Fashion Nails 2013.

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16 May 2016

Fashion Nails 2013 manicure, as well as at each component of the external appearance, has its own fashion, which tends to change from time - about 1-2 times a year.Fashion for various kinds of manicure can hold 1-2 season, and may change from one season to another.What manicure complies fashion trends spring-summer 2013?Read about this in our article, which you will learn not only about the trendy colors this year, but also on the form of nails, length and other ornaments.

content of the article:

  • Fashion Nails in 2013
  • Colors Fashion Nails 2013
  • Trendy nail art and prints in 2013. The original
  • Ombre Manicure or manicure-stretching
  • Moon manicure - optionFrench manicure
  • Smart manicure - nail design for a party
  • Metallic - futuristic design nails
  • Colorful French manicure
  • extravagant manicure - different varnishes on nails

Fashion Nails in 2013

Of course, nobody wantsexplain that the nails should be groomed and neat.This rule does not even manicure and personal care products.For some women, it is

the usual everyday manicure and they completely lack it.But it so happened that this year, their nails become one of the fashion trends, as light manicure - a real favorite of the season .Its main
criteria :

  • natural
  • small length - 1-3 mm above the fingertip
  • classic oval or almond-shaped .

Fashion houses Givenchy, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Fendy, Carolina Herrera other offer women is a manicure on spring and summer 2013 .It effectively underlines the spring lightness and naturalness of the summer.Welcome addition to this simple manicure nail neutral transparent or pastel paints nude-dairy, pale pink or peach shade that only accentuate the simplicity and naturalness of this popular manicure.
Fashion Nails 2013

Colors Fashion Nails 2013

Along with fashionable white, milk, bodily and peach tones in trend remains saturated colors of past seasons - red, black, green and blue .Not quite at the height of fashion, but still demand varnishes silver, pink and gold .Combine these colors, it is desirable to the extent reasonable, because this season is not welcome excessive pretentiousness.
One of the requirements to manicure Spring-Summer 2013 is that its color must be "in tune" with the color of nail pedicure.

Fashion nail art and prints in 2013

Manicure 2013 amazing fashionistas for its splendor and diversity.This extravagant, eccentric images and light natural manicures.Stylists this season have included all their imagination and significantly expanded our borders all the usual manicure.

extravagant manicure - different coatings on the nails of one hand

This method though is not very much a novelty, but its relevance and the ability to attract attention does not fade in the new season.It is believed that this nail polish is desirable to choose dim gentle tones with a matte and glossy effect .It is also very interested in the idea of ​​a combination of different colors and shades on one nail in an entirely different sequence and shape of the figure.
Fashion Nails 2013 with raznyi varnishes
Stylish French manicure 2013

original Ombre Manicure or manicure-stretching

remains popular and manicure in the current season.This advanced technology can not be compared with any other. smooth transition from one color tone to another on one nail or all five fingers of the hand creates a stunning effect.Such a manicure really catches the eye with its original beauty.
Fashion Nails 2013 - Ombre, or manicure-stretching

Moon manicure - the original version of the French manicure

Having a manicure on the hands, every woman is still on the wave of fashion trends.Especially popular it mix black with gold, blue, silver and gray with purple .See instructions on how to make moon manicure.
Moon manicure 2013

Smart manicure - trendy nail designs for a party

this year, choosing a manicure for a party, it is fashionable to prefer patterns imitating the snake and leopard print. Unusual also welcome the transfer to the nails fashionable clothing items - cell strip .But the most creative manicure can be called with a 3D effect from a special micro-beads, it is called caviar manicure .Optional stick to solid colors.In this direction, it is allowed mixing of several colors on each nail.
trendy nail designs for a party in 2013

Trendy Nail Design 2013 - leopard

Metallic manicure - a futuristic solution for nail design

Fashion trends apply to this type of manicure, which was presented at the shows some designers this year. welcome as usual, and textured foil .Metal motives are relevant and appropriate only in the absence of the image of any other similar too conspicuous colors and textures, because the emphasis should be on one thing.Fashion Nails 2013 - Metallic
Fashion Nails 2013 - snake

Colorful French manicure - an improved classic in design of nails

different from last season that this season for him, you can use a completely unusual color - gold, red and other trendy shades .Valid wildest combinations and contrasts ideas.
Colorful French manicure 2013
Colorful French manicure 2013

Follow the advice and follow up with the fashion trends in manicure!