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27 April 2016

Many young families in the world today prefer a universal model.And it's not only accessible, but also beds, baths, shoes and so on. D. And it's only the choice associated with the growth and development of the child.The whole world is fascinated by the idea of ​​universality, we want to get the "2 in 1", "3 in 1", and so on. P. And all because usually such models take up less space, at the same time expanding the range of possibilities.Universal carriage offers great opportunities for walking and travel, and how to choose a stroller, this article will tell.

content of the article:

  • design and operation
  • 5 popular models
  • Selection Criteria

design and purpose of universal stroller

Universal wheelchair otherwise known as wheelchairs "2 in 1".The design of such carriages based on a modular system : chassis set as a closed basket-cot and pushchair seat.

Universal stroller deprived of many deficiencies wheelchair-transformers : newborn babies will be provided with all the amenities (no sha

king, heat, rain and snow are not terrible).At the same time, an older child can survey the neighborhood sitting, and recreational options stroller seat can be located and face, and back to my mother.

Modern universal models of strollers are designed for children aged 0 to 3 years.They usually have large inflatable wheels, providing good cross.

universal stroller Benefits:

  • Wheelchair easily converted from the cradle to the walking option.At the same time, product design makes both options carriages maximize warm and comfortable for the child and the mother;
  • seat is installed facing or back to mom or dad;
  • universal stroller wheels are big and strong enough, which is especially important when operating on bad roads;
  • presence of numerous additional devices (is included headrest, footrest, cover on foot, and so on. D.).

As for drawbacks , it is perhaps the only - weight and large dimensions recreational options.But given the fact that the universal stroller provide an opportunity to save a decent amount of money (intended for use within a few years), it is quite obvious that the merits of this model is much more.

Top 5 most popular models of carriages 2 1

Model Graco Quarttro Tour Deluxe

stroller easy to fold, can be installed on the chassis of a car seat.Included is a warm cover on foot, climbing wheelchair is equipped with running boards and a soft headrest, there are four position backrest.The design of the model has a folding table and basket items.Being light and compact stroller features spacious seats, which is particularly important for parents who live in a multi-storey building.Carriage hood is shifted by 180 degrees, transforming the stroller into a cradle for a newborn baby.Carry cot is equipped with a hard and flat bottom with rigid sidewalls.Bottom cushion there, stick to the baby's head at an angle of 10 degrees.Material wheelchairs - not waterproof and no wind blown fabric, inside it is decorated with soft jersey made of cotton fabric.

average cost model Graco Quarttro Tour Deluxe - 16,000 rubles .

Reviews from customers


durable, comfortable model.In the presence of a large basket, high-quality hood and a lot of additional "bells and whistles".The only thing that did not satisfy, - the front wheels are constantly breaking during use.If not this time, the carriage might well have been considered ideal.


very convenient in operation, continuity, agility.Coming out of the store in a basket to carry enough heavy things.With confidence I can say that it will withstand 15 kilograms accurately.Packaging is very rich.There is also a mosquito net and a raincoat, and the headrest and cover on foot.


Anyway, with all the many benefits of carriage has one major drawback - the faint front wheels.In winter, always break when you need to drive in the snow.

Universal buggy "2 in 1" Geoby GB01B

euroclass new stroller.Equipped with a reversible handle to adjust the length of the device, aluminum frame, height-adjustable footrest, luggage bag with a lock, handbrake, cup holder on the handle.Pleasure unit is equipped with a five-point belt system.The back is controlled at three positions.Carriage weight is about 15 kilograms.Included is a raincoat, a pump for inflatable rubber wheels, removable luggage bag.

average cost model Geoby GB01B - 12,000 rubles .

Reviews from customers


Geoby GB01B - our first stroller.Her husband bought one.Oriented in choosing the most on appearance.Model stylish, but a little awkward to use.Cradle sags a bit down under the baby's head had to lay a pillow.The aluminum frame is cracked in the cold, I had to change.The fabric is made from a stroller, high quality, easy to clean.Nevertheless, the model is not worth the money.


Wheelchair take 7 months.So far found no drawbacks.However, prior to walking block case it is still not reached, use the cradle.Model very well "walks" on the stairs, which in our case is very important because we live on the fourth floor of a building without an elevator.The eldest son had to experience all the "charms" of heavy and clumsy transformer, so that they were willing to pay any money for the comfort and good quality.It does not regret that bought this stroller.Light, maneuverable traversed.


This model is my husband and I bought because of the fact that it quickly and easily expanded, has a relatively low weight, is placed in the trunk of the car.Although she has its drawbacks.Thus, the baby's head, lying in the cradle, is below the feet.Constantly have something to enclose it under the head.We went on it in winter.Permeability good, even in the snow, heat, blown by strong winds.

Universal stroller Espiro Atlantic 2011

Universal stroller equipped with inflatable wheels, rotated by 360 °.It is possible to adjust the height of the backrest, ergonomic handle.And pleasure, and deep versions have windows made of mosquito nets.Included is a bag for clothes and a pump.It can be equipped with a sleeping bag, car seat, and a raincoat.Carriage weight - 15 kg.

average cost model Espiro Atlantic 2011 - 14,000 rubles .

Reviews from customers


my baby six months.I decided to buy a walking embodiment of the stroller.The choice fell on this model.The ride is not necessary on asphalt roads, the wheels act big load.Oddly enough, but the stroller back in the order, even after a long ride on rough roads.


I like the pull-out visor, which protects from the wind.On the plus side I would mention and convenient raincoat with cape on legs.Comfortable mattress for baby's back is very good.If necessary, it can be removed.


Particular attention was drawn to the beautiful design of strollers, as well as the functionality and compactness.Developers model thought through all the details, which include a convenient visor, and a raincoat, and a comfortable footrest, the height of which can be adjusted depending on the growth of the child.Overall, my assessment wheelchair - 5 points.

Wheelchair universal modular Camarelo Q12

The kit includes frame wheelchairs, walking unit, carrycot, raincover, mosquito net, a bag on the handle.It is also possible grade car seat, designed for children aged 0 do3 years.Compared to other universal prams, this model has a favorable difference.Firstly, a highly placed large cradle.Secondly, good-quality fabric stroller and tailoring very thoughtful.And finally, thirdly, all spinning units and rotary bearings.Cradles and walking module can be installed in both directions.The front wheels are inflatable and have a fit.The handle is equipped with a height adjustment.

average cost model Camarelo Q12- 16,000 rubles.

Reviews from customers


Wheelchair hard.To install the cradle will need a lot of effort.Depreciation is not very effective.Overall, a good stroller.Especially like the fact that a large cot, which is very convenient in the winter, when a child has to wear very warm.


We bought a carriage b / y.No problems.Now for a stroller I am looking for some sisters.I really like her.Raincoat good.My baby happy - a lot of places!In the management of this model has no equal, except that the snow is too heavy.Those who have problems with the wheels should turn to the seller.My friends substandard carriage dealer replaced without question.


wife enjoy stroller.He says that is easily controlled, even in the snow is no problem.In addition, the comfortable folds.The child and the stroller seat, and in the cradle is very comfortable and spacious, that much important.

universal modular stroller Chicco Trio Enjoy Fun

new evolutionary stroller Chicco Trio Enjoy Fun ensures safety and comfort for your baby from birth to age three.Included is an aluminum frame, carrycot, car seat, walking unit, raincoat, bag.The carriage is especially suitable for the city.It is a narrow, lightweight and compact.Therefore, without any problems, even placed in elevators old model.It is easy to handle, it does not take up too much space in the house.Cradle perfectly protects the child from the cold and rain.It is made from high quality plastic.Particular attention should be paid to the internal filling a portable crib, which has a "breathing" basis and antibacterial properties.

average cost model Chicco Trio Enjoy Fun - 19,000 rubles .

Reviews from customers


I liked the model, but it has some downsides.First, a small cot, a 4-month baby was closely.Secondly, it is not easy basket.The third child in the chair has always been hot, as the ventilation is poor.In a walking embodiment minuses there.Of the benefits I want to emphasize ease.Carry pram a pleasure.Maneuverable, well washed.


Wheelchair wonderful!My son is 2 years for her fare.He was very comfortable and there was warm, especially during the cold season.


pram bought winter before delivery.Initially I disappointed in it, because the snow was too heavy.In spring everything will work out.Wheelchair legenky was very maneuverable.Goes gently on the bumps not much shakes.Cradle comfortable, large enough, comfortable in her baby feels.However, it does not have enough pockets for small items and podstakannichka.

What to look for when buying?

  1. Universal wheelchair is not always sold with car seats.It is necessary to select those models that include the installation of car seats.In this case, if you need to travel with a child can purchase a separate seat.
  2. stroller can collect yourself.Manufacturers Chair MAXI-COSI, Inglesina, BebeConfort, PegPerego provide an opportunity for the selection of suitable coloring chassis pleasure seat, bassinet and car seat directly by the buyer.Like the model of the cradle can be mounted on a classic, lightweight or three-wheeled chassis.The esplanade module can be used on the hood of the cradle-like colors.This model is easier to buy, as all can be purchased gradually, without spending a large sum at once.
  3. Choosing Universal stroller, make sure you have in the stroller seat belts.In addition, in some instances during the installation of cheap pleasure module stability is lost.

cost wheelchairs from prestigious firms - 15-30 thousand rubles , Chinese counterparts cost about 6-8 thousand rubles .

If you - the owner of one of these models or other models will share their experience with us!It is important to know your opinion!