Bags Sara burglar: quality, new models, prices, reviews

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17 May 2016

Bags Sara burglar: quality, new models, prices, reviews not the first year creating unique handbags, the designers Sara Burglar in each new collection take into account not only the latest fashion trends, but also the preferences of buyers.

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content of the article:

  • Bags Sara Burglar - distinctive features
  • For someone created a collection Sara burglar?
  • most fashionable collections range from Sara burglar
  • briefly about the price of bags Sara Burglar
  • Reviews shoppers

Bags Sara Burglar - the distinctive features of the brand

If you are a fan of quality, if you value style, originality and convenienceLeather accessories - then pay attention to the brand Sara Burglar.
Bags by Sara Burglar distinguished:

  • functionality;
  • Reasonableness of every detail;
  • originality of design;
  • successful combination of classic and modern fashion trends;
  • High quality finishes and fittings;
  • original prints;
  • quality materials.

For someone created a collection of bags S
ara burglar?

Bags Sara Burglar, decorated with prints, will be relevant in any situation and suit every woman .However, this brand requires its owner good taste, sense of proportion and voobrazheniya.Raznoobrazie collections allow every woman to choose a bag that will fit to the mood and for every occasion.

most fashionable collection of bags by Sara burglar, fashion trends

Bags Sara burglar: quality, new models, prices, reviews

original handbag light brown genuine leather .Stylish and comfortable, the bag is decorated with a metal key ring with the logo of the company.
bag closes with a zipper.Long enough unregulated handle allowed to wear it on his hand and shoulder.
Inside the bag is very comfortable structured: the interior of the pocket is divided into two roomy zippered compartment. Additional pockets are traditionally one at the rear - with a zipper for documents two open pockets for small items on the front wall.

Bags Sara burglar: quality, new models, prices, reviews
Stylish black bag by Sara Burglar Genuine leather original design combines classical features with the latest fashion trends.Bag closes with a zipper. Short handle allowed to wear her purse in the crook of his hands, and the extra long strap with snap fasteners will please those who prefer to wear a bag on his shoulder.
inner space bags as comfortable organized. Two internal department , separated by a zip pocket, roomy at the rear of the bag has a zipper pocket on the front wall of one open for various trifles.
In addition, the bag is equipped with a metal key ring with the logo of the company.

Bags Sara burglar: quality, new models, prices, reviews
This Series Tote Bag is made of leather natal .The model is unique in its classic version prints depicting architectural attractions of Italy.
Roomy, stylish, attracting attention, bag closes with a zipper and has a short handle , which are not adjustable in length, is worn on the crook of his arm or shoulder.
Within this model has traditionally structured and functional: two divisions , separated pocket with zipper, very roomy. Two additional pockets will always keep your things in order: a pocket on the back wall zip pocket and open on the front side for mobile phone.

Bags Sara burglar: quality, new models, prices, reviews
red bag made of genuine leather , original and unusual.Clutch decorated with prints of Italian attractions, leather tassels contrast black and white.
inside the bag consists of a roomy department.There are two traditional inner pockets: zip for documents on the rear wall and open to the mobile front.
handbag can be worn in your hand as a clutch, as well as by long strap on carbines - on the shoulder.

briefly about the price of bags Sara Burglar

Bags brand Sara Burglar available to every woman. handbags from the new collection are from 4230 to 9940 rubles .

What do you think about the bags Sara Burglar?Reviews shoppers

Irina, 21 years
Stylish handbag, comfortable and beautiful.I wear with pleasure, no complaints about the quality.Excellent company, would recommend - you will not regret the purchase.

Alice, 29 years
first bought a bag Sara Burglar two years ago.Bag is still as new, excellent leather tanning, paint is not peeling off.Very happy with my purchase.The truth is, I bought a bag of prints, and the store has a special fluid is advised to take care, so the process of care is not limited to a simple wiping.But still care delivers no problems, very happy with the purchase.

Elena, 28 years
purchase is not very happy.The bag itself looks like nothing, but only as long as it does not put things.That's when you get all the full program: the form does not hold, it looks like a sack of potatoes, despite the fact that in addition to a notebook and a mobile phone there is nothing.To go with this bag is simply impossible.Although the bags and not expensive, it is better to spend money on a reliable firm.

Inna, 34 years
brand is not for everyone.Although the bags are made explicitly in the classic version, however, every day I wear my purchase is not risk - bags in the latest collection is too unconventional, especially with a series of prints.Acquired just Tote bag from the series, and was sorry.It is very difficult to find accessories to it, it is very difficult to find the right clothes.So before you buy a bag of Sara Burglar decide how, when and what you will wear.Personally, I had to buy a second bag of the brand - is monotonous and without prints.All the same, the company has remained true to this: the quality is excellent, very roomy bag, no problem with leaving.

Eugene, 31 years
Ordinary bags, nothing original and unusual.Prints so generally monochromatic silhouettes.Models come across interesting but, in my opinion, prints all ports.A plain bags, in general, the average everyday option and a modest enough quality.For the price - moderate, which is a big plus.

Ioannina, 32 years
Big fan of Sara Burglar.Each new collection is definitely something to be surprised!But the main thing - quality.I also like that you can pick up the bags not only for any occasion, but for all ages.When I first bought a handbag from Sara Burglar, I remained so pleased that I decided to buy my mother a gift on birthday.Choose a model was not working: the classic bag, but at the same time is modern, stylish and very fashionable.My mother, too, and appreciated the style and capacity, and quality.