The best models of carriages for triplets

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29 April 2016

very rare phenomenon - the birth of triplets, and still happens in some families.Of course, pregnancy and childbirth are individually in this case, and after that start, "triple" of care.When the kids grow up, they need a joint "transport" for walks, and his pick will tell our article.

content of the article:

  • design and operation
  • Top 5 models
  • recommendations when buying

design and purpose carriages for triplets

Construction of carriages for triplets is characterized by high degree of durability and reliability.So, as a rule, this tandem is equipped with a nice big wheels, sometimes with double cushioning to ensure kids' comfort.The seats can be arranged, and in the course of, and against the movement and change in the car seats if you want to travel by car.Frame chassis fold in the form of books.

As in a conventional wheelchair, in pram for triplets regulated backrests, seats in some models can take a fully horizontal position.

Benefits carriages for triplets

  • Compact .Folded stroller takes up very little space.It can be transported in an elevator, be transported in the trunk of the car, as well as to store anywhere in the apartment or house.
  • Cost .Wheelchair for triplets is much cheaper than three single stroller.Many models are equipped for installation on the chassis of car seats, which also allows you to avoid additional financial costs.
  • Serviceability .Having a stroller for triplets, one of the parents may cope with the children without assistance.With three single strollers or one single and one for twins, one parent can not cope for a walk.

Disadvantages carriages for triplets

  • weight. frames such carriages are made of durable, but heavy metals.This affects the overall weight of the model.
  • stroller for triplets Unfolded does not pass the standard elevator and standard doorways.

Top 5 popular models

stroller for triplets Peg-Perego Triplette SW

carriage has good maneuverability, can be controlled using the steering wheel.Very easy to carry, even with children, by the side handles.Sustainable Model flawless for use on different types of surfaces.The carriage is equipped with four large wheels with damping system.The bed is made up with the help of quick lateral arm has a large basket.The rear wheels are braked central office.The seats may be arranged in different directions.Included are three legs to cover and three separate hood.

average cost Peg-Perego Triplette SW - 35,000 rubles.

Reviews owners Peg-Perego Triplette SW:


good model.In my opinion, the most compact in comparison with the same wheelchair.Gets the one hand.For children it is convenient.There is a horizontal position of the back, so the kids can sleep in the street.My ever slept, but we came out of the house.


No matter how strange, but the carriage is placed in the trunk of a passenger car.It was a revelation for me.It seems so much unfolded and folded - quite compact.On the street children often walked alone in the house while his wife cope.The only thing that confused in this carriage - this is the problem when cornering and rides on a curb.Wheelchair lift, and had put in the right position.


sorry that bought it.On the street one still did not come out.And when the whole family went for a walk, the children being older, were arguing who should sit in the front.Better three single bought.

Wheelchair transformer for triple Christiane Wegner Trio-Lift

TRIO-LIFT - a unique model strollers for triplets.The presence of large cradles allocates this stroller among similar products.Adjust the width of the carriage is performed by the action of the shift rails in the horizontal plane.Seats can be different target: all facing the mother or all of the direction of travel, or kids face each face.Furthermore, the carriage allows its use with two and one cradle.There are systems for the safety belts on each module, protection from rain and sun.Perfect for infants and children older than one year.

average cost Christiane Wegner Trio-Lift - 70 000 rubles.

Reviews owners Christiane Wegner Trio-Lift:


We enjoyed it as long as the kids are not one year.We live in a private house, so and acquired a wheelchair.I think if I lived in a high-rise building, this stroller came to us not to.Walking out almost every day.Despite the complexity of the design, the carriage is not heavy.I cope with it alone.Good ride on any road.Only in the snow a bit "naughty."


Wheelchair really comfortable.Even I do not think so.It moves easily in the rain and snow.Kids there very comfortable.My baby slept all the time on the street.


first year after the birth of my kids, we used this stroller.For young children, it is convenient.But for older children is best to buy a normal walk.She will be easier and more agile.

Stroller Urban Jungle Buggy Triple

Lets put newborns horizontally.Included are 2 strollers bassinet - one for two, another - for one.Inflatable wheels with a vertical sleeve with a spring between the hammock and the rear axle provides an excellent cushioning.The frame is aluminum, allowing easy.The carriage is equipped with a five-point harness, fabric prevents slipping, provides perfect support, while remaining flexible.Hammock is tilted almost horizontally.

average cost Urban Jungle Buggy Triple - 30 000 rubles.

Reviews owners Urban Jungle Buggy Triple:


What I love about this stroller, so it is its lightness and maneuverability.It is so easy to manage.And kids like it too.They see each other, so it is always satisfied.


Excellent pram for walks with triplets aged 7 months and older.We rode for hours through the streets, the children always sat quietly on the sides and looked at each other.Wheelchair folds easily can be transported in the elevator, and in the trunk of any, even the smallest cars.


Our kids refused to stay in it as soon as learned to walk.However, without it, too, it would have been hard.So they could ride it all together, put on the seat toys.In general, a stroller happy.

Universal stroller for triplets Inglesina Model Trio

Trio - this is the most simple, equipped, versatile and affordable stroller for triplets.Equipped with three seats.Easily transforms into a wheelchair for four children with the purchase of the fourth seat.The model is used for the special care of the kids, to protect them from adverse weather conditions.Is transformed into a walking embodiment of a footrest, easily adapts to the changing needs of children.Upholstery removable, washable good.Seats are set to face the mother, facing each other and the direction of travel.The wheels can be replaced by more sustainable.

average cost Inglesina Model Trio - 40 000 rubles.

Reviews owners Inglesina Model Trio :


In my opinion, the best option for babies.Children are very roomy in the cradle, even in winter clothes, excellent cushioning, which is quite important for our roads.And the rugged frame.After one year of operation did not cracked or broken.Wheels have high traffic.All the happy parents of triplets highly recommend.


Yes, for kids pram very comfortable.But this is not the parents.Heavy and bulky.Our Khrushchev just found her place.When the baby turned six months, we got rid of it quickly, bought a walk.Amenities, of course, smaller, but compact and light enough.


Find the right stroller for triplets is not so simple.We are here this bought.If it were not a lot of weight, and not its immense size, the price would not be.In the trunk, we did not manage to push it.The apartment occupied the entire hallway.A folding and unfolding each time did not want to.

stroller for triplets Inglesina Domino Trio

stroller easily folds and stores in the apartment.Seat Covers easily removed and washed.The belt has an additional seat belt.If desired, the front wheels can be replaced by more stable.Individual canopies above each module.Reclining seats independent of each other.On the rear wheels brakes double.The folding mechanism is very simple, the wheelchair can be folded and put one hand.

average cost Inglesina Domino Trio - 30 000 rubles.

Reviews owners Inglesina Domino Trio:


very good model.Extensive modules, children 3 years and placed.Front wheels swivel.Only now the pen is not regulated.Units can be set against and the direction of travel.


Train too long.Although this kind of all such carriages.But in the door openings good passes.I often go shopping with the kids, over the counter only with the stroller can pass.


prohibitive curbs stroller.The seats are located just sitting, so that for children up to 6 months will not do.However, all my triplets is always there.And shopping with them can not walk.Wheelchair passes all doorways.Kids 3 years and they are still in a stroller ride.

Buying Tips

  1. stroller for triplets must have durability and reliability .Preference should be given to steel frames, they are much stronger than aluminum;
  2. If you need constant transportation of wheelchair in the car, you should give preference to compact models with removable seats and cradles ;
  3. If I have to carry the wheelchair in a lift, it is necessary to make sure that the dimensions folded stroller not exceed the size of the elevator ;
  4. should give preference wheelchairs with large inflatable wheels , as they provide a good cross carriage on any roads;
  5. addition, stroller for triplets must meet all the requirements , requirements for ordinary carriage: good shock absorption, ease of folding, natural upholstery materials, reliable system of seat belts.

If you have experience in the choice of strollers for triplets or you are in search of a wheelchair, we hope that our article will be useful for you!If you have views on the presented models, share it with us!It is important to know your opinion!