Bags Palio, accessories Palio: particular collection, prices, reviews

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14 May 2016

Bags Palio in 1952 was to create a unique Italian brand - Palio.Almost instantly became popular, the firm does not lose their positions and still.

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content of the article:

  • Bags and purses Palio - the distinctive features of the brand
  • For someone created a collection of bags Palio?
  • most fashionable collection, rulers, fashion trends from the Palio
  • briefly about the price of bags and purses Palio
  • Reviews fashionistas with bags and accessories Palio

Accessories, Bags Palio - distinctive features

Accessories on demand for Palio many reasons , chief among them - is:

  • Leather , which will always be at the peak of fashion due to its durability, reliability and high performance that this material gives designers;
  • Unique and impeccable design : not to mention the fact that the designers of the brand Palio always take into account the new collection of the latest fashion trends, bags and accessories of this brand is alway
    s recognizable and stylish, vydelyut owner of the crowd;
  • clever design bags Palio: the foundation of the collection is one of the most popular among buyers of forms - Satchel, which combines two important qualities: elegance and spaciousness;
  • practicality and functionality. Most bags have up to three large departments, fastens with a zipper, as well as several side and internal pockets for various little things necessary for every woman;
  • affordable price. It's unbelievable, but excellent quality, bags and accessories Palio have very reasonable prices.It is no exaggeration, and the claim that the average price segment products this brand has no equal.

For someone created a collection of bags and accessories Palio?

Collections handbags from Palio designed for a wide range of buyers, suitable for business lady, and for a respectable lady.Bags are ideal for the Palio:

  • women who prefer modern style ;
  • women leading an active lifestyle ;
  • those who appreciate quality ;
  • those who choose the perfect style ;
  • those who follow not only for fashion, but for its own budget .

most fashionable collection, rulers, fashion trends from the Palio

basis of the latest collection of bags Palio make classical design and bright colors.Particular emphasis in this collection is made on white, coffee and beige color, although also presented and classic handbags in black and brown version , bright and ultra-modern model.

Bags Palio This wonderful roomy bag made of genuine leather in classic black is very stylish and elegant.The decor accessory insert is used with embossed reptile skin.Fastens with a zipper bag.
short handle allows to carry the bag in your hand or in the crook of the elbow, and an additional removable strap - on his shoulder.
Inside bag has a classic structure: two offices.Divided zippered pocket, slit pocket for documents, which also closes with a zipper and is located at the rear of handbags and two open pockets on the front side - for mobile phone and other small items.
At the bottom of the bag has metal feet.

Bags Palio

classic handbag blue of high quality genuine leather.With classic internal structure (the two main compartments, separated by zip pocket and three pockets on the front and back walls), this handbag is very roomy.A long strap allows you to carry the bag on the shoulder, which is very convenient.Bags Palio
Black handbag-clutch - stylish and comfortable.This model is made in such a way that it can be worn in the hand and on the shoulder - included is a thin shoulder strap.Accessories silver, which is used in the model gives the clutches classical rigor and elegance.It closes the valve on the bag with a metal padlock.
Inside bag consists of a single compartment with slotted pocket with a zipper.

Bags Palio
This stylish beige handbag will not leave indifferent any woman.Convenient model with zippered pockets.Pockets with flaps as the decor gives the accessory rigor.In addition, the clasp handbag complements the elegant buckle.Front pocket on the outside of bags is decorated like a secret.

Bags Palio Stylish Black clutch made of genuine leather with embossed under the skin of reptiles.Easy zip flap with a strap, a pocket on the back side of the handbag and sufficiently long handle that allows you to wear a bag on his shoulder, make this model very popular.The kit also includes a shoulder strap.Inside the bag, clutch consists of one compartment on the inner side there are two pockets - zip for documents and open to mobile phone.

Bags Palio Bag anthracite - is soft, elegant and restrained.A simple form, the almost complete absence of fittings and accessories capacity - these are the main characteristics of this model.Bag closes with a zipper, inside a pocket-mullion is divided into two compartments, pockets for documents is on the back wall, and for a variety of details on the front.The undeniable advantage of the bag - an opportunity not to carry folding A4-size documents.The bag has a handle, high enough to be able to wear the accessory on the bend arm and shoulder.

Bags Palio This original bag, without zippers or other fasteners delayed leather zavyazochki.The decor of rhinestones attached purse elegance.This model is worn on a shoulder on a long strap.


Bags Palio
Brown-Blue female purse of genuine leather with embossed python skin looks very stylish and elegant.Closes purse with a zipper.Inside there are two large compartments for banknotes, zipped pocket for coins without separator, eight storage compartments and plastic discount cards.

Bags Palio Black purse in classic style.Like most models Palio, it has inside two compartments for notes, zipped compartment for coins and four pockets for credit cards and discount /

briefly about the price of bags and purses Palio

Bags of Palio are from2110 to 7560 rubles .
Purses - from 2500 to 4800 rubles .

Reviews fashionistas of bags and accessories Palio

Natalia, 26 years old:
very affordable and reasonable prices for the bags such a level as Palio.I do not expect that this can be!Quality - excellent, bags themselves - very stylish.And thanks to the fact that the model number is dominated by classic design - look, even in a year overdue and fashionable.I carry my purse for the second year, very happy, no problems had never arisen.I would recommend!

Irina, 21 years:
good bag.Himself chose the clutch, and has not regretted.It looks very stylish and strictly.Rarely find a purse and even for such ridiculous prices.

Anna, 34 years old:
been looking for such bags that came to me was: were strict, but fashionable, and most importantly - easy to care for.A friend suggested this brand.And I have never regretted their purchases.Special leather care requires, besides quality and dressing of leather products from this company is excellent.I have in the wardrobe of 4 models of different colors for different occasions.And sure to get another bag.I recommend to anyone who wants to look not just strictly and stylish.

Inna, 47 years old:
good company, products have a very reliable and durable, and the price - a surprisingly low.I am also very pleased with the opportunity to pick up a purse to purse.