Bags Marino Orlandi: particular collection, prices, reviews

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15 May 2016

Bags Marino Orlandi «Any woman with any material prosperity must look stylish" - that is the concept of brand Marino Orlandi, which he successfully embodies for more than thirty years.

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  • Bags Marino Orlandi - the history of the brand, especially for someone
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  • most fashionable collections of Marino Orlandi
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Bags Marino Orlandi.The history of the brand and features

From the very beginning, back in the late seventies of the twentieth century, Mr. Marino Orlandi , founder of the company, said the lack of compromise in the search for the highest quality materials for bags and other goods produced by the brand.And these accessories originally intended for very discerning people .
Features bags Marino Orlandi:
High quality ;
Style and elegance ;
Variety lineup - each collection Marino Orlandi presents a variety of models for different occasions;

For someone created a
collection of bags Marino Orlandi

collections produced accessories - bags, briefcases and suitcases , as well as business card holders , housekeeper, belts - so diverse that will satisfy any, even the most unusual woman's desire. classic, glamorous, romantic, sports - every woman will choose for themselves from Marino Orlandi accessory for any situation.
Marino Orlandi offers several lines of models for women: for business, daily use for the evening out .The main lines of the brand - highly and Orlandi's are two main areas of production. Line highly includes simple, elegant accessories outputs and special occasions, while Orladi's is practical, functional products for every day.

most fashionable collection of bags, fashion trends from Marino Orlandi

Today, designers are again introduced the classic shape of bags of shiny fabrics, the most diverse and incredible colors.And the new collection Marino Orlandi reflected the latest fashion trends.
latest collection of bags Marino Orlandi distinguishes capacity, elegance, style and as always - impeccable quality.
latest collection Marino Orlandi is a lot of bags of classic design.

bag MO , stylish and original, for everyday use, made of genuine high quality leather crocodile with printed pattern and smooth leather (brown and blue) and metal (gold) .Is sufficiently large, it consists of two branches and middle zipper.The ability to wear an accessory, not only by the handles, but also on the shoulder , thanks to a long strap, complete the picture.

Bags Marino Orlandi

Bags 3823 - Another classic pattern.Made of genuine leather brown with the texture of "Crocodile» , it is trimmed with gold.Refined and elegant, this model is quite roomy, and perfectly complement as a strict business suit and casual clothing option.
This model is available in several color and texture options.You can pick up a burgundy, red with brown trim, light, dark, or classic black bag, but you can opt for a model with the texture under the skin of a snake or python or trimmed with fur .

Bags Marino Orlandi

This classic black bag with a pattern «Orlandi» looks very strict and stylish.A special elegance and femininity to her give gentle butterfly with crystals Swarovsky .
Two long handles allow wearing this bag in hand and shoulder.Spacious, with two traditional branches and a pocket-separator, which closes with a zipper, the bag also equipped with pockets for cell phone and small things.

Bags Marino Orlandi

Roomy and comfortable Bag 'Roses » - a gentle, feminine and romantic.Texture «Rose / vaketta» and a combination of black and gray colors give it a special charm. Long Handle will wear it in his hands, and on his shoulder, and the division of the interior space into two main divisions pocket zip divider makes it convenient and practical to use.
As shown in the variant with silver roses.

Bags Marino Orlandi

elegant and charming MO python handbag 3866 of genuine leather.The special charm of the bag attached color multi combined with the texture of "python» .Long handles allowing different wearing bag, spaciousness and originality make this model very popular at younger audiences .

Bags Marino Orlandi

brown bag from a genuine leather with texture Fiori "roses and nail" - very strict and feminine.Removable long strap allows you to carry the bag vary.Compartment for coins and a mobile phone, two large offices and separating zipper pocket will allow you to always keep your things in order, as well as an extra pocket with a zipper on the back side of the bag outside.

Bags Marino Orlandi

briefly about the price of bags Marino Orlandi

brand Bags Marino Orlandi are from 9 to 13 thousand rubles , but high quality and stylish fully justify the high prices.

Reviews fashionistas who bought bags Marino Orlandi

Olga, 27 years old:
Leather accessories Marino Orlandi's a miracle!I was the fourth in the collection bag, and I think that there will be more.I hope that the manufacturer will continue to release new collections of such wonderful and original handbags.A collection of the latest released generally recommend to anyone - a miracle!

Irina, 23 years:
always think that I can easily choose between several handbags, but after seeing the new collection Marino Orlandi realized how wrong I was!It was simply impossible to choose - everything is so pleased!After much hesitation, still I chose - and did not regret it: a great bag, high quality, and in the care quite simple.

Tatiana, 45 years :
Opt Marino Orlandi - because it is one of the few companies that are really stylish and original collection.In addition, proven quality and always justified expectations - this is a huge plus.Separately I want to say about caring for leather accessories.They are fairly easy to care for: just a special tool that and use some very often.So the best choice, in my opinion - Marino Orlandi.

Galina, 22 years old:
Bags Marino Orlandi fully justifies all expectations!The excellent quality and unique design!I would recommend - you will not regret acquiring a handbag Marino Orlandi.

Anastasia, 31:
Bags Marino Orlandi just lovely!I fell in love with them at first sight, and now misses no opportunity to complete your collection.Worn well, the skin does not tarnish even with daily use, very practical and roomy ... In general, all the merits and do not list!

Lisa, 20 years old:
very stylish and elegant handbag.And each new collection is not like the previous one, which I am personally very happy.Handbags by brand Marino Orlandi even last year's collection looks no less stylish and original than the latest models.Very much I love this company.In my wardrobe three bags for different occasions, and this is not the limit.

Alina, 43 years old:
first women bought a portfolio brand Marino Orlandi about ten years ago - so I liked it.I do not regret at all - portfolio wore every day for several years, and it looked like new!When decided to buy a new handbag, immediately went to the boutique, offering a large selection of new collection Marino Orlandi.Now, to complete his collection of handbags for different occasions only product brand Marino Orlandi.I recommend to all.