Manicure on short nails - successful fashionable solutions

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16 May 2016

Manicure on short nails - successful fashionable solutions Neat short nails prefers a huge number of women, because such a manicure is not only comfortable and practical, but also very stylish and well-groomed look.

content of the article:

  • rules on short nails manicure
  • Moon manicure, French manicure, or vice versa
  • Actual and fancy manicures «Ombre» and «DEGRADE»
  • Snake motifs in manicure short nails
  • Trendy colors and options manicure

Short manicure gives you freedom of movement and eliminates worries about a broken nail.By the way, the stylists have long been considered a short well-groomed manicure most stylish and suitable for women of all ages.And here we must not forget about the general trend of naturalness and the naturalness and hair and make-up, and in this case - manicure.

Therefore it is better to forget about the overhead of extension and artificial nails. In fashion naturalness. Do not forget that most men like a neat stubby nails beloved, not long and fearsome claws.Next we'll talk about the correct design of short nails an

d find out what they recommend for manicure stylists.

rules on short nails manicure

  1. Remember, manicure short nails look perfect and feminine only provided constant care for them .To do this on a regular basis not file nails metal nail file to give them a neat shape.
  2. not be too hard to cut his nails, ideal when nail plate closes fingertip .
  3. doing manicure on short nails, be sure to remove the cuticle using special tools .This procedure must be performed with the nails of any length, but in this case, you also win extra space due to the increase and extension of the area of ​​the nail.
  4. To make your nails shine and smoothness, use nail file special polishing .
  5. on short nails look great saturated dark and bright colors of nail , but the shape of the nail should be flawless, and the length is the same.Visually lengthen the nail and nail to fix the form of platinum will help you vertical patterns.If the nail is too wide, apply varnish on the entire surface, but only in the center, leaving the sides a little unpainted.
  6. to manicure on short nails look attractive and harmonious, not use in the design and coloring of very large or very small decorative objects and drawings .When choosing a color scheme, be limited to two or three shades, not the manicure will be a very challenging and colorful.Lovers of short nails have to be measured so that the design on such nails can only be flat, so these kinds of three-dimensional design acrylic modeling will have to forget.
  7. When selecting the figure for manicure, note its shape nails.If the nails oval and elongated, they will blend in perfectly with floral patterns or romantic and bright range of colors.And the owners of the nail with a square tip is better to use bright shades of nail and graphic drawings.Also, do not forget about the French manicure that looks great on short nails of any shape.
  8. Remember that transverse lines extend decent and shorten the nail, and vice versa oblong visually lengthen and narrow the nail plate.
  9. When printing on short nails, use only a thin line .
  10. patterns must not be located on the entire surface of the nail plate, but only on a small part of it.
  11. If the nails are short, the place the figure closer to the ends .
  12. If you are using a paste, then place them on the diagonal or along the nail plate.
  13. Glossy paints you can use only if perfectly smooth and even fingernails without delamination, relief and scratches.

Let's talk about what types of nail polish will be relevant in this season.

Moon manicure, French manicure, or vice versa

Recently, nail-designers have offered the world an alternative to the well-known and beloved French manicure with a white border around the edge of the nail - moon manicure. Moon manicure looks like an inverted classic French manicure - colored stripe in it is drawn at the base of the nail plate, not on its edge.By the way, you can choose not only pastel colors, but bright and vibrant colors.
Manicure on short nails - moon manicure
moon manicure short nails

Colorful moon manicure short nails

How to make moon manicure short nails at home?

  1. Apply base coat to nails.They can be any fortified colorless varnish.
  2. Hole at the base of the nail plate is usually a little lighter than the rest of the coating, so choose a bright nail polish and apply it to the entire surface of the nail.
  3. Stick the stencil on the hole you want to close.Stencils, you can easily cut out of construction paper or tape.
  4. Apply nail varnish stencil above the other more saturated color.
  5. Remove stickers and wait until the paint dries.
  6. Apply fixative to your manicure lasted as long as possible.Done!

Video: Master Class manicure "Cranberries in sugar»

Actual and fancy manicures Ombre and DEGRADE for short nails

Previously we noticed such variations colors in clothes, but now they are very popular, andin manicure. smooth transitions from one shade to another look stunningly beautiful.The main thing - to be able to choose the colors for this manicure.It certainly can be done, and the house itself with a few shades of nail polish, a small foam sponge and car perseverance and patience, but if you doubt their abilities, it is best to contact the salon where a professional can easily cope with this task.

Manicures and degrade ombre nails short

Manicure on short nails - successful fashionable solutions
Manicure on short nails - Gradient

Video: Manicure on short nails - Gradient

Snake motifs in manicure short nails in the Year of the Snake

The New Year - the year of the snake.So no wonder more relevant now snake prints on nails .Trendy print - Copies snakeskin.Make this an unusual and original manicure is quite real at home.This will help you to easily paint a special "crazing" and the mesh of plastic or fabric, which just creates an interesting effect of snake scales.
By the way, another popular and stylish solution - nail polish on short nails with zebra or leopard print .It can be performed in a familiar classic version, using pastel base and creative - for example, we take the salad, lemon or acidic hot pink nail polish.
Snake manicure on short nails
Manicure on short nails - snake print
leopard manicure on short nails
Manicure nails short - color leopard

Snake manicure on short nails at home

We need:

  • nail polish remover
  • two bottles of nail contrasting colors
  • transparent clearcoat
  • small sponge with small pores

Manicure on short nails - guide

  1. Degrease nails solvent to lay tightly and keep long manicure.
  2. We cover the nail varnish lighter shade and wait until it dries.
  3. put the second varnish, and while he did not have time to dry, quickly blotted his small porous sponge.Wait until the resulting pattern in the form of snake scales dries.
  4. pattern to keep a long time, cover it with a transparent colorless varnish.

Trendy colors and popular options on short nails manicure

very relevant this year all shades of metal .Depending on what you prefer, you can choose the copper, silver, gold lacquer shades.Particularly advantageously, they look combined with crystals or decorative stones.
For business woman facing the duty to comply with the dress code, remain relevant customary classic colors - white, black, beige, peach, red, maroon and blue paints .However, the most popular option among business ladies is a French manicure, which is great for any outfit and style.
By the way, all the bright saturated colors on short nails look just fine, so experiment.For example, neon shades still very popular this year - salad, lemon, hot pink, orange, blue.However, choosing such acidic shades, estimate, how much they would be appropriate in your image or in specific situations.Of course, combined with strict office dress provocatively bright neon manicure will look more than tasteless and stupid.But a loose tunic, jeans and boots neon nail will be more than appropriate, and will perfectly complement your image.
Manicure on short nails
Bright nail polish on short nails
Neon nail polish on short nails