The organization of family child's education - is it worth?

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11 March 2016

Often parents are faced with a choice: whether to give the child to a regular school, or teach remotely, at home.In Russia, the "family education" became popular.More and more parents decide that home schooling better school.

will understand how to organize family learning, you need to do, and whether.

content of the article:

  • law on family education in Russia
  • Pros and cons of family education child
  • How to organize a "school" for the child at home?
  • Certification child's passport

law on family education in Russia - Prospects

The Russian parents have a right to educate their child at home.This fact proves Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation┬╗ , which was adopted by 29 December 2012.According to him, parents can choose a specific training program - and, of course, will take into account the opinion of your son or daughter.It is imperative that a minor could receive basic general education - no matter in what form.

decision on home full or partial education should take not only the parents or guardians of the child, but also the director of the school, the class teacher.Only with their consent, you can translate it, and it does not matter which class he taught.Kids just have to pass an annual certification that will show their knowledge in the home environment.

Note that any student can graduate from school as external, that is - in advance .It is possible to graduate in 3 years.For example, your miracle is trained and the number of homes in the 9th grade.He can pass the exams for grade 11 and easy to enter higher education.

Parents are responsible for children .That you are responsible for your child, for his development of well-being.If it is bad in school, feel free to translate it for distance learning.

Pros and cons of family child's education - what to prepare parents?

From what your child will learn at home, there are significant advantages.

list the pros:

  • individual learning pace . Parents can set their own schedule to the child.If he learns the bad information to select the methodology of teaching subjects so that he understood all the details.
  • excluded violence from teachers and peers.
  • child can live in the natural biological clock. wake up when he wants.Learn at certain times when it is best.
  • Parents and teachers will be able to identify the child's talents and send it to the development and training of this course, which is useful in the future.Maybe your child is prone to math, start to develop it in the information sphere.Teach to your computer, or teach economics.In that case, if your pipsqueak loves to read, copes with grammar, develop it, adhering to the creative professions.
  • The child has the opportunity to study the rare items , which is not taught in schools - languages, architecture, art, etc.
  • Home schooling will help the child in the future to cope with the difficult choice of profession.
  • can master the curriculum in less than 10 years and exams as an external student.
  • Training takes place at home , so the child does not have to follow school rules and rituals (eg, stand beside their desks during the call).
  • on one child will not affect , of course, in addition to parents and teachers.
  • Ability to educate a person at a special individual program.
  • Training will not interfere with peers .He will be protected from them.Attention will be given only to him.Knowledge will be given easily and quickly.
  • possible to distribute the remaining time from school to hobbies or clubs.
  • Parents will be able to monitor the development of the child. can monitor his health.
  • In addition, they will be able to determine its power , because in the school cafeteria, as a rule, do not give a choice.

From home schooling a child can appear some problems.

list the obvious shortcomings of the "family" of education:

  • child will feel alienated
    He will miss the team, communicate with peers in the community.From this your miracle hardly begin to get used to life in a group, when the time comes and starts to bind to the template image of himself "black sheep".
  • Perhaps because the child will not the man with leadership qualities , which would you like to see
    Remember, to be a leader, a person does not need to run from real life in society.It should manifest itself, deal with competitors, gain popularity and respect actions.
  • Communication skills can be reduced to zero
    child must be able to communicate, find common language with children of different ages and different social groups.
  • Education affects the nature of
    may grow selfish.Man gets used to the favorites against.In the team it will be difficult to get used to the fact that it is the same as everybody else.The second case - grows spoiled, naive girl who is not accustomed to life, she knows that all she get away with it, even if somehow go wrong.How to find the right path in education?
  • child is not accustomed to discipline, and it is required for each.
  • For children homeschooled continuous monitoring
    Parents should spend on them almost all the time.
  • may have difficulty learning in universities, colleges, technical
    Parents can not always give a proper education.
  • overprotection may lead to infantilism child.
  • Your son or daughter will not experience , necessary for independent living.
  • you limit the child in imposing their views , life and religious values.
  • Parents need to know that a good education is highly valued, so have to spend a lot of money.

only after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", take a decision on the transfer.

How to organize a "school" for the child at home?

first you will feel some of the difficulties in teaching the child at home.

But, if you follow certain principles, the family education will be the joy and parents and children:

  1. to develop discipline, accustom children to get up in the morning, have breakfast and do .Only then you will have free time to rest, hobbies and any other activities.
  2. for training should be allocated a special room. course for high school students is important to have a corner where nobody would be distracted.But children should not be forced to perform tasks sitting at the table.Perhaps they want to lie down on the floor, on the bed.
  3. not necessary to allocate specific time on any subject. If a child wants to paint, let the painting, if it wants to display the recipe, let outputs.The main thing - let it determine the favorite occupations, and more - direct and develop his talents.
  4. still strive to develop a weekly schedule and follow it. It is important that the child liked things that he taught.
  5. Try to pay attention to what the child is wearing. If it would detract something he could hardly concentrate on their studies.
  6. In the case where a child has to teachers, be sure of their attitude towards him. Look, as a son, a daughter belong to a stranger, talk, if you have any problems, try to explain what the teacher - not a stranger.It is important that between the child and the teacher had a relationship of trust, and no one has scolded for not understanding any detail.
  7. Choose qualified , which can give a high and better educate your children.
  8. Try to find books by one author. Each maintains its teaching methodology.

Certification child in family education - as well as where it will receive a certificate?

Educational Institution, which was fastened a child educated at home, should carry out interim and final state certification .It is necessary for reporting and assessment of knowledge a child receiving family education.

Usually, intermediate certification holds the head teacher of Studies or a teacher, taught in schools .Nothing in the certification worry not, it can take place, both orally and in writing.

In that case, if the teacher teaches the child from school, for which he is attached, it is even better.Your child will not be afraid and come to school like a normal lesson.

As for the state final examination , then it necessarily also have to go through all the students, whether externally or not the child leaves school.That the results of the DPA or the exam will help him further to get an education, and the child will receive a certificate is the same as ordinary high school students, but with a note of external studies.

take final examination in any school , who appointed the Ministry of Education.Assess students' knowledge will special commission , it usually consists of teachers from different schools in the district, city or region.That is why your child will not bias.All works will be evaluated objectively.

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