What to give the young mother on the birth of a child?

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27 April 2016

family your friends, relatives or colleagues has a new member of the family, and you're invited to the bride.All would be nothing if not for one "but" - to such events is necessary to come with gifts, and you absolutely nothing comes to mind?

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offer you the top 15 gifts, in the opinion of mothers - and the future held.

Perhaps you will decide with the choice of a gift, so we divided them into groups:

  • 5 ideas simple and inexpensive gifts for a new baby
  • 5 Gift Ideas for the birth of the baby at the close people (expensive gifts)
  • 5 Ideas exclusive gifts to the newborn and the young mother

Standard gifts for childbirth

And do not be afraid of such a seemingly unattractive name.This group is suitable for people with not very thick wallet or those who are not too familiar with the young family.Among the gifts belonging to this group, there is a very worthy - useful absolutely every family, bu

t the parents often do not reach them before hand.

These include:

1. Bath towel newborn

Bath towel - select a large towel, designed specifically for kids - with a convenient hood.Pay particular attention to material goods - the fabric should be very soft and gentle at the same time has excellent wicking properties.

Cost: 400 p.

2. Photo Album -First year of life the baby and mother

Special album - a great way to keep the memories of the first year of life remains.This album will contain absolutely all the information about the kid - from the name of the doctor attending the delivery, ending with a description of the first day of birth.All this is accompanied by relevant photographs, pictures, clippings, etc .. It should be noted that in addition to the memory of such an album can be a wonderful hobby for a young mother.

Cost: about 700r.

3. Bed linen for a newborn

Baby bedding and accessories for a comfortable sleep - not all mothers are paying due attention to the item of dowry baby.However, this does not make it less important.So the young mother will be pleased to receive a gift set of baby bedding, warm envelope for the child, a mattress and the like.

Cost: from 500r.

4. The original baby clothing as a gift

clothes for the baby - no, we are, of course, is not about diapers, vests and sliders.Some moms are starting to squeal with delight at the sight unitard with funky slogans and images.Few people indifferently treat costume with ears, legs, etc.

Cost: 300 p.

5. Toys for newborn baby

Toys for Tots - exactly give up the idea of ​​giving soft toys, and toys intended for children over the years - they will be removed pigeonholed and it is possible that a child they did not play,as simply forget about them.Better buy games category 0+: Now they, too, of course it will not be necessary, but he will grow up to them very soon - and begin to delight families with its achievements.

Cost: from 200p.

Expensive gifts child birth

Such gifts can afford not all, but very rarely do parents buy them for reasons of economy, but in secret can dream about them.

These gifts, if you do not only allows your wallet - it is convenient to give chipped:

1. Electronic swing for children under one year

Electroswing - this miracle of technology that mimics a baby rocking in her arms - to provide mum precious free time forto do the cleaning, cooking, or is something else.

Cost: 3000 p.

2. Radio babysitter gift, video babysitting

radio or video nanny - a device allows you to hear / see what is happening in the room crumbs and able to respond to the crying baby or dissatisfaction.At the same time, the baby monitor mommy free from the need to constantly check the child.

Cost: 1500 p.

3. Changing tables

changing table - is not at all a necessity as diapers and baby diapers can be changed on the couch / bed.But believe me - it is a very convenient device, any mother would be very grateful for such a useful gift.

Cost: 2500 p.

4. Car seat for a newborn

Baby seat - very useful for parents-drivers.Choosing a car seat category 0+, you really please the parents and in addition to free them from additional costs, which are already getting plenty of the appearance of the child.See the article about the best models of car seats for babies.

Cost: from 3700 p.

5. Balance for the baby as a gift

Libra child - every young mother will be pleased to know that the development of her baby goes according to plan, including weight gain.As well as the presence of such scales will help to avoid trouble with the health of the child.

Cost: about 4000 p.

not to say that all of these gifts (regardless of their value and utility) differ originality.If your goal is to impress parents and guests prepodnosimye unusual gift, then you are in the next section.

Original gifts for a new baby

1. Set for making casts of arms and legs

Set for making prints of children's hands and nozhek- in the future, any mother with a sinking heart sink into such trembling memories, andcan and let a tear, but in any case it would be this memory is very pleasant.

Cost: about 2000 p.

2. exclusive gift with their own hands the baby

gift made with your own hands - if you have a way with the technique of knitting, decoupage or any further, you can make yourself a gift, not stinted on the quality material.

Knitted suit, the envelope for walks, skillfully made photo frame will not only be useful but also luxury gift.

cost of such a gift depends entirely on the price of the materials needed for its production.

3. Gift cake diapers

Cake of diapers - the way to make an original design such seemingly trivial gift.You can do it yourself or seek help from the public agency.
Cost: depends on the amount spent items and of course on the chosen method of manufacture if will do yourself, you can meet in 1000r., For an order of this "sweets" in a special agency, be prepared to pay.

4. Gift photoshoot for the baby or the whole family

Professional photo shoot - what my mother would refuse the opportunity to become the owner of the original photographs of his child?And, of course, such pictures cause of all delight.

Cost: about 3000 p.

5. Nanny for free for a few hours

Babysitting - having presented such a gift, you really become the best friend of the family, as free time - this is what the young mother sorely lacking.
Cost: about 250r. / Hour

choosing a gift, do not be amiss to know - do not bother whether the parents to buy you prismotrenny thing.This way you release the newly made mummy and themselves from awkward moments and useless gifts.

Successful you Smotrin!

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