The baby green snot - what is the reason and how to treat?

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13 March 2016

Such an unpleasant surprise, like green snot a child, my mother often puts a standstill.Conventional medicine does not help, the kid laid the spout, and the color of snot disturbs and frightens.Where did they come from, these green snot, what to do, and that usually offer doctors in this case?

content of the article:

  • Why baby green snot
  • Treatment of green snot in infants up to 1 year
  • How to treat protracted lush green snot have an older child?
  • Prevention green snot a child

Why is snot green child - the main reasons

soon as you notice the baby snot green, you know - in the nasopharynx toddler settled bacteria and the body tries to fight them.That is the beginning of infection you have missed.

reasons for this phenomenon may be a few:

  • SARS."Classics of the genre."
  • Physiological runny nose (usually in infants crumbs).
  • purulent rhinitis.
  • etmoidit.In this case, inflammation (as a complication of rhinitis) is manifested not only in green purulent eye-catching, but also a pain
    in the nose, as well as a rise in temperature.
  • Sinusitis.This case is already very dangerous serious consequences.Because symptoms except green mucus, pain can be noted between the nose and the edges of the jaw or rather the orbit, the temperature rise (not always), and headaches.Sometimes there are dark circles under the eyes.
  • front.Also one of the complications of rhinitis (inflammation of the frontal sinuses).Manifested purulent track with a nose - throat, and pain in the forehead.

a child with a cold

As for the allergic reaction - it can occur simultaneously with the infection, which manifests itself in the form of green snot, but the cause of green snot allergies can not be.

allergy symptom - transparent snot, infection (viral disease) - green.

What is the danger of green snot?

inflammatory process can develop very quickly develop into sinusitis or even meningitis.Not to mention the fact that flowing into the nozzle throat provoke the spread of infection, not only upward but also downward - in the bronchi and lungs.It is also rather short, and the ears of the way, so that may occur, and otitis media.

should therefore be especially careful if the child has green snot: Immediately contact your doctor, monitor the temperature of the general well-being of the child.Do not let the disease take its course!

Treatment of green snot in infants up to 1 year

is strictly forbidden to start the treatment of the child on their own.First of all - a visit to Laura.After - treatment, according to the recommendations.

And if 4-5-year-old kid can start the procedure for relieving advance, the doctor is required for infants, and treatment should be as forgiving.

So, how to treat newborn?

  • 1st month

to start looking for the cause (with the help of a doctor, of course).If runny physiological pipsqueak eats well, and the temperature is not present, no specific treatment is required.Excess mucus removed a rubber bulb, the room well ventilated to maintain sufficient humidity.

  • 2nd month

Karapuz constantly in the horizontal position and the nozzles can flow into the throat.Therefore, the doctor usually appoints vasoconstrictor drops, various means on the basis of sea water and cleaning solutions based on salt.If a serious infection appointed antivirals or antibiotics.

  • 3-4-th month

sure to use an aspirator - the nose must be freed from excess mucus.Moreover, to spend money on an expensive and fashionable aspirator is not necessary, because the most convenient, efficient and least traumatic remains the option of syringe (small size pear).


Before cleaning is recommended to drip into each nostril 1-2 drops of a solution of a salt (bought in a pharmacy or prepared with boiled water) - it will soften the crust and facilitate cleaning of the nasal mucus.The drugs are usually given on the basis of oxymetazoline (eg nazivin 0.01%).

  • 5th month

With this age you can use the system Ortivin Baby (solution, removable nozzle with filter and aspirator itself).At the heart of the solution - sodium chloride in a concentration not irritating the nasal mucosa toddler.Either the classic version, first tip is cleaned with a blower, after mom buries vasoconstrictor drops (Vibrocil, xylitol, Otrivin).Regarding vibrotsil it apart decongestant action has also antiallergic.

  • 6th month

strictly forbidden to drip in a nose breast milk during the infectious nature of mucus, which can cause purulent sinusitis, etmoidit.Number of safety bodies in the blood of crumbs in this period is reduced, so the body's resistance drops, and runny nose occur very often.Consultation is obligatory!

General recommendations are the same - pump out snot, clean the nose saline eyedrops.When complications are acting on the instructions of the doctor.

  • 7th month

Viral rhinitis in this age of the baby can be treated with drops of Interferon (either dry Grippferon leykotsetarny interferon - 1-2 drops of 3 p / day), which contribute to destruction of viruses in the mucous.Do not forget to pre-clean the nose aspirator - pipsqueak still can not vysmarkivatsya!

  • 8th month

Age almost "adult", but still aloe / kalanchoe, beet juice and other old wives' methods should not be used to prevent an allergic reaction.Driving the same - cleaning nose of mucus droplets.You can also select a warming ointment (not a "star" and the more sparing agent) to smear the sides of the nose and temples.But only after consulting your doctor.And remember: warming ointment with a strong inflammatory process is strictly prohibited!

  • 9th month

addition to the already known method using acupressure (it can only be done after the trial of massage under the expert guidance).The point of impact - about orbits and in the recesses of the wings of the nose.Spend a massage in the form of a game, warm hands (with his guide-boards / finger) and clockwise.

nasal drops

  • 10th month

It is now possible to use a nebulizer for inhalation.To use this unit rr physiological sodium chloride solution, and for steam inhaler - concoctions of herbs or special drops.If the device is frightened toddler, steam inhalation can be done over the plate.

medical gathering after the infusion is poured into a bowl and, while my mother distracting crumbs puppet show, he breathes useful couple of sage, eucalyptus or chamomile.Do not anneal the child - pairs should not blame the clubs from the plate.

Do not forget to clean the nose!Medications drip and drinking only on the recommendation of a pediatrician.

mom Note:

  • Obey dosage!When 2 drops of prescription - that 2 drops.
  • Sprays for infants do not use.
  • Clean baby's nose - with the help of a syringe, aspirator, padded harnesses.Ideal - Electrical / exhaustion, but it should be selected and used carefully - with the expectation of suction machine.
  • At the time of extraction snot pull the nipple out of his mouth baby!Otherwise you risk to put the baby ear barotrauma.
  • When backfilling the baby is laid back and preheated (not cold!) Solution is injected from the pipette on the inner edge of the outer wing of the nose.Then nostril mom presses a finger to the back of the nose for 1-2 minutes.

Also, your doctor may prescribe ultraviolet light to cleanse nasal cavity, or electrophoresis to improve the outflow of mucus and suppress inflammation.

Green snot children - some drugs are allowed children?

  • Protorgol.Tool with silver ions to cleanse the nose.It is usually prepared in a pharmacy, and improperly storing it can cause allergies.
  • Izofra.This antibiotic use rate - 1 week, three times a day.
  • Sulfatsil sodium.This option for the antibacterial therapy in crumbs to 1 year.
  • Rinofluimutsil.With 2 years.Effective spray very successfully coping with green snot.
  • Polydex.
  • Vibrocil.
  • Rinopront - from 1 years old.
  • vasoconstrictor drugs.Their use is limited - with difficulty breathing, and before feeding (Otrivin and nazivin, Sanorin or oxymetazoline, xylometazoline).Course - less than a week.
  • Pinosol and various blends of essential oils.
  • akvamaris, kviks, akvalor - pharmaceutical solutions (sea water).
  • Antibiotics.
  • means a homeopathic anti-inflammatory effects - Sinupret and gelomirtol.
  • Antihistamines - to reduce the swelling of the mucous (Claritin, suprastin etc.).


remind: choice medication doctor does!Do not risk the health of the child.

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How to treat protracted lush green snot have an older child?

kids who came out of infancy, to treat a little easier.However, the safety and caution has not been canceled: choosing the method of treatment, pay attention to the children of the age, a dose of medication, do not forget about the risk of allergy.

Key activities to facilitate STATUS Ia (appeared almost snot):

  • Wet cleaning and humidification.Sometimes a simple humidifier enough to alleviate the condition - not stagnate snot thinning and accumulate in the sinuses.
  • regularly blowing the nose or nasal cleansing syringe.
  • fluid intake in large quantities.Suitable tea with lemon, rose hips, black Smorodov, herbal infusions, plain water, fruit drinks and fruit drinks, and so on.
  • Warming feet.
  • inhalation.
  • airing of the room.

course, runny nose, these steps do not cure but can help alleviate the condition.

Nasal lavage:

  • Independently solution is prepared on the basis of warm boiled water (liter).It is added and stir ½ hours / liter of salt and ½ hours / liter of soda.Or 1 hour / L sea salt per liter water.After 4-5 years, the amount of water can be reduced to 0.5 liters.
  • Washing - under the supervision of my mother!In each nostril instill 2-4 drops of the solution, and then (after a couple of minutes) can be blown out and the nose to drip drop.
  • lavage is performed 2-3 times a day.
  • Instead of salt you can use ready-made pharmacy saline - for children up to 2 years recommended by him.
  • Nasal lavage kid do to put him on his back.First on one flank and burying one nostril, then turn over and drips into another.
  • For kids 4-5 years after the wash can make the syringe (without the needle of course).Gaining him no more than ½ cube solution.Either pipetted - 2-3 drops.
  • drops during washing should go to the nasal septum.


With their help treat immediately and cough, and runny nose.Inhalation cleanses the airways, reduce swelling, discharge of phlegm, mucus.


  • over cooked potatoes, covered her head with a towel.Age of the child should be sufficient to ensure that the procedure was safe.
  • over a bowl of hot water to which are added essential oils (eg, fir).Remember that essential oils - a very powerful drug, and more than 1-2 drops on a plate dripping prohibited.Age - after 3-4 years.
  • Nebulizers.Such a device will not interfere in every home (and adults, he quickly relieves colds and bronchitis).Advantages: ease of use, the distribution of the drug in the most difficult hard to reach places, dosage adjustment, no risk of burns mucous.


It is conducted after 2 years, and only in the absence of inflammation.That is, with the permission of the doctor.


  • Warming ointment.
  • Warming feet.
  • Warming nose using eggs or sugar / salt.Sugar is heated, poured into a canvas bag and warm nose first on one side, then the other (or boiled boiled egg wrapped in a towel).
  • Dry heat.

nasal lavage

procedures in the children's clinic:

  • UHF therapy, ultraviolet.
  • Ionized aeration.
  • microwave therapy,
  • Magnetic and electrophoresis.
  • Hardware drug inhalation.

Do not forget to ask about contraindications!For example, after surgery or sinusitis (and other purulent processes) heating contraindicated.

Also in the complex therapy ...

  • nose buried in the solution of calendula and chamomile (no more than 2 drops after 1-2 years).
  • ASIC baby tea with honey (in the absence of an allergy after a year).
  • Gray legs in mustard bath.
  • Walk often and for long periods, if there is no heat.
  • create humidity in children at 50-70% and the temperature - about 18 degrees.

And be careful!If the baby except green snot appeared and headache (as well as pain in the nose, or other related symptoms), do not pull on a visit to the doctor - this may be a sign of complications (otitis media, sinusitis, sinusitis and so on.).

Prevention green snot a child

To prevent green snot babies use the same tools and techniques as for any prevention of colds and increase immunity:

  • Give your child vitamins.
  • arranges diet - Only a balanced diet, more vegetables / fruits.Most
  • walk and constantly ventilated children.
  • Tempered (dousing, air baths).
  • set clear sleep and nutrition.
  • Use oksolinovuyu ointment (her nose smeared inside before going out - during a flu epidemic, SARS, before going to kindergarten / school).

easier to prevent than to cure!