The best models of mattresses for children

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26 April 2016

By buying orthopedic mattress for a child, all parents are very responsible and serious.After all, it has to be not just comfortable, but also useful.And it should be worth the money you are prepared to pay.

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  • What are the children's mattresses?
  • top 5 manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses for children
  • criteria when choosing an orthopedic mattress for the baby
  • Reviews parent forums

Types of children's mattresses

Every mother about the health of your baby begins to take care of from the first second of his life.What would the child did not develop scoliosis, or other disorders of the spine, orthopedic recommended for children to buy mattresses.And if a child has a congenital disease, for him it is a must.

When buying baby mattress must take into account the child's age.Orthopedic children's mattresses are of three types:

  • Springless Orthopedic children's mattresses.These mattresses are made of natural latex and coconut coir.This type of mattress is most s
    uitable for children aged 0 to 4 years.The degree of rigidity of this type of mattresses regulated through different combinations of component materials, the smaller the number of layers of natural rubber latex, the mattress is harder.
  • Mattresses with power dependent spring .It is the most common and known form of mattresses.At the bottom of the box spring mattress is the type «bonnell»: it springs which are connected to each other in a special way.With this connection, the action and position of each coil depends on the position in which is located adjacent springs.Thus, if the pressure on the mattress in the same place, at the same time selling a large portion of the mattress.This effect creates a positive effect on the spine of a young child.
  • Orthopedic mattresses based on block of independent springs .The basis for such a mattress spring unit is located, wherein each spring is a separate pouch and independent of the adjacent springs.These mattresses can adapt to the movement of the child during sleep, and the spine of the child occupies the optimal position.These mattresses are perfectly suited for children over four years.

Top 5 best producers of children's mattresses

Baby mattresses "Ascona»

Mattresses Ascona - the best mattresses on the markets of Russia and CIS countries.The products of this brand great value for innovation, quality and price.Spring units for mattresses made of stainless steel with special equipment.All pre-wire undergoes special anti-corrosion and heat treatment.Also, all the springs are used in mattresses, after twisting undergo a process of normalization (stress relief), it helps to improve the quality of life and continues rows of mattresses.For the production of its products, the company uses the latest Ascona technological development and environmentally friendly materials.Because of this Ascona mattresses provide a comfortable stay.

Prices for children's mattresses Ascona range from 3000 to 6500 rubles.

Baby mattresses «Dream Line»

Factory mattresses «Dream Line» is one of the biggest factories in Moscow and in Russia.The products of this brand has an amazing quality.For the production of mattresses used only environmentally friendly materials and fillers.During production, each product goes through several stages of quality control.

Prices for children's mattresses «Dream Line» ranging from 1 000 to 5000 rubles .

Baby mattresses «Vegas»

company motto Vegas - mattresses for a complete healthy rest.All the products of this company has all the necessary certificates and passes strict quality control.Belarusian These mattresses are made from high quality hypoallergenic materials and meet all European standards.

Prices for children's mattresses Vegas range from 500 to 4000 rubles .

Baby mattresses "Violayt»

Violayt company on the Russian market for more than 10 years.All products of the company are manufactured using imported equipment and has all the necessary certificates.To produce high-quality mattresses are used only environmentally friendly materials and fillers.

Prices for children's mattresses "Violayt" range from 5 500 to 12 000 rubles .

mattresses Baby "Wizard of Dreams»

Orthopedic mattresses "Master of Dreams" - a beautiful posture and healthy sleep of your child.In the children's model range of the brand into account all the recommendations of pediatric orthopedics.These mattresses provide excellent air circulation, because they are made of high quality eco-friendly hypoallergenic materials.

Prices for children's mattresses "Master of Dreams" range from 500 to 2000 rubles .

What should I look for when choosing children's orthopedic mattress?

  • For children aged 2-3 years, it is best to choose a non-sprung mattresses are not very great height.They should be made of hypoallergenic materials, such as natural latex or coconut coir;
  • Children from 3 to 6 years, orthopedists recommend a less rigid model springless orthopedic mattresses, for example, with such a popular vehicle, as the polyurethane foam;
  • Children aged 6 to 14 years, doctors recommend mattresses medium or high stiffness;
  • Children older than 14 years is already possible to buy spring mattresses with independent spring block.In such a mattress body weight is more evenly distributed;
  • for children is not advisable to buy a mattress with a dependent spring block, it will not bring any benefits not;
  • best thing that could have environmental children's mattress hypoallergenic impregnation, which will prevent the penetration of dust;
  • Children's mattress should have a removable cover, which can be, if necessary, ventilate or wash;
  • Grooved soft surface orthopedic mattress improves circulation and provides an additional massage.

Reviews parents in forums:


Mattress Ascona super!The smell is, but hardly noticeable.Thought will stink like almost everyone on this forum Put winter side up - very comfortable.I sleep like a boa constrictor and is now happy as an elephant.I Recommend.


I really liked the anatomic mattress Vegas.Two months ago, I ordered anatomic mattress, through the Internet.I am very happy.In any posture convenient lie - the mattress itself flexes / envelops the body.It has anti-allergic fiber.


We bought a mattress sleep & amp; fly daily 2 to 1, of the advantages of this model, it should be noted block of independent springs «Pocket Spring», different stiffness sides of the mattress, tired of sleeping on the hard, turned it over and have you sleep ona mattress of medium hardness, besides the mattress glue does not stink, do not creak and the fabric soft to the touch.

If you are faced with the choice of an orthopedic mattress for your child or have the experience, tell us about it!It is important to know your opinion!