7 Ways to withdraw from the apartment midges

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
12 March 2016

Who of us has not faced this problem?Mote in the apartment appear suddenly and are prevented, annoying residents with their presence.Some species - and they are many - can even bite.But the good news is that the ways of dealing with them are the same, and read a lot of literature in order to determine which of their representatives, you are entering into a fight, you do not have to.

content of the article:

  • Causes of midges in the apartment
  • 7 ways to get rid of small midges
  • Terms prevention - how to prevent the emergence of midges remain in the apartment?

Where there are small gnats in the apartment?

The very first thing to do - is to establish the cause of the midges.Only then can you begin to effectively deal with them in the apartment.

Where they may appear - a mystery for many people, because the window at the same time can be any time of the year.Windows and doors are closed in the winter, that is - fly midge simply nowhere.

list the main causes of these unwanted guests in you

r home:

One of the most common causes of midges in the apartment biologists call dirty fruits or vegetables brought by a home garden or shop

Long before

on your desk, on the fruit were postponed eggs are dormant, remission, wait until the fruit starts to rot and deteriorate.

lice in fruit

And then comes their finest hour, as this is the main food for the midges.Eggs appear larvae that quickly turn into gnats.

their lifespan is very small, only about a day.But with abundant nutrient medium, for example - rotting fruit, they multiply very rapidly, leading to a rapid filling of the room these insects, if the time had not been taken to eliminate the source.

very common and widespread cause of midges is also poor hygiene bin and irregular garbage removal

The leftover food lying in the garbage can be eggs, and at the beginning of the decay, they are beginning to wake up.

If the waste is put on the surface of the bucket, and has not been seen at the same time, it can also serve as a coming army of small parasites.

should be remembered, and a place in the house as a living area

There is always a rotting organics.For example, an aquarium with abundant growth of algae and water for a long time does not change, or cell with a rabbit or other animal.These areas should always be clean to insects were unable to eat there and lay eggs.

plants can also cause profuse breeding of midges

Especially if applicable a national way of fertilizer, as the tea leaves.Midges are very fond of tea and its remnants.

also the reason may be the high humidity in pots near them and associated with abundant watering houseplants.

And the most mysterious place where there are midges, when it seems that just about everything is perfect and licked clean, running water and a sewage system

bits of food getting into the sewage system can get stuck in the trap and toiletsand there continue to rot.This provokes a constant and uncontrollable appearance midges throughout the house.

From the above it can be concluded that the house gnats appear because of problems with hygiene facilities and communications.


Fall gnats in the house solely by the person who brings them into his own house.Their further life and development depends on the cleanliness of the room in which they hit.

7 ways to get rid of small midges

Fight indoor gnats makes sense only when pinpoint the cause and place of their occurrence.In all other cases, all attempts to get rid of the uninvited guests will be crowned with failure.

try below to describe the main ways to combat lice:

  • first step is to conduct a full audit of all fruit and vegetables stored in the home

If the test revealed spoiled fruit immediatelyget rid of them, and a good shift in the refrigerator.

also worth a look in cereals, pour them.Check that in the field of storage was not damp and loose themselves had no traces prelosti.After checking seal the cereal in a dry, clean container.

  • carefully crafted sink and wash basin

You can use various modern means to eliminate blockages in pipes and siphons.
If they are not at hand, it is possible to resort to the old folk ways.Cover the neck sink soda and vinegar to extinguish it.When the reaction is to be held, which is accompanied by intense hissing, I rinse with plenty of running water.

It should also be borne in mind that the dismantling of the siphon for cleaning at least once a year will be a very positive influence on the hygiene of premises.

gnats in the kitchen sink

  • in pots with plants, too, should do some manipulation

For example, the well to get rid of lice several matches stuck into the ground sulfur heads down.It should also be possible to reduce the intensity of irrigation, to get rid of dampness and decay of the root system of plants.You can also sprinkle a little ground pepper.

  • kormёzhki Habitats and pets should be kept clean

time to change fillers, not letting them rot and wash the dishes for kormёzhki.

  • also well help trap

Made it very easy.You will need an empty plastic bottle.From her neck to cut so as to obtain a funnel.After insert it into the nose of the trimmed down and fix tape.At the bottom of the bottle to put something that would serve as bait.A piece of rotted fruit or a spoonful of jam.Good work a small amount of beer.Midges fly to the smell in the narrow neck and back can not get out.Such traps must be disposed of without disassembling them, the bay water and detergent.

  • in the fight against lice great help geraniums

This flower should be grown on a window sill in a residential area.Many insects, including midges, panic can not stand the smell of it.By the way, geranium good saves from home and moths.

  • also good to help get rid of lice sticky tape

hung their worth not only in the open, but in the middle of the cabinet.

But this method is only effective when established causes of midges and made steps to address these causes.

Terms prevention - how to prevent the emergence of midges remain in the apartment?

Prevention prevent gnats in your home is very simple and straightforward.It -

  • good hygiene for premises.
  • Regular cleaning, garbage removal.
  • Regular wash bin.
  • cleaning siphons.
  • timely discarding products that began to sour.

also as prophylaxis midges well help caustic and persistent odors.For example - the smell of garlic or geranium, camphor and incense, if not prevent 100% occurrence of midges, it will significantly reduce the risk of their appearance.

These measures are guaranteed to rid your home of pesky, unwanted guests.