You want to buy the best mattress for your child - Find out how!

By Admin | Family
28 April 2016

In addition to your family will already bought bed, and it's time to choose the mattress?Or not - adding happened a long time ago, and the first mat your baby it is time to change.Well, maybe you just want to pick up a mattress your child.

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  • reason for buying
  • Selection Criteria
  • Where to buy?
  • Reviews parents

Why the mattress for your child?

reason to buy a new mattress can be a lot, but whatever they were, the question of what kind of mattress to choose will still have to decide.

interesting, and you have the idea that the mattress is almost the only purchase you are making only for the child?It is because of this parents have difficulty in choosing such an important part.

Indeed, think for yourself - choosing a crib, stroller, baby clothes, you can be guided at least your own individual taste or functionality / ease of selectable items.

The choice of mattress, complicated by the fact that here you can not be guided by their appearance, shape or color, you

can not even lie down on the mattress and determine the extent of its convenience, because it has different weight with the baby, and, accordingly, the feeling youwill be different.

What to consider when choosing?

Mattresses come in several forms:

1. Blocks:

  • with spring (dependent) - these types of mattresses on sale can not be found because of their proven negative impact on the musculoskeletal system of man.
  • With independent spring block (orthopedic) - in these spring mattresses are different sizes, if one spring fails, it will not affect the others.
  • With springless unit - these types of mattresses are orthopedic, too, as they provide the correct position of the baby during sleep.

2. Materials:

Modern materials from which the mattress is made of high quality: silicone natural rubber latex, tempura, coconut coir.Children's mattresses are gaining popularity from algae.All the materials used should be hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Through the use of high quality natural materials, mattresses:

  • perfectly breathable;
  • not absorb odors;
  • not heat up in the summer;
  • Keep warm in winter.

3. Severity:

This criterion is determined by the selection based on the age of your baby.

  • Central stiffness or hard - mattress suitable for babies from 0 to three years , because until that age children have formed an S-shaped curvature of the spine and a hard mattress will not interfere with this.
  • more soft mattresses suitable for children older than three years.

4. The dimensions of the mattress:

  • should match the size of the crib, because the larger size of the mattress leads to deformation and, accordingly, to the loss of orthopedic properties.
  • If the crib mattress will be less, it could lead to creep baby formed in the gap, causing him discomfort.
  • If baby cot is non-standard sizes - you can think of ordering a mattress to size - this service is available, for example, the online store - whichever mattress will make it necessary for you to size.

5. Cover the mattress and cover:

must be made of natural breathable material.It is better if the cover is removable - for hygienic reasons.

6. Manufacturers of mattresses:

very important point when choosing a mattress, because like in any other field - mass producers, but only need to choose one.

most popular producers at the moment are:

  • Ascona;
  • Beech-master;
  • Dream Line;
  • Vegas;
  • Violayt;
  • Consul;
  • dreamers;
  • Lordfleks

Whatever producer mattress for your baby you choose, remember that the most important children's mattress - that's not the point, where you can save, choose a proven product quality, since the correct position during sleep bail good mood and healthy developmentchild.

Where to buy a mattress for your child?

1. In the online store:

  • lower price: as a rule, in the online store site whether it is a single or multi-brand manufacturer online store is a lot of useful information on the selection of products, performance materials and etc.
  • Disadvantages: return takes time

2. In store:

  • opportunity to see the goods, to ensure its quality;
  • Disadvantages: higher cost.

3. Purchase of hands:

Strongly recommended - because the mattress on which other sleeping child acquired his anatomical features, which certainly can not affect its orthopedic properties.

Reviews and advice of parents:


When the first child (12 years) "dowry" to buy, I did not bother on the mattress - it got us by the sisters.And now the child has scoliosis - the doctor said that because of the wrong mattress.I'm pregnant and this time we come to the choice of the mattress thoroughly.


mattress is better to choose a two-way and turn after 23 months - so it will last longer.And in any case, do not skimp on the mattress - think about your child !!!


Choice mattress helped us define our own experience - a few years ago we bought the mattress itself, and still very satisfied.Therefore, buy a mattress for my daughter decided this firm.Chose COMFORT EVS-8 Ormatek.I do not like the smell of the mattress - weathered almost a month.Orthopedic properties of estimate - I can not, because she can not sleep on it, but my daughter is sleeping peacefully.


unpleasant smell exactly the issue that just needs some glue to bond the layers of the mattress - its presence indicates that you have sold just made mattress.The smell of glue erode very quickly, but the orthopedic properties remain!))) I know, because she found out it is a question - we, too, "smelling" bought.