I will become a singer - you need to do and how to start a singing career?

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24 March 2016

Well, what little girl does not dream of standing on the stage, squinting against the glare of spotlights, loud and sweet-singing to the applause of the audience?To tell the truth, much of adult women have dreams about it.But that's someone who lives with dreams all my life, and someone comes to that dream, as a powerful icebreaker "Arktika" - through any obstacles to fame and recognition.

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What you need to do to become a singer? How to realize his dream?

How to become a singer

  • The appearance
    singer - not just a girl singing in the bathroom or in the process of washing dishes.This is - a public figure.Accordingly, it should look at the fine.That all was well - and makeup and your hair and skin, and, of course, its own unique style.And, look regal need at any time of life.Even at night.In short, get used to the new status in advance - and determined to win it will be easier.
  • Struggling with complexes
    Naturally, no one pay attention to yo
    u if you tushuetes, shy, blush - and that's before they go on stage.And on the stage and you did forget - what to sing, how to look, and why do come here.Therefore, we begin to struggle with their systems in advance.If you own to cope with them is impossible - turn to experts in training, read useful articles, experimenting on relatives, friends, at parties and so forth.
  • Vocal Lessons - instead of lunch, on weekends and holidays
    has absolutehearing and a powerful voice that explode thick glasses - that's good.But properly trained voice - this is another step.And any expert in vocal immediately identify - or an amateur you have to curb their voice.So - ran a record to the teacher!It is desirable for the best.Do not feel sorry for money delivered by voice depends on many things.There you can get useful acquaintances and learn about the most secret secrets on the topic - "how to sing to everyone around stunned with delight."
  • «We build the song and help us live»
    if you have visited vocal lessons, this does not mean that the rest of the time you need to relax and take care of your nerves neighbors - go anywhere!Practice, practice and practice only.Before going to bed, in the shower, at work, at lunchtime, in karaoke bars or at home in a microphone.Do not miss a single Vocal Competition, any opportunity to demonstrate their talent.It happens that a miracle happens so suddenly that I did not have time to get lost - and already a star!
  • 's voice - your future working tool, and your business card
    So - take care of it.If you squinted dreaded SARS, and in the throat like a coil of barbed wire stuffed - do not try to sing.And not only to sing, and even to talk or whisper.Also it is necessary to refrain from singing at an elevated temperature and in the critical days.
  • Learning musical instruments
    With this additional talent you will notice faster.And the prospects are becoming wider.If the master musical instrument 1-3, the long-awaited dream itself will turn to meet you, and the ability to get into any musical group is a multiple increase.
  • Master the special programs on your computer to record your voice sounded perfectly
    Only then will demonstrate their talent producer.No skills or opportunities?Refer to a friend.
  • Learn to move
    Not only the carcass, standing with a hairdryer instead of a microphone, dancing or swaying hopak as Rowan in the wind - and present themselves on stage as an artist.That is, moving so bright, brilliant and fascinating, that you envied even Shakira.Use the whole arsenal of tools - articles, video tutorials, courses, learning from experts, communication with professionals in forums, etc..
  • Want to impress the world?
    not sing other people's songs, when you leave at any stage, or even to friends in the kitchen with a guitar - write their own songs.You can, of course, to turn to professionals, but it is expensive, and at the beginning singer with money is usually tight.Therefore, write yourself or ask friends for help.Certainly in your neighborhood there are talented poets, and maybe even novice genius composers.

How to become a singer

You have already written the song?And skills honed?And do not be ashamed to show themselves?

So, it's time to seek outlets on the big stage.

What are my options?

  • Record your own CD in a studio and send your entry on all radio stations, all potential producers, and in general, wherever you may be interested.Do not worry if you fail, you ignore or even rude: the path to the stars - he always lies through the thorns.
  • recorded clips and make him the same thing.And and put it on the Internet, do not forget to send the link to all my acquaintances, friends and useful to people.For help in the creation of the clip, you can contact the studio, and you can record your own.By the way, many contemporary musicians began with home videos to YouTube.
  • Remember recorded clip or disc, enlist the sincere support , approval and constructive criticism of their friends (although criticized by the always helpful and honest).
  • If your song is like all - friends, family, strangers in social networks, if the number of likes for your music video is growing rapidly, and the neighbors knocking on your battery, requiring "encore" - do not rush to scatter golden stardust, move on.Record a new song!Let your songs like waiting for rain in the desert, every hour looking to the Internet - and not work out whether the new?
  • And - believe in yourself. Even failure - it is experience.Concludes correct errors and try again and again until the recognition does not come to you.
  • you have already started to receive offers? call, write "important people" offer to play in a clip to sing on the radio, to speak at corporate or club?Be careful!In the best case, you can run into a scam at worst ... the worst will not.Just be careful.Before agreeing to anything, check the contacts of the caller and the truthfulness of the proposal.If you "like, really ..." - bring a friend, husband, Man stronger, so that no one even thought there was no hurt you.
  • If you do or do not like about the bids received - refuse. Look the person who can be trusted.
  • Look for musicians who can organize a group. musical collective with a bright soloist notice faster than a soloist.And get into the clubs with the group will be much easier.A path to the club scene is much shorter.Exception - if the voice of your people stop in the middle of the road, to cry with happiness and ask for an autograph.Then we can, and alone.
  • Find your own style. original, not like anyone.In clothes, in applying myself in the music, in the texts.Listening to you, people said - "Wow, how cool!I never heard anything like it. "Look carefully at the colorful and variegated vocal "weight" of show business - a rare rare when you can identify anyone in particular, not like the others.But you do not want to imagine the fate of "phony"?Therefore, work for the future and not on short-term results and a full house at the karaoke bar.

How to become a singer

Forget words - "I can not, I can not, do not want to be tired, all in vain!" Only positive and self-confidence! Otherwise, really, all in vain.

Do not expect it to be easy - get ready for a long and difficult path. Although miracles has not been canceled.Especially for those who believe in them.

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How to start a singing career right?Share your experiences in the comments below!