The image of a business woman in the spring and summer of 2013.

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16 May 2016

Fashion in Office 2013 for office staff is a real headache - it is not even constant deadlines and processing, but rather compliance with the dress code.At the office fashion is always at the ready their seasonal trends, strengths, weaknesses and wishes of the authorities.

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is why office dress in the spring-summer season gotmaximum attention on the most fashionable designer.Office style outfits differ not only practical, but also refinement .Office fashion, of course, has no clear boundaries, but showing his requirements , it adheres to the general trends and directions:

  • in the tradition and style of the establishment of office.
  • Disclaimer causing bright colors .Using a classic silhouette.
  • length dresses - below the knee .If the dress is shorter, then the presence of tights necessary.
  • predominance in costume monochromatic color scheme .Of course, it is basically the classic white and black, but others are not permitted, and causing the tone and combinations thereof.
  • Models dresses , by hiding figure flaws, should not also attract undue attention to its merits , for example, attractive hips and chest.

The image of a business woman in the spring-summer 2013

business image Trends 2013

individual style. All turned out earlier standards and break down stereotypes, and are replaced by bold ideas.However, the bold ideas are available only completely confident fashionista.Indeed, not every woman can wear a dress to the office with a deep V-neckline that offers us designers to emphasize the elegance and femininity.
Classical solutions. They, too, has not been canceled.So if you're a fan of classic style, do not rush to give it up.You can purchase a variety of costumes in men's style, military or retro.At the same time, designers offer jackets, decoration items which they took away the male tuxedo.Very popular are single-breasted jacket up to the waist.
minimalist model will suit a particular trend this season - it jackets, blouses with skirts or trousers .As the summer version will perform a suit with shorts.By the way, some designers are advised to wear a blouse instead of a top-bra.If you are a brave man and not really listen to the views of others, then with a clear conscience can choose this kit.
The compilation below shows black and white trouser suit with an elegant jacket by Donna Karan in 2013, strict pantsuits from Dior and old office suit with shorts and a jacket Elie Saab 2013 .
The image of a business woman in the spring-summer 2013
Business Fashion spring-summer 2013

office clothes Fashion Trends Spring-Summer 2013 fashion business

summer season 2013 has taken into account the desire of women everywhere and always looks elegant and refined and offered to refresh the style of office suit, making it more feminine andcomfortable.
fabrics and colors. main trend in the tissues of the warm season - shine and luster thus become popular silk and satin.Black, white and gray colors do not go out of style, but no less fashionable will azure, emerald, solid, orange, pink, red, lemon and blue.It will be fashionable combination of two or more colors, including black and white, of course, out of competition.
bright elements of design and decor became asymmetry, frills, flounces, edgings, sculptural volume and contrast details .Most recent prints of the season - floral, geometric and animalic.

Business Fashion spring-summer 2013

such as the world-famous catwalks Anna Valerie Hash, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors recommend not to get hung up on the traditional white and black, and afford saturated and bright, but they are not less suitable for business meetings with partners of the model.

Business Fashion spring-summer 2013

forms and styles.All more space in the wardrobe of a business woman stands for pantsuits.Spring comes designers emphasize the fitted silhouette and restrained use of color.
novelty of the summer season will short pants and wide women's shorts average length combined with a long jacket.
restraint and austerity office suits refresh light blouses air fabric with sleeves-lanterns.At the height of fashion
remain jackets that can be decorated in two rows of buttons or straps.Many designers recommend alternate jackets with knitted sweaters or cardigans - knitted fitted zhaketmi without collar buttoned.
Female tuxedo - general-purpose part of the wardrobe: the day it can be worn with a blouse or shirt in the office, and in the evening to the skin in conjunction with accessories - for a secular reception.The collections of the warm season most dizzying office options in the men's suit style offer Dior, Versace and DKNY .

Fashion in Office 2013

As always, do not lose their relevance skirt .In the warm season are popular trapeze skirts, straight skirts and pleated .Very original look leather skirt, combined with a strict cut shirts.Designers are advised to refresh business suit skirts with lace at the bottom.The Pictures of the

below shows delicate business bow with white skirt - pencil by Donna Karan , further business onions in blue tones of the latest collection of Lanvin.

Fashion in Office 2013

Fashion in Office 2013

way, business meetings, and the office is quite acceptable to wear overalls .Most importantly, be able to select among a variety of home style, versatility and output models.Business fashionistas Chloe, Lanvin and Vivienne Westwood Red Label recommend the free styles in subdued colors to wear to work, and cuts to the massive jewelry and flashy accessories to spare for evening business dinners and presentations.

Business Fashion spring-summer 2013

With regard business dresses for spring and autumn 2013, the most fashionable will be stitched and perfect figure-accentuating every curve of the body, but in no way does not show anything extra dress-wallets, jackets and dressesdress-shirt.A novelty in the office-style dress was with bare shoulders, which can cover the bolero or blazer.
The photo shown excellent business purplish-white dress by Elie Saab .

Fashion business woman in 2013

close attention this season deserve all kinds of strips : wide and narrow, longitudinal and oblique, transverse, parallel and wavy.Their combination will make you forget the boring striped suits accounting and teaching the 90s and will refresh and diversify your business image with no attempt at restraint, elegance and rigor of your office suit.
Fashion business woman in 2013

Fashion Accessories for office style in 2013

Office dress code puts one important condition shoes - it must necessarily be closed .This season you can choose boots, shoes or boots with a low heel or small platform.By the way, this season again relevant shoes with pointed toes .As for color, the designers recommend choosing shoes black or other dark colors, as long as the color of shoes suited to the overall color scheme of your image.Of the additional accessories you can choose scarves, scarves, belts, handbags, sunglasses - all they have to harmoniously complement the image, and not to attract attention.
Remember that bag should match the growth of its owner.

Fashion business woman in 2013
Business Fashion spring-summer 2013
Business Fashion spring-summer 2013

« need to dress for the office to which you want to take, and not one that you borrow» , - advises famous billionaire Donald Trump.A total grooming, benevolent spirit, beautiful styling and makeup, stylish shoes and good manners will help you make the right impression on colleagues and business partners not only for its fashionable clothes, but also all the versatility of your feminine, respectable and unique in its perfection of personality.See the rules of make-up in the summer.