Prevention programs computer addiction and its treatment in children and adolescents

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11 March 2016

To date, the issue of preventing child computer addiction almost worked.In most cases, treatment and prevention are reduced to the same actions and processes as in the case of "classic" addiction.But the main problem is that parents are not always able to promptly and adequately interpret the signs of the state of being premorbid.Unfortunately, skilled treated at the stage formed according to.

What might be the prevention of this disease, and what can parents do?

content of the article:

  • Diagnostics computer addiction
  • Therapies
  • How to protect your child from this scourge?
  • Programs for Addiction Prevention

Diagnostics computer addiction in a child - do the test!

Assessing the test as follows:

  • answer "very rare» - 1 point.
  • answer "sometimes» - 2 points.
  • answer "often» - 3 points.
  • answer "very often» - 4 points.
  • answer "always» - 5 points.

Questions for the test:

  1. How often does your child violates those time limits that you set for it in the "Internet sur
  2. How often he neglects her household duties in favor of the Internet?
  3. How often a child, new "friends" on the Internet?
  4. How often your child chooses a computer instead of relaxing with his family?
  5. How often have you or spouse complain that your child too keen on the Internet.
  6. How often your child check their e-mail directly to any other occupation?
  7. How often suffers his studies because of the passions computer?
  8. How often he leaves the answer in the question - "what do you do on the Internet?"
  9. How often he sits in his room at the computer?
  10. How often he chooses the computer instead of communicating with others?
  11. How often he call his new network "comrades"?
  12. How often he goes on the Internet against your ban (for example, you took away a laptop and caught the child, exiting the network via the phone)?
  13. How often your child gets annoyed when you ask it to distract from the computer?
  14. How often your child began to look tired and weary in comparison with the period when the computer he was not.
  15. How often he swears and different ways to express their anger after your lamentations on "again you spent the whole day on the Internet?"
  16. How often your child mentally seeks back online in moments of lack of access to a computer?
  17. How often he chooses the Internet instead of their former favorite activities?
  18. How often he chooses the Internet instead of walking with your friends?
  19. How often your child gets angry at times when you veto the use of the network or restrict the game?
  20. How often there are situations when a child is depressed and overwhelmed by the computer, and to return to the network alive and "sparkles with joy"?

consider and evaluate points:

  • Up to 50 points: no reason to panic, but it makes sense to minimize the time that your child spends on the laptop or tablet.And the best - find another hobby child until the computer became his best friend.
  • From 50 to 79 points: time for you to analyze the impact of the global network of the child and to draw conclusions.At a minimum, it should be limited to a pastime on the Internet and to identify all weaknesses relationships in your family and in the child's life - just run away from the problems of children in the world wide web.
  • above 80 points: your child's Internet dependent.Without the help of a specialist will be difficult to handle.

Therapies based computer in a child

course, the computer - is not only disadvantages and virtual dangers.On the Internet you can find useful materials, educational programs and other interesting things.

But children usually do not extend to the knowledge, and the games, and live communication network.Regular shoots in the virtual world lead to dangerous dependence on gaming and the internet to get rid of that extremely difficult.

What methods currently exist to treat it?

  1. Switching one psychological state to another. That is, the search for other ways of relaxation.The most difficult and the most effective method, in which no aid is indispensable.
  2. Joining a child to the sport.
  3. close communication with friends , relatives, interesting (and, preferably, authoritative) people.Of course, in the real world.
  4. Help psychologist.

should be understood that even the categorical prohibition not profit.Especially when we are talking about children.And self-recover from addiction and child can not.Need help parents and their patience.

treatment specialist

this option is selected, when the forces of the parents ends, and no "home" method does not bring results.

treatment regimen usually consists of the following components:

  • psychotherapy aimed at the return of the child in the real world.
  • Medications (to consolidate the results) to eliminate the violations that accompany the disease and complicate its treatment.For example, sedatives when excessive excitability and nervousness.
    antidepressants or if there are signs of prolonged depression and Internet "breaking."Required - vitamin complexes.
  • Treatment for physical signs of dependence (from incorrect posture and the syndrome of "dry eye" to carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.).
  • establishment mode holiday mode and "games" on the computer with the arrangement of the workplace of the child.
  • Gymnastics for the spine and eyes.
  • Alternative Medicine.It is used to restore the balance between the systems of the body and for the treatment of metabolic disorders.

essence of psychotherapy

meaning treatment - in the elimination of psychological conflict, which (as is usually the case) led to dependence, and social reintegration .During treatment specialist helps the child, first of all, understand the essence of destructive attachments without incurring his guilt (this is very important), and arouses a healthy critical attitude to this addiction.

Sessions can take place at home or in specially equipped rooms.Maximum efficiency is only possible with the consent of the child for treatment.Imposed sessions will only aggravate the situation.With the ineffectiveness of sessions with the consent of the parents can use hypnosis.

protect the child from computer addiction - able to parents!

protect the child from addiction can only parents.

How?Common prescription, alas, does not exist.But while this modern pandemic has not touched your offspring, should make every effort so that the computer was only useful for the child the subject of education.

What can parents do?

  • Do not use the technique of prohibitions
    categorical ban could lead to the fact that your child is cut off from you, or even dropped out of spite.Consider that the child is not aware of their dependence, and therefore punishment will not be able to understand.The ban on favorite activity always cause protest.
  • Be another child
    matter of trust between you - first of all.If your child trusts you, your fears and anxieties for it may be a deterrent.
  • Look for alternative child computer
    And the sooner - the better.
  • Control the process - in which a child is playing, how long, what pages comes
    addition Depending on the computer, there is also the danger of falling through a global network in bad company.
  • Strongly place the computer in the nursery
    Ideal - in a place where reside adult.for control.
  • As often as possible "disturb" the child during his games, distract from the computer various requests and suggestions
    interesting - what's new, he learned, on what sites is what I learned.
  • If you do not have time to control, search techniques to limit the time that your child spends on the monitor
    Think about installing a program that will restrict child access to unreliable pages and limit the games.
  • solve family problems in a timely manner and more interested in the problems in the personal life of the child
    That escape from the problems of children in the global network more often.
  • Install the rules of the games on the computer
    For example, only an hour a day.Or only after lessons will be made.The computer must be a privilege and useful items, rather than a means of entertainment and law.
  • Be daze example
    If you are in the morning until late at night sitting on the internet, the child simply does not understand - why you can, but he can not.
  • carefully look at the games, for which the child spends time
    Some games can lead to mental disorders, insomnia, fear, aggression.Choose educational games.
  • If you feel that your strength is not enough, and the child is more immersed in the world wide web, consult a specialist .
  • Do not buy a child of his "personal" computer. Let enjoys parent - Dad.At any time, you can pick it up on the pretext of "dad have to work."
  • Taking the computer in a child, be sure to offer an alternative. child should not suffer from boredom - he must be busy.If it pulls to the computer as a born artist's brush and paint, have the child on the computer courses - let time pass even with the use of, and not in vain - in the games.Let mastering Photoshop, create a website, studies programs - to the age of 18 a child will be a profession.
  • Buy Service and set it next to your computer. Maximum network for preschoolers - 30 minutes / day for a child of the senior classes - 1 hour / day.For 3 hours before bedtime to play strictly prohibited.
  • Teach your child is critical of the information from the network , keep personal information secret (and not put them on the show), to filter out harmful and useful websites.Teach your child to take only the useful from "dialogue" with the computer, and all the senseless excluded.

best programs for the prevention of computer addiction among children and adolescents

it easier for parents to control the way their children to the Internet to protect them from harmful content, and on the health risks created by today special programs , allowing asrestrict the games and keep track of the contents of websites on which child is.

most popular program among parents:

Time Boss

  • Price License - 600 p.Powered by a / Windows 7, Vista, XP.
  • Features: very simple interface, multiple languages, a good password protection, log screenshots and computer / events, statistics using a PC.With this software, you can completely control - when and what did the baby while you're not at home;establish time limits (for example, 1.5 hours / day - how to operate a PC as a whole and for specific sites) and so on. Screenshots and statistics software automatically will send you straight to the post office.
  • Plus program: parental controls can be hidden.That is, it will be visible only to you.Hack, delete files, uninstall the program the child is not able to if they wanted to - the right to such actions only have the boss (you).
  • nice bonus : 1 license - 3 computer!


  • cost - 1990 rubles for 1 year and 2 pcs.
  • In addition, you get an antivirus program , and you get the ability to restrict your child visit harmful sites and track - where exactly zahazhivaet child.
  • program also protects your personal files theft / intrusion (passwords, photos, etc.), Creating scheduled backups, and so forth.


  • cost - free.
  • Features: creating installations and environment monitoring time, a reminder of the need to break (and even offer to do certain exercises 1-10).
  • Features: easy to use, setting user preferences, display timers sound.

Mipko Time Sheriff

  • Powered by O / C Windows .
  • Cost: can download free.
  • Features: time limitation of the PC or separate applications for a specific account (handy when the PC - a common one at all);setting schedules, time periods, limitations;PC shutdown at the end of the permitted period (or lock, Hibernate, etc..) to restrict access to harmful sites.
  • Features: simple functionality, work in stealth mode, protection against hacking software / uninstall / remove.


  • Cost: 1st version - for free, 2nd version - 380 rubles.
  • Features: time limit work on a PC, creating schedules, control of its implementation, the prohibition to run malicious programs / games, blocking access to the Internet, sending reports on the activities of the parents of the children of the PC, a warning about the imminent end of the child's authorized period of timedemonstration schedule on the screen for a child.
  • Features: presence of Russian interface, a full report (including reports on the number of times as a kid and tried to break into the program or to reinstall some time), the help system in Russian.


  • Cost: can download free.
  • Features: control network traffic, monitor the work of each application, control the speed of data flow, traffic management, setting speed application download, statistics for all connections, setting limits and blocking certain applications / connections, restricting access to editing the settings /the rules of the program.
  • Features: remote PC control, WhoIs, TraceRoute, and others.

browser Gogul

  • cost - free of charge.
  • Installing applications made online after registration.
  • Features: protection from harmful information, a catalog of children's proven sites recommended by psychologists and educators Site statistics and reporting, time limit the child's stay in the network, creating schedules.

Advanced Parental Control 1.9

  • cost - about $ 40.
  • Features: work with accounts, limiting action in the network, keeping track of all actions of the network, the establishment of a schedule for the child, a ban (lock) on the use of the PC after expiry of the authorized period of time, creating black and white lists of sites for the child, drawinga list of keywords to block sites where these words are found;blocking access to the control panel and the "Start" menu to remove / install programs;do not download files to access network settings for the installation of the new printer;create screenshots and remembering all the windows sites that were visited.