6 applications to spend the summer with the use of

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
10 March 2016

Summer is in full swing, but you still have the opportunity to catch hold it to good use.We have prepared a selection of apps for your smartphone that will develop, both physically and spiritually.

«My motivation»


begin with motivation, because, as we know, it will not work without a single case.Think about what you want to achieve in bizhayshee time.Finally, begin to exercise regularly?Lose again to be irresistible in your favorite dress?Do the work, to which did not reach his hands?Simply select the desired template, set reminders, create personal goals."My motivation" is available for the iPhone and Apple Watch.



unique application for the eternal students, as well as those who are always eager to learn and develop your brain."Universarium" available for IPhone, and for Android, contains more than 60 different courses in different subjects.Lectures are the best teachers of about 40 universities in the country.All you need to study - access to the Internet, classes are

absolutely free.



TED (an abbreviation of the English. Technology Entertainment Design; Technology, Entertainment, Design) - is a private non-profit foundation in the US, known annual conference.The TED app for iOS and Android, you can watch and listen to performances by the most amazing people in the world - the pioneers in education, technical geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus and music legends.Most of the lectures - in English, but the video is accompanied by subtitles.

easy ten


If you want to gain more knowledge on foreign teachers and other interesting people, and language skills is not enough, come to the aid application easy ten for iOS and Android.Appendix gently teaches regular classes, I offer to teach 10 new foreign words in a day.Simply select the language you want to know and start.With the application, you can learn English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.In addition, regular exercise gives easy ten real prizes: free classes on language courses and tutoring.10 words a day - on the one hand, not so much, but if you count, that in a month you will already know 300, and a year later - 3650 new words!



Many of us justify their unwillingness to work out the different reasons: lack of time, money, or the nearby fitness center.Appendix Seven people are doing more sport in just 7 minutes.Only with the help of chairs, walls and body weight training uses the seven-minute research to maximize the effect of regular exercise in the shortest possible time.Seven guides you through the seven-minute workout with the help of detailed illustrations, visual timers, voice instructions and even tactile feedback, switching between 30 seconds of intense exercise and 10 seconds of rest.The app is available for iOS and Android.

Daily Yoga


If you're not ready to play sports, you can try to do yoga.This can help you Daily Yoga app for iOS and Android.Dynamic yoga sessions of varying lengths and levels, HD-video, live voice narration, soothing music - all in one application.The application of more than 400 positions, 50 lessons, 18 songs, 4 programs, 3 levels of intensity.