Choose the best detergents for dishwashers

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12 March 2016

Everyone knows that the dishwasher - a real salvation for every housewife.It saves time, energy and even water with energy.And to serve the machinery for a long time, you should not only to care for her, but also wisely choose the means to wash.Firstly, to avoid damage to the machine, and secondly, that it is used effectively.

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  • Types of detergents for dishwashers
  • 7 best detergents for dishwashers
  • How to choose the right tools for the dishwasher?

Types of detergents for dishwashers - pills, powders or gels?

to "dishwasher" to serve faithfully for years, and utensils after it shone and creaked from the purity needed to select appropriate and effective detergents.

What does the modern market?

  • Powders

Economy, popular and convenient form of detergent.Disadvantages: You can pour past the compartment or, in special cases, scratch dishes.Accidental inhalation of microparticles sprinkling powder under the same benefit is not.Wash cycle "consumes" about 30

grams of funds.

  • Gels

The safest car, economical and convenient way.It does not contain abrasives, softens the water, does not spoil (not oxidize) silver, removes even tough stains, suitable for porcelain, quickly dissolved in water (even with short cycle).And shed gel is also very difficult.

  • Tablets

for older machines are not recommended (old model may simply not find a remedy tablets).In other cases - convenient, efficient means without flaws powder funds.Minus - short-cycle such a tablet may simply not have time to dissolve.For the price also goes a little more expensive in comparison to powders.At cycle 1 goes 1 tablet (with soft water).


  • Universal products (3in1, etc..)

The funds - the most popular and have a triple effect - cleanser, a special water softener + rinse.And sometimes even freshener for the car, protection against scaling and others.

  • eco-funds (the same forms - powders, gels, tablets)

this view - for the hosts, who dream of a vehicle, fullywashed into the machine.ECO means deprived of fragrances, are hypoallergenic, do not remain on the dishes.

Choice funds rests with the hostess.It all depends on the machine itself, the size of the purse, the number of regular dishwashing, etc..

also used (in the absence of funds 3in1):

  • softener

That is, the special salt.Its purpose - protection from scale.

  • Rinse

Purpose - protection from stains on the dishes.

  • freshener

It is necessary for a pleasant aroma of freshness, both the dishes and the technique.

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7 best detergents for dishwashers Review housewives

According to consumer reviews, ratings for dishwashers presented the following products:

  • Calgonit Finish Gel

average cost - about 1300 rubles for a bottle of 1.3 liters.

cost-effective, which is enough for 4-5 months at a daily downloads.

effectively washes the dishes - squeaky and shine.Easy to use.With a minimum of dishes can be filled with a minimum of means.

Manufacturer - Reckitt Benckiser.

Calgon finish

  • BioMio BIO-Total tablets

The average price - 400 rubles per 30 pieces.ECO-tool 7 1.

a part - essential eucalyptus oil.

These pills protect the glass, provides shine stainless steel cookware, remove all odors.No rinsing is required and salt (these components are already present in the composition).

Bio-Total can be used for short wash cycle, thanks to the rapid solubility of the tablets.Chlorine, phosphates, flavoring agents, aggressive chemicals - no.No streaks on the dishes is not.

Manufacturer - Denmark.

  • Claro powder

The average price - 800 rubles.

This means triple action does not require the use of additional rinse aid.

also includes components for the protection of the scum and salt softens water.Crockery after washing perfectly clean without streaks.Pre-soak the dirty dishes are not required.Consumption - Economy.

Producer - Austria.


  • Finish Quantum tablets

average cost - about 1300 rubles per 60 pieces.

Highly effective, easy to launder and clean, even dried-on food residues.According to the consumer - one of the best tools.Fully water rinse.

Manufacturer - Reckitt Benckiser, Poland.

Frosch Soda tablets

average cost - 600-700 rubles per 30 pieces.

ECO tool (three-layer tablets).

Action - an intense, fast.It allows the purity and brilliance dishes even at low water temperatures.Formula funds - with natural soda, rinse and salt.

Harmful chemicals, phosphates, no additives.It protects against limescale.It does not cause allergies.

Producer - Germany.

  • Minel Total 7 tablets

The average price - 500 rubles per 40 pieces.

Instant lipolysis, reliable protection from scale / lime.

tool effectively at any temperature of water disinfection provides completely washed off with water.

salt and rinse aid are already present in the composition.

Producer - Germany.

  • Clean & amp;Fresh Active Oxygen Lemon tablets

The average price - 550 rubles per 60 pieces.

perfect cleaning dishes to shine, does not leave stains, odors.Utensils from silver tool protects against tarnishing the car - on the scale.

addition salt and rinse aid is not necessary to acquire.

Producer - Germany.

wedge of fresh End

How to choose the right tools for the dishwasher?

to your dishwasher to work effectively for a long time, pick the right detergents and taking into account all the nuances (the composition of funds, the type of machine, etc.).

What you need to remember?

  • The first and most important thing: never use for his art conventional tools used for manual dishwashing.You risk to ruin the dishwasher completely and irrevocably.Choose funds in accordance with the type / class of vehicle.
  • slightly alkaline agents with enzymes.Such means are ideally washed dishes and gently, even at 40-50 degrees, they can be applied to any type of liquid.
  • Funds with chlorine in the composition.This component is known as an aggressive and hard, any contaminants are washed quickly and clean.But for fragile, "delicate" dishes such means absolutely not suitable (crystal, porcelain, nickel silver painted dishes, silverware).
  • Funds are available as part of alkaline components + oxidizing component that is based on oxygen, suitable for almost any liquid.But they are different bleaching effect.
  • If you save on Universal detergents, it is recommended to purchase salt, degreasers and conditioners to protect and cleanse machines.
  • When selecting gel as detergent pay attention to its composition.Searching the agent that does not contain a chlorine bleach, phosphate and EDTA, NTA and dyes - exclusively non-toxic agent.Best Mode - gel with a pH 4-5 and biological components in the composition.