Rating the best means to care for shoes

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13 March 2016

products for shoes Slush, dust, frost, rain, chemicals - all these factors quickly lead our shoes and boots into disrepair, but even the most impractical shoes is able to maintain its foreign novelty with proper care.A proper care - is, first and foremost, special products for shoes, save where it is impossible.According to experts, such funds should be spent not less than 10 per cent of the cost of the shoes.The main thing - not to be mistaken with a choice.

What means for care of footwear today presented in the domestic market, and which brands consumers choose?


All shoe cream is divided into ...

  • thick cream, based on organic solvents

Advantage: optimum effect in bad weather.Composition - solvents, wax and dye components, animal fat.Suitable for shoes made of thick leather.

  • Liquid creams, emulsion

most effective in the warmer months.The composition of the solvent less (blocked replaced by water).An ideal choice for an elegant way of fine leather shoes.Security level - lower, in compari

son with the fat thick cream, glitter but provides a very stable.

Kiwi Cream

Best shoe polish - Guest Rating consumers:

  1. Salamander.
  2. Kiwi.
  3. Sapphire.

water-repellent spray

This tool - a real salvation for shoes as suede / nubuck and leather.Properly selected spray will not only protect your boots from the effects of slush, snow and chemicals, but also facilitate the "shoe torment."

Processing Shine Spray - a lightweight, comfortable and clean process than treatment with a cream.Water-repellent spray keeps the whiteness of white boots, the intensity of the color - the color for shoes, suede protects from getting wet, and the skin - from deformation.

only drawback means - very pungent smell.

Spray for shoes

Best repellent spray - Guest Rating consumers:

  1. Niki Line Anti Rain.German agent for footwear of any material, including furs and textiles.
  2. Salamander Universal SMS.Significantly prolongs the life of the shoe.
  3. Ecco.It protects against moisture without disrupting air shoes.Economy and efficiency.
  4. Collonil Nanopro.Universal means.It used for shoes and clothes.It created based on nano-technology.Economical, efficient and fantastic ... very expensive.
  5. Kiwi Aqua Stop.It dries quickly, efficiently works suitable for handbags, democratic price.


tool that protects shoes against water and dirt in the depth of the material.Impregnation permanently keeps shoes in the proper form and protects feet from dampness.

When you select this tool, oriented to the type of material and the weather - just the shoe, footwear and clothing for the winter weather and reagents, or the rainy weather, and so forth.

Shoe impregnation

most effective are silicone impregnation, through which the water justIt flows from the shoe, and the protective film are uniformly distributed over the surface of the shoe, without blocking airflow.Effective action means begins after 8-9 hours, so treatment is carried out usually in the evening, in accordance with the type of impregnation (spray, emulsion, etc.).

  • For suede better to choose from fluorocarboxylic impregnation resin for better protection.
  • for smooth skin - wax and silicone impregnation.
  • for daily use - paint-balm in the form of a spray.
  • For all kinds of shoe materials - fluorine-containing impregnation.

best impregnation - Guest Rating consumers:

  1. Salton.
  2. Salamander Professional.
  3. Saphir.
  4. Tarrago.
  5. Bar.
  6. Nikwax (suede / nubuck).

Painting restorer

With this tool, you can restore shoes, suffered from the effects of bad weather, restore scratches, abrasions, broken noses / heels disguise almost any defects.In addition to the restoration and masking properties, reducing agent will protect shoes from dirt and moisture, prevent stains, restore color intensity and velvety nubuck.

main advantages of high-quality reducing agent in color fastness - it does not stain your clothes and wash off after drying.The reducing agent should be left on the shoe until completely dry, then attach a protective effect means.

As part of the reducing agent - silicone and stabilizers, pigments, wax with natural oils and so on. The tool rests on the surface of the shoe, like a second skin, and easy to hide even cuts, seams and traces of glue on the shoes.

Best reducer - rating cream paint and spray paint:

  1. Salamander.
  2. Erdal.
  3. Collonil.
  4. Sitil.
  5. Saphir.
  6. Kiwi.
  7. Silver.


These funds not so long ago appeared on our market successfully and immediately drove all the "Grandma's methods."If purchased (donated) footwear fell slightly not stem simply is not spread or sat through repeated getting wet / drying, the stretcher will solve this problem - it softens the skin and provides it an easy stretch to the desired size (within reason, of course).

rasstyazhitel shoe

Top stretcher:

  1. Salamander.
  2. Salton.
  3. Kiwi.

Sprays Antikolor

They took new shoes and white socks became black?And the boots must have been expensive?Do not despair and do not rush to throw them in the trash.Now it is possible to solve this problem.Staining of socks and tights sins, alas, expensive shoes.Your magic wand - means Antikolor protecting socks from staining and fixing the pigment layer of the inner part of your shoes by creating a protective film.

This tool can be used for a completely different material and shape of the spray will greatly facilitate the task.

Top sprays Antikolor:

  1. Salamander.
  2. Collonil.
  3. Saphir.


One of the main assistants in any weather, is always present in women's purse, and at home on the shelf (or in the office, in the dressing room).An indispensable item: a pair of strokes - and shoes again shines like new.Of course, to compare the effectiveness of a sponge impregnated or cream should not be, but without her sometimes just not enough.

sponge Cons: maximum 30-50 purges footwear (then it just dries up and loses its quality), glycerol impregnated sponge is dissolved in water (ie, moisture shoes do not protect), and the foam is very quickly broken.

most durable sponge - a dense foam, with a body made of polystyrene, with pump and on the basis of silicone oils.Well, it is worth remembering also that the appointment of a sponge - shine, not to protect shoes from moisture.

best sponges - Rating:

  1. Salamander (in structure - coloring, impregnation of silicone).
  2. Salton professional (double sponge gel dispenser).
  3. Smart (a part - the dye, silicone oil. Anti-dust effect).
  4. Silver (a part - perfume and silicone oil, dye).
  5. Vilo (as a part of - silicone oil, dye).

Polishing for patent shoes

Fine lacquered skin needs special care.The best remedy - a special polish for protection against cracking to preserve the elasticity of the skin to shine.Suitable for patent leather and synthetic natural look.When used properly, significantly prolongs the life of the shoe.

a part - special oils.

Top polishes 怓 rating of consumers:

  1. Collonil.
  2. Saphir.
  3. Lack Polish Niki Line.
  4. Lack Care Salamander.


One of the most useful "tools" for the care of footwear is, of course, a shoe brush.

Brush for footwear

Best - a natural bristle brush and with a certain distance between the rows of pile (for easy removal cream with a brush after the cleaning of shoes).

tool body should have a protective lacquer coating or consist of plastic.

Top brush - Guest Rating consumers:

  1. Salamander (two-sided brush).
  2. Twist Casual Style Mini.
  3. Salton (triple brush, perfect for a suede / nubuck).


If you have suede shoes and the color - the original (neither white nor black), the ideal cleaning - dry.That is, using a special eraser.This tool helps maintain the structure of suede and remove dirt without damaging the surface.

best erasers - Guest Rating consumers:

  1. Complex Care Salton Professional.For suede, suede, nubuck.
  2. Solitaire.To remove stains from suede.
  3. Saphir.For suede, velor.
  4. Collonil Nubuk Box.For suede, nubuck.

Means for footwear of textile

for shoes / boots of the membrane / textile materials should be selected special funds.Typically, they should mark "care of Gore-tex».

best means for textile shoes - Rating:

  1. Salamander Universal-SMS.
  2. Granger's Leather Conditioner.
  3. Salamander.
  4. Collonil Water spray.