Choosing a crib for a newborn

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28 April 2016

With the advent of the baby at home parents is brewing a lot of new problems.One of them, in particular, is a machinery room for a new family member.Of course, all of the main pieces of furniture for your child - it's his bed, because that in it he spends most of his time.Moreover, how it is convenient for the baby cot, will depend on the tranquility, and consequently health.Among the variety and widest choice, we try to understand what is right for you.

content of the article:

  • What types?
  • What should pay attention to?
  • approximate cost
  • Reviews parents

Types cots

Conditionally all cribs can be divided into four types: classic, cradle transformer, playpen.We'll talk more about each of them:

  • Classic cots. most common form of cots.Typically, in these babies sleep maximum of three years.In today's market the choice of cots is very large, and they are on normal legs and on wheels and on skids, with which you can shake a crib.Russian manufacturers adhere to the standard size - the bed sh
    ould be 120 × 60 sm.U foreign manufacturers do not have this kind of standards.
  • Cot-cot. These cribs are designed for the little ones, or rather, for children up to six months.In terms of comfort, the cradle is very useful, it provides little space around the child, thus creating his customary conditions.After all, there he is also comfortable, as was 9 months in my mother's tummy.However, the term of use of the cradle is very small, moreover, different children grow up differently.So many mothers have adapted to conserve use instead of the cradle or bassinet stroller from her.
  • Cot-transformer. Currently very popular among young parents view cots.In fact, it is the most common beds, which are complemented by all sorts of shelves, changing table or dresser children.When the baby grows up, you can remove the wall, and thus get a normal bed.It depends, basically, on the chosen form of the crib.Bed-transformer is very convenient in that bed, toys and baby items, hygiene products, baby changing table in one place.
  • Cot-riding. Depending on the model, these beds are for children from birth up to 2-4 years.This kind of purchase is an ideal purchase for the family, which often moves along with the baby.This bed can be easily folded and packed in a specially designed bag.Bag can be rolled along on wheels or carry by the handle, as you prefer.The big drawback playpen is that the bottom he is too low, almost at the floor.Several times during the night to bend down to the child can be quite tiring.Besides, in this type of bed the child will not be able to learn to rise, due to the lack of rigid rods for which the kid would stay.

How to choose and what to look for?

When buying a cot the main criterion for selection should not do the price and appearance.There are many important factors that will help you to understand and make the right choice among all of today's varieties:

  • Cot be genuine .Many pieces of furniture the best material for all ages was considered a tree, and cots are not the exception in this case.Wood breathes well and gives the same body of your baby.Some of the details may be made of metal or plastic - the main thing that they were not a lot, because a child can accidentally bump or put itself any other damage.The best material for a cot considered birch, alder and maple, but they are quite expensive.It would be cheaper Pine, but in its structure, it is much softer, so the furniture can be impressive dents and marks.
  • crib must be stable .Cradle and bed-chair suitable for very young children when they are not revolve and can not shake the bed.But be prepared for the fact that to 3-4 months, your baby will begin to show greater locomotor activity.Choose a bed from which the child can not accidentally fall out or shake to the point that it upset with him.
  • bottom cots be rack .As a rule, cribs with solid bottom are much cheaper, but they do not "breathe" mattress.Take note that this aspect is very important because saved from night surprises almost impossible, but the unpleasant consequence of inadequate drying of the mattress can be the appearance of fungus.
  • bottom depth cot.As a rule, many cots You can adjust the height of the bottom. fact that when the baby is not yet sits down and does not get up, the depth of beds may not be very large.Thus, parents will be easier to take the baby and put it back.However, when the child grows up a bit and begins active motor activity, the depth of the crib should be at least 60-65 centimeters.So, your crumb will not be able to fall in a fit of curiosity.
  • distance between the grating bars should be about 5-6 centimeters .The fact that no part of the body of the child should not get stuck between the bars.The distance between the bars - this is an important time to ensure your child's safety.Therefore, when buying a cot do not be lazy arm tape measure or a ruler and measure all its own.
  • Lifetime chosen cots.Nowadays, the market offer you a wide variety of options.Some beds are designed to two years, after which they will not be able to do anything, some can be moved apart and elongate, turn into a couch for children.Subsequently, they could be used to 8-10 years.Then decide for you how your budget is calculated and whether there will you then wish to choose a couple of years for something new for your child.

Approximate cost cot

prices cribs can range from 1000 rubles.If your budget is limited, do not worry, you can buy a very good children's bed within one to two thousand and this is not necessarily something bad.The most expensive crib can cost from 30 thousand above , then, as they say, is not the limit of perfection.For the price you can buy a comfortable bed-transformer, or for example, a white wooden crib decorated with stucco.However, do not exaggerate too much in the choice of the crib.As a rule, prices for cots range from 3 to 6-7 thousand rubles .

Reviews parents:


Hello!I would like to say that the bed-playpen newborn categorically does not fit!There's a soft bottom, which is likely to affect the child's spine.I agree that this bed is very convenient for parents - you can take with you, folded, etc.But you can not ever kid in it.


And we have a convertible bed.I really like the fact that there is a changing table, diapers always at hand, there is a special department, it is a broad, two-level.When the baby is a little older, he can safely climbs out of the crib and climb back.A removable changing table when he told us there will be no need, it can be removed.


Our metal bed, it is designed for children up to 7 years.Up to 2 months old baby peacefully sleeping in it, and then not at all, only with parents.I had to clean up the bed, and after 1 year again put.Happy though still asleep on the parental bed, and at night.Each bed has its pluses and minuses.The bottom does not sink, everything is kept firmly on the screws, bumpers on both sides long, quickly removed and back rise.Minus is, even in bed cot available, we are in it so never and did not sleep.One wheel broke and a replacement can not be found.The rest of the wheels can not be removed.


Bought bed-riding.Very beautiful, functional, fun, but inconvenient to horror!Through the net bad kid sees parents and entourage, and only from the end of the manhole.Sides are not removed.When buying - eyes lit up, and all this without even thinking.Who hurt somehow.

If you are thinking about buying a cot or this stage in your life has already passed, will share their experience with us!It is important to know your opinion!