling.Sling - it is carrying for the baby, which is made of fabric.Sling provides the child a safe and relatively comfortable position in close contact with the mother.

Today there are many kinds of slings , the most popular and demanded of them:

  • Sling with rings
  • Sling scarf (short)
  • Sling scarf (long)
  • Sling-pocket
  • Sling-pipe
  • Sling scarf (Kang)
  • May-sling
  • Sling Mei hip
  • Onbuhimo

most convenient - is what?

Sling with rings

Most mothers prefer sling with rings .This band is sewn from a long piece of cloth, about two meters long, and has two rings to secure the ends of the sling together.This sash is worn over one shoulder, crossing back and chest women.Different companies offer improved models sling with rings: with a pillow over his shoulder, with soft elastic bumpers for the baby, pockets, etc.

Than comfortable sling with the rings?

  • Toddler this portability can put the first days of life .
  • This pretty sling free , and he height adjustable rings .Accordingly, the kid in him possible to put, put, put in an upright body position, half-sitting posture .
  • This sling can also prevent the baby behind her mother, side .
  • Sling with rings very easy to learn any woman, it easy to put on and take off.
  • If the baby was asleep in the sling can be removed this device with baby , without removing the child from him.
  • in a sling with the rings baby can breastfeed, even while on a walk or in a public place.
  • Care sling with the rings is not difficult: it can wash ordinary detergent , designed for this type of tissue.

Lack have a sling with the rings - mom may get tired shoulder , which accounts for the entire load.To avoid this, it is necessary to alternate the load on both shoulders.

Sling scarf

second place in the popularity rating slings - sling-scarf . This device can be made of non-elastic or knitted fabrics of different texture, up to six meters, which is used to secure the child to his body.

What are the advantages of the sling-scarf?

  • Toddler in this device can be placed also from the first days of life .
  • can change the position of the baby : upright, sitting, lying, half-sitting.The child can also be placed behind or to the side.
  • Sling scarf can be mounted on one or both shoulders mom is very good for long walks, as well as to have grown up kid, not so much load on the back, distributing the load.
  • in a sling-scarf very easy to lull baby , change the position of his body when he is asleep.
  • With this device you can breastfeed on a walk or in a public place - the process will be invisible to others.

Despite the obvious advantages, sling-scarf has a few drawbacks , which should meet my mother. process of putting on the sling-scarf will require some training , it is not so simple. Move baby from one position to another is still not as easy as in a sling with the rings.Quickly remove the baby from the sling-scarf will not work when the baby is asleep, this can be a problem.In addition, the sling-scarf - this is a very long device, it is not so easy to tie up somewhere on the street or in a public place because the ends will fall to the ground or floor.


Mothers also very popular May sling , which has a more complicated modification than the previous two.This - a rectangle, sewn of dense fabric with sewn into the corners of the long and wide shoulder straps.The upper straps are attached to the back over the shoulders, lower - at the waist.There are several models May and slings, which straps can simply be tied, fastened, intersect on the back of the mother plant near the baby.This sling can have completely different Accessories - buckles, pockets, etc.

definite plus in May-sling:

  • kid comfortable stay in it in his physiological convenient and secure key e - with wide spread legs.
  • Child in May-sling can be worn also on the back or side .
  • May-sling is both shoulder straps, and so Mr. Loading Your distributed them evenly .
  • use May-sling does not require extensive training and special skills .
  • May-sling even easier to use , than sling-scarf.
  • carrying This does not prevent the mother in any clothes , it is not cumbersome.

In May-sling has a few drawbacks , you should keep in mind when choosing easy carrying for the baby.In this kind of carry no comfortable position "lying", so May-sling is used for a baby from 3-4 months.That in May to change the position of sitting sling baby, the mother need to untie the straps on your shoulders.If the baby fell asleep, this is not possible to carry put it in a horizontal position.


Sling-pocket many compare with a sling with the rings, they are very similar in function and form.Sling-pocket sewn of dense fabric with a special "pocket" or "smile", which put the kid.Baby in sling-pocket can be placed from birth: the pose lying down, sitting, half-sitting, vertical, and wear it on your hip.

Sling Backpack

Sling Backpack in their modification very similar sling-scarf, because it is attached to the shoulder and waist straps with the help of parents to buckle.Unlike sling-scarf sling backpack has no such long straps, and it is easier to put on and take off.In addition, the sling backpack has orthopedic comfortable seat for the baby, which allows you to place the child in a comfortable and safe position, with wide spread legs. Sling backpack should not be confused with ryukzakom- "kangaroo", since, unlike the latter, the baby sitting in it more comfortable, and its lower part is no pressure on the crotch of the child, and well supported by his hip.Straps in the modern sling-backpack are adjustable in length.Baby in a sling-backpack is possible in front of him, on his back, on his side, on his hip.Toddler in a sling-backpack willingly will wear not only mom and dad.

How to care for slings?

to a convenient and beautiful device served for a long time without losing its qualities, colors and shapes to conform to the safety standards because it uses a small child, you need to take care of the sling carefully.

  1. Since the sling directly touches the clothing and skin of a young child, he has to wear powders and liquid products intended for washing baby clothes .Washing the "aggressiveness" of the powder can cause irritation and allergic reactions in the baby.
  2. a choice between powder and liquid detergent, then preference better to give it a liquid agent , because it is not so quickly destroy the fabric fibers, so - it helps to preserve the quality and structure of the material.Sling longer remain strong, will take longer to keep the right shape.
  3. Dry sling ideally need to spread out on the lattice .For drying after washing sling fit and very thick rope, but better - the crossbar to sling did not lose shape to it it does not form "kinks".Absolutely can not dry the sling in the washing machine, in the dryer - the fabric can quickly lose their properties, fade, become weak and formless.
  4. After drying sling desirable to iron iron , selecting a program for this type of tissue.If ironing should try to give the article the original form, with no folds and creases of fabric.Especially in need of ironing "soft" long slings - slings, scarves, for example, or slings with rings that, when equipped, they went as it should.
  5. Spots on slings should be derived by means of gentle, for example, by the means "Ecover" soap "Antipyatin" soaping place dirt before washing.
  6. If sling made of fabric with bamboo, silk, cotton, flax, its can not be washed in very hot water or pour boiling water .

washing programs for different composition of tissues slings:

  • Sling from 100% cotton, cotton, flax, cotton Capcom, cotton and hemp - washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees in the normal mode.In hard water, you can add softener.Spin mode to choose a maximum of 800. The sling of cotton can iron with steaming, to the maximum or average mode.
  • Sling cotton with bamboo or linen with bamboo should be washed on delicate cycle in automatic machines to spin 400, or by hand in cold water, hand-tumble dry without twisting.When washing use a mild detergent intended for silk or wool.You need to iron a sling on average mode without using stripping.
  • Sling mixed fabric of wool and silk, cotton and silk, cotton Toussaint, cotton ramie and silk sling from 100% , should be washed in the delicate cycle with spin 400 machine, or manually.When rinsing, you can add a little vinegar to the water - the fabric will shine.To iron a sling must be a little wet on the regime for silk fabrics without using stripping.
  • Sling cotton and wool machine washable machine on mode "wool" during the spin cycle 600. To use a washing detergent for wool, silk.Mode ironing needed to look at the product label, it is possible to apply the minimum stripping.

Reviews forums from moms


I - a very troublesome child from birth.Our first night at home I remember with horror - the son cries, I carry him in my arms all night, trying to cuddle, eventually - falls off the back, sore arm, and the baby uncomfortable.A few weeks after the birth we were presented with a ring sling - it was the most appropriate and timely gift to me!Night vigil no longer gave me discomfort, I even do household chores while the baby nursed or rocked.Sometimes I fell asleep with the crumbs, I - in a rocking chair, it is - in a sling on my chest ...


Bought sling-scarf on the advice of a friend, not particularly looking forward to the convenience of use.At first I did not understand the invention, but then it is very useful to me.Our baby was born in the winter, so the first three months we were walking in a wheelchair.In the spring, we tried this beautiful sling-scarf, and did not get out of it.Many stores in our area are steps - with a stroller, I could not go there.And now I have the freedom of movement, and I think it is very convenient.That kid is in front of me.By the way, he began to cry less.For us it is very important to know your opinion!